Spy Talk: 2021 NRL SuperCoach awards

The 147th ranked SC Spy looks back on the year that was in SuperCoach, dropping his awards from another big season.

Spy Talk


Sadly it’s the last weekend of Supercoach for the year. This does mean finals footy is next week though, so it’s not all bad.

It’s also the best possible time to have a look back at the year and hand out the first annual Spy Awards! Let me know if you disagree and who you prefer otherwise.. I’m sure they are up for debate.

Let’s get to it.

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Player of the Year  


Tom Trbojevic

One of the most incredible seasons I have seen if not the best. Simple as that.

Certainly the changes to the rules helped and other players have done some great stuff in the past but enjoy it for what it is. Supercoach wise Tommy averaged 137.1PPG (points per game) going into the last round which included numerous early showers. Hats off to you Turbo!!

Runner Up

Nathan Cleary

Not to be underestimated. Also one of the best years I have seen, albeit behind a very dominant Penrith pack but he has upped his game and is at a serious level of footy right now.

An average of 109.6PPG would be second best of all time (since the game started). Note that Joey Johns averaged roughly 100 for his career. Had to slide that in!

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Cheapie of the Year


Josh Curran – Came into the season at $203k and has been able to average 68PPG. Also available in the back-row which was a tricky position all year.

Reece Walsh – Started at $170k and has averaged 66PPG with three tons and a 98. Unfortunately he was only available at FB which made it harder to get him in.

Sam Walker – Not as consistent as some but a rookie halfback who has scores of 165, 125 and 120 is something that is not going to be seen often at any stage. Averaged 65.7PPG up until the last round.


Sam Walker – Maybe I am biased because I love the kid, but he provided incredible cover in a difficult halfback position and played 18 games to get that average.

Note that these awards are pre-final round so if you were forced to play him Thursday night you might not be as happy! It’s the closest decision of the year and Curran is a hair away from claiming the gong.

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Mixed Bag of the Year

I don’t want to single out any individuals for poor seasons but there are two blokes who could have made you or broke you to a degree and it all comes down to timing.

For anyone who purchased Jarome Luai just before Origin I think he might be the man for this award because for anyone who had him early and sold he would be near value of the year!! He averaged 78PPG up until Round 10 and 39PPG since then!

The same goes for Charlie Staines and which weeks you played him. He either got 12 or 100! Again absolute value or absolute no use to your side. If you played him for 115, 94 and 85 and managed to sit him the other weeks happy days.

If you played him the other weeks and sat him for his big scores something tells me you will never go near him again! Gee I’d like to see him at fullback to see how he goes.

It’s a split decision because it will be different for everyone.

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Surprise Packet of the Year


Reuben Garrick – What a year!!! An average of 85.9PPG for a winger.

Nicho Hynes – If you were able to jump on early and sell before a couple of lower scores you will be in a very good spot! Averaged over 100PPG I believeas an 80 minute FB.


Nicho Hynes – This is a near split decision but I just can’t go past the bloke. He absolutely killed it from the get go once starting. Good on him!

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What Could Have Been award


Harry Grant

This category was initially dedicated to Harry Grant because not much went his way and I do think he could have averaged 90+ at hooker if things went his way.

When the rules were in full blown six again mode and Melbourne were in prime beast mode Harry had hammy injuries, limited minutes due to lack of game time and missed blow out matches.

When he was on the paddock he simply dominated. When he finally nailed a start or two the rule interpretations were being wound back a touch, Melbourne appeared to be in somewhat of a heavy training phase and things were tougher.

Limited quick play the balls compared to nearly every play the ball being quick previously. He still went well but I real feel he could have gone absolutely mental if injuries and timing had allowed it. Despite this he is the hooker with the best average!

Ryan Papenhuyzen

With all of the above being said it’s this man who was the most unlucky of 2021. Lil Papi averaged 117PPG over the first six weeks and was the form man of the competition. After some serious concussion issues he returned very tentatively (completely understandable) and as with Harry Grant came into a stage where the rule interpretations had been wound back a little and Melbourne were not at a peak.

Add in combinations and lack of minutes and Papi will be very very cheap next year. What could have been! My guess is somewhere between 120-140PPG average if he had managed to stay healthy.


Ryan Papenhuyzen – If only things went to plan…

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Bounce Back of the Year

Jordan Rapana

I couldn’t go through an awards segment and not find one for this guy! My man Rapa bounced back towards his best in 2021 despite question marks around whether he still had it to average 64.3PPG in a Canberra side that struggled. Go son!!

Mr Consistency

Brian To’o

The man is a wrecking ball and loves a carry of the footy, tackle busts and on the end of the Penrith backline. A lowest score of 55 is insane and he averaged 79.3PPG.

Ohhh, wait except for his 34 against the Gold Coast when Dezzy captained him over Cleary who got 225. That my friends is a total killer!! I can’t believe that happened to be honest and he didn’t go 100+.

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Legend of the Year

Adam Doueihi

I had to get him in somehow and legend about sums it up! Get well mate.

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Performance of the Year


Turbo – 226 in 68 minutes, Round 20 v Cronulla! The 40-68 minute mark of the match is something that everyone needs to see! Or watch again. Breathtaking.

Cleary – Cleary scored 225 against the Titans in Round 10 but I think 190 in Round 11 against South Sydney is the stand out. Utter dominance on a Sunny afternoon at Dubbo. A treat for the country kids.

Hynes – 182 points v St George in Round 10 at 7% ownership! BOOM!  Anyone who captained Cleary and owned Hynes that week were laughing.


Hynes – I can’t go past Nicko’s 182 points at 7% ownership. Absolute magic for owners!

I hope you have enjoyed. I’m very happy to discuss further in the comment below or on social media.

Given the work involved in wading through the whole season there is every chance I have missed someone. Good luck for the final round!

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  1. Spy, surely Kodi Nikorima gets a mention for mixed bag of the year, Rounds 1-14 avg of 70PPG. He was playing round 17 and the warriors had the dream run home. Plenty of supercoaches got on him to be a their back up HLB/5/8 with dual positioning only for him to lose the goal kicking and then lose his starting role to average 23 in his final 7 games. As the final nail in my coffin, Kodi gets dropped to 18th man last minute yesterday. I didn’t have an AE and lost my H2H cash grand final by 8 points. Could have really used Kodi’s 10 points off the bench there. Never again

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