Quantium stat analysis: Rd 24, vital numbers to beat the best

Statistics specialist Adam Driussi provides invaluable breakdowns to allow you to differ your side from those atop the rankings.

Stat analysis

Analysing the top 20,000 teams after Round 23

Well thank goodness Round 23 is done.  Despite having 17 players, my team was very disappointing – most notably not having Teddy or any real viable captaincy choice. 

At the time of writing, a host of big-name players have been named to return this week although I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some players named not play.

Let’s look at the ownership levels of players in each position after round 23 to see how your squad stacks up.   

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Ownership of unavailable players

The first table below sets out the top 25 players currently unavailable this weekend. 

Once again, a number of other very popular players went down in round 23. 

Ryan James’ stint at the Bulldogs is over whilst Adam Doueihi, Luke Thompson, Greg Marzhew, Maika Sivo and Ronaldo Mulitalo are all out. Nicho Hynes has also been named on the bench which is a huge blow for his owners.

In better news for Supercoaches, Turbo, Jahrome Hughes, Brandon Smith, Brian To’o, JFH and Jason Taumalolo return.

Once again, the total at the bottom of the table shows the average number of players unavailable this weekend by ranking zone. So, on average, the top 10,000 teams have 6.8 players unavailable this week – down from 8.3 last week. 

The table below what proportion of teams in each ranking zone are missing a certain number of players. 

Whilst some big names have returned, a lot of teams will now be out of trades so we will have plenty of teams playing short.

As you can see, a lot of teams are now playing short. 15% of the top 10,000 teams are at least one player short prior to trades this week including 8 of the top 100 teams.


Last week was all about whether you owned James Tedesco or not. Not only in terms of his big score, but he was also an obvious captaincy choice for those teams who had him.

9% of the top 10,000 teams brought Teddy in last week (3% from Turbo, 2% from Ponga, 3% from Gutho and 1% from Walsh) and not surprisingly the top 100 is now more heavily skewed towards those that own him.

One of those teams who traded Ponga to Teddy was our overall leader – a move of genius.


There wasn’t a huge amount of change at CTW last week. Brian To’o was sold by 3% of teams and 2% of teams brought in Josh Addo-Carr. Those with trades left this week will be very tempted to move Nicho Hynes on.


Continuing the Supercoach curse of 2021, just as Adam Doueihi became the second most popular five-eighth amongst leading teams the poor bugger tore his ACL and is out for the season and much of next year.  

If Cody Walker was to get rested next week it would cause chaos amongst the top 100 teams – most (?) of whom will already be out of trades.


Around 10% of teams brought in Nathan Cleary last week. Cleary is now owned by 26% of the top 10,000 and 19 of the top 100 teams. What an awesome POD – providing he doesn’t get rested next week.

The vast majority of those new owners sold Jahrome Hughes to get there.


2RF remains a challenge for most Supercoach teams. Just as Brandon Smith and JFH return, Luke Thompson and Ryan James exit. Tevita Pangai’s minutes would hardly have been what his owners were looking for either. On balance, if you have 3 decent 2RFs this week you are laughing.


Similar to last week, there was very little movement at FRF this week. 


Harry Grant is now owned by 35% (+8%) of the top 10,000 and 45 (+15) of the top 100 teams. He did not disappoint his new owners!

With Reed Mahoney, Ben Hunt, Victor Radley and Jacob Liddle unavailable this week, some teams may be running without a hooker.

Round 23 Captaincy Choices

With Turbo out last week we saw some serious variation at captain.

38 of the 46% of top 10,000 teams that owned Teddy captained him and were rewarded massively. The rest of us had some slim pickings! 

Turbo looks an obvious choice against the Dogs this week but no doubt those who own Nathan Cleary will be tempted to make a POD move against the Tigers. Both could score anything!

Best of luck to everyone in Round 24! 

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