Weekly Wrap: Highs, lows and shocks, Rd 25

Check out our Round 25 NRL SuperCoach wrap, with grand finals and the overall race decided after a thrilling season.

Weekly Wrap

Well I for one am glad that is over! I can now finally enjoy a game of footy without critiquing every run by one of my players and the frustration of needing David Nofoaluma and Shawn Blore to score well to win you your final!

It was a wild weekend to finish the year with some massive scores again but amongst it some absolute filth. And I seemed to attract more filth the more the weekend went on.

The weekend, well let’s face it, was again headlined by the one the only Tom Trbojevic. He continues to get better which is just frightening for the other 15 teams.

What he did on Saturday night is something that not even cheat codes on Rugby League Live 4 would allow.

He must really have something about Queensland because after the weekend’s performance, he has scores of 116, 119, 208 and a record 229 against Queensland clubs. Dezzy might be the brains behind the idea of another Brisbane club coming into the comp.

I hope you all followed the right advice and made the right trade to get you home in your head-to-head final or saw green arrows for a personal best finish. I don’t know what we will do with our time from here on in, but I may have to find a BBL league to join?

Lastly, thank you to all the SC Playbook readers and the wider NRL Supercoach community, I hope you all enjoyed the content we produced this year including my weekly wrap ups that took far too long to write and some even I didn’t read the whole way through!

I found out this year the NRL SC Community is a great one and look forward to even more interaction in 2022.

Oh, and its only 190 days until Team list Tuesday for Round 1!!

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Raiders v Roosters

James Tedesco kicked off the weekend with a huge 105, but the real star of the night was Sam Walker!!

Those forced into playing the half would have been ropeable he came onto the field with 3 minutes remaining and wasn’t credited with a single point in that time, despite somewhat setting a try up. Him entering the field meant his 0 counted towards your score, and you weren’t granted an AE, not that many would have had that luxury.

Or so we thought…

The fact he didn’t score a point on the field meant he wasn’t considered an auto-emergency, it’s a funny game Supercoach.

Crichton and Taukeiaho rewarded their owners with scores of 78 and 72 respectively with Crichton barging over for a try.

Crichton and Keighran on the left edge must have had glue on their hands as poor Daniel Tupou barely saw any footy and only amassed 37. He has been pretty underwhelming in the head-to-head finals, barring his 112 points two weeks back.

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Sharks v Storm

After bagging Ryan Papenhuyzen last weekend he bounced backed brilliantly with a hat-trick and 131 point to give a big FU to my weekly wrap up. He was back to his scintillating early season form and will be a cheap price to open the 2022 season.

Harry Grant too put last week’s troubles behind him to crack 100, but that’s where the big scores ended for the Melbourne side with Hynes, Smith, Hughes and Olam all failing to crack 70 whilst Talakai only played 25 minutes for his 15. I’m sure he will be on the never to be traded again list for most owners

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Eels v Panthers

What a night for Brian To’o! 164 to finish the year with two massive scores and helping owners fly up in the rankings to end the year.

Parramatta made the set plays off the scrum look awfully difficult to defend as he strolled over for two tries. He was a popular option for those who had a trade up their sleeve for those savvy enough to make the trade before lockout..

Cleary as it turned out didn’t have the end to the year we all expected for a player costing $950k. His final four games included scores of 82, 86, 100 and Friday’s 89. Not bad, but not the massive 150+ we hoped for.

Luai found his running game for the final month or so and finished the year with his second highset score, banging out an impressive 94 for a five-eighth costing $359k.

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Broncos v Knights

Well just for one last time in 2021, Kalyn Ponga let down his owners again. His draw was so enticing yet he just failed to deliver in the final six weeks and finished with yet another score in the 40s.

The Knights were pretty disappointing and we will now see if they can turn it around against a Parra side who I said last week won’t win another game. That means by my assumptions the Knights will win which I also have no confidence in.

Cowboys v Sea Eagles

Sell your first born, your home or all your cryptocurrency, whatever it takes, you need to start the year with Tommy Turbo!! In another worldly performance, he treated the Cowboys with distain, racking up a record 229 points, his 3rd 200+ score of the year.

He even gifted brother Jake a try so his ceiling is anyone’s guess. He could surely break 270 next year!

Turbo finished the year with an average of 143.3PPG and was crowned the leading point scorer for Supercoach 2021 in only 15 games!

Reuben Garrick finished the year with 125 and the top CTW spot. Not bad for a bloke who after Round 4 wouldn’t have made the Gerringong Lions Reserve grade side. Sorry Reubs!

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Rabbitohs v Dragons

Watching this match and some of the names running around gave me hope my NRL career isn’t over.

I would have been one of the rare few who had a player in this match, watching on as Mathew Feagai did sweet FA. The less said about the Dragons the better.

The Rabbits young guns looked good and may feature in plenty more matches in 2022. Taane Milne will be a popular buy if he nails a starting spot down next year.

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Titans v Warriors

My head-to-head year came down to these final two games – and I couldn’t have had a worse outcome.

Lodge was sin-binned and didn’t crack 40, AFB barely had an offload for his 39 and Josh Curran just couldn’t crack any attacking stats and finished with 52.

The wet weather didn’t help but their lack of effort was noticeable and Lodge will be on the blacklist for the start of next year.

Despite the wet weather the Titans finally found some attacking mojo thanks to Jayden Campbell!

He must have a similar gym program as the Overlord and could spend a bit more time on his pipes but the kid can play! 110 in his final match for the regular season and will nail down that number 1 jersey next year.

David Fifita seems happy coming off the bench and has shown he is a superb 50 minute player. He’s one that I’ll be hoping has a quiet start to the year next season.

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Tigers v Bulldogs

The less said about this match the better. I owned Blore and Nofoaluma who cost me a head-to-head final. Both will not be near my side next year. One bloke who will be was Alex Twal who had a very consistent finish to the year and a solid score of 74 to round out 2021 for owners.

As for the Bulldogs, I was mightily impressed by the way they finished the season and signs are good for them moving forward.

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