Stat Breakdown: Key numbers shaping Round 2

Stat man Maty Broom takes a deep dive into the key numbers to consider when making your Round 2 trades.

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Each round I’ll be taking a deep dive into the key Supercoach statistics to help you navigate your weekly trades.

Looking into factors such as averages at venue, along with anomalies in scoring are vital when assessing players, so hopefully the following stats will aid in your decision making.

Let’s take a look at the key stats facing a host of player in Round 2.

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Daniel Sams is coming off a 107 purely from his work with the ball as he didn’t get a bat, he should be strongly considered as a trade in target given his elite scoring ability even without an upcoming DGW. 

He does play at the MCG in Round 2, a venue where he averages just 24.5, albeit from two games.

However, he does average 83.6 from seven games against the Stars. Currently 32% owned is still relatively low for one of the best Supercoach scorers in the game.

It’s worth noting that in his past two seasons he has averaged 97 and 75 across the first five rounds which has been the best time to own him. He smashed his breakeven (BE) of 64 in Round 1 so he won’t be any cheaper anytime soon.

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I wouldn’t be phased by Tom Curran‘s score in his first game as he only got to bowl 1.1 overs, fortunately for owners he still picked up a wicket as the Sixers demolished the Stars.

His BE will likely be high in Round 2 but he is still a good option to hold given his role.

He is playing at the SCG in Round 2 where he averages 60.3 in 13 games. Excluding a washed out game against the Hurricanes, he averages 63 against them.

Across the first five rounds he has averaged 113 and 119 in the past so he is a strong hold candidate early.

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Rashid Khan is a must-have for Round 2 regardless of BE or price.

He averages 71.5 in 20 games at Adelaide Oval and he has a score of 86 at the Sydney Showground.

He averages above 80 against both the Scorchers and Renegades and whilst he didn’t go big in Round 1, a score of 43 in what could be considered a poor game for him shows the scoring ability and consistency he has.

He has never scored below 42 in any game against the Scorchers and Renegades.

Glenn Maxwell, along with the Stars team, struggled in Round 1 and as a result sees his BE rise significantly.

Currently 60% owned, for those without him may see Round 2 as an opportunity to avoid Maxwell and likely pick him up cheaper for his Round 3 double.

He averages 48.3 in eight games against the Thunder, which is more reason to wait a round to get him.

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It’s a similar scenario for Adam Zampa where we can now wait a round to get him after an uncharacteristically low score of 17 in Round 1.

That is only his 4th score under 20 in the past 36 rounds he’s played. Whilst he does average 64.1 in eight games against the Thunder and 63.9 in 14 games at the MCG, given his high BE now it’s worth waiting a round to get him cheaper.

Peter Siddle will be a popular trade in option for Round 2 after a score of 75 in Round 1.

Whilst his economy wasn’t good, he showed the value of being a death bowler picking up three wickets, two of which came in the 19th over.

Being captain he will bowl himself the four overs it seems and he likely will bowl two overs at the death which is good for his Supercoach output.

He does however average just 29.5 in four games against the Scorchers. He has a 58.9 average in 18 games at Adelaide Oval, his second highest average at any venue he’s played at.

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He does start well with the past three seasons averaging 69, 75 and 86 across the first five rounds of each season.

Wes Agar is a tricky one now with the likes of Matt Short and George Garton potentially hurting his role. Agar did only bowl three overs in Round 1 with Garton and Siddle seemingly preferred at the death.

He averages the best against the Scorchers with 64.8 and a solid 51.6 against the Renegades, and he averages 47.8 in 17 games at Adelaide Oval.

He started strong last season with 11 wickets in the first five rounds, he could be a risky option with upside in Round 2.

George Garton’s ownership of 7% will definitely rise after his 68 point performance in Round 1.

Importantly, he opened the bowling and bowled at the death as well as batting above Rashid Khan.

He comfortably beat his BE of 39 and is a great chance at making more cash in Round 2 at a reasonable price. He could also be a vice-captaincy option.

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Matt Short will be another popular trade in option after a 107 point performance. He will still be very cheap and have a negative BE, thus he will continue to make cash.

Opening the batting and bowling the odd over is a good role for a cheapie in Supercoach and you can possibly hold him through his Round 3 bye to continue making cash should he perform again in his double.

He averages the best against the Renegades at 44.5. He only averages 15.2 against the Scorchers and 26.6 in 16 games at Adelaide Oval, however he has a much improved role currently so those averages aren’t an accurate reflection of his scoring potential.

Zahir Khan smashed his 30 BE with a score of 92 against the Strikers after picking up 3/24 and will have a very low BE and still be cheap, so he is a great trade in option to make some cash.

He scored 71 in his only other game against the Strikers who he plays again in Round 2.

Coming up against the same depleted batting lineup, he could score well again and rise in price quickly.

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Mackenzie Harvey is another cheaper option who could rise quickly in price. He’s one of the few Renegades batsman who did well scoring a half century and 81 points in Supercoach.

Another performance like that will see his price rise quickly with a very low BE, but no upcoming double game week could turn people off.

He hasn’t averaged well in the past in Supercoach, but with an elevated role opening the batting and with more experience under his belt, he could be a cheaper option worth looking at.

Xavier Bartlett is an option to hold through his bye given his Round 1 score of 81 (one game left to play at the time of writing).

His BE will be low and he is a great chance to make some more cash with the same role before a few Heat players return to the squad.

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