Scouting Mission: Getting an early jump on SuperCoach 2022

2019 NRL SuperCoach runner-up Walson Carlos has begun his scouting mission for next year as the 2021 season nears an end.

Final Word

It’s over. 

My slim finals chances in all my meaningful head-to-head leagues are extinguished and overall I am languishing in the 17,000s. 

To say my last Hail Mary play in the last game of the round last weekend backfired would be a massive understatement. 

My only hope of salvaging a head-to-head win was to take the captaincy off Turbo and put it onto Reuben Garrick. 

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Needless to say I didn’t make it to the end of the Manly v Sharks game and switched over to the Olympics. 

Anyway as the year comes to a close and the chances of many overall and head-to-head Supercoaches disappear into the ether a good way to move on is to start planning for 2022 NRL Supercoach. 

To get the jump on the opposition watching the last game through the lens of scouting Supercoach players for 2022 can be advantageous. 

Here’s some of the players I would keep a close eye on with a view to their 2022 prospects in Supercoach.

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Jacob Saifiti

The Newcastle Knights FRF has been in his identical twin brother’s shadow for quite a while now but has certainly stepped up his game of late. His threeround average is 61.3 and he’s played an average of 55 minutes over those three encounters. The quality of his play has been there as well. 

Harley Smith-Shields

Certainly caught the eye two weeks back in the Raiders upset win over the Eels. He has a strong carry and tackle break ability and could be a 2022 early season proposition if his games this year don’t push his price up too much. 

Reece Walsh

Walsh has struggled after bursting onto the scene earlier in the year for the Warrriors. I think Brown will persist with him and with a fit CHT and SJ next year should thrive on the back of one of the best forming forward packs in the comp. I’m nterested to see if he or CHT kicks goals for the rest of the season. 

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Chanel Harris-Tavita

CHT has been cruelled by injury this year but he certainly started the 2021 season on the radars of many NRL Supercoach players. He will probably fly under the radar in 2022 but he should be fit and with SJ, Walsh and a dominant forward pack and possibly goalkicking he definitely would be a consideration. See how he finishes out 2021.

Matthew Lodge

I think we know Lodge is a potential Top 3 FRF in Supercoach. Can he put it altogether in 2022? Maintain discipline, avoid injury and continue to diversify his game which includes tackle breaks, offloads, pre-line passing and aggression and he could well be a must-buy in starting teams next year. 

Euan Aitken

I’m not sure I’ve ever even considered Aitken a 2RF. However his performance when thrust into the position last week is certainly raising eyebrows amongst Supercoaches and his own coach Nathan Brown. 

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Josh Curran

Curran has matured and come on in leaps and bounds this year albeit it has been an injury interrupted season for him. I’m keen to see how he finishes off and what role the Warriors have in store for him in 2022. It could see him becoming a workhorse and SC gun in the future. 

Braydon Trindall

Trindall might be the most intriguing player of all listed here. He seems to get better with every game. He has a five round average of 74 which is nothing to sneeze at for a halfbacl. He has the backup of being goal-kicker in a Sharks side that has recruited well for 2022 with the acquisition of Storm duo Hynes and Finucane and McInnes. The huge question is will he be starting halfback for the Sharks? I tend to think he will be the way he is playing. A big finish to the season might secure his spot … both in the Sharks 2022 team and my 2022 NRL Supercoach team. 

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Blayke Brailey

Okay hear me out here and then you can make your own call on it. Reed Mahoney debuted in 2018 and in his first 50 games he averaged high 40s in Supercoach scoring. In his next 22 games he has averaged 64 SC points and this year is the second highest averaging hooker. Blayke Brailey has played 54 games and across his two last seasons he’s averaged 49. My theory is that Blayke Brailey is following a similar career trajectory to Mahoney and is primed to step up his Supercoach scoring output significantly moving forward. 

Adam Keighran

I’m not sure of his contract situation but Adam Keighran is a gun goal-kicker and a solid NRL player. If and it’s a big if, he can find a centre or halves position on a week-to-week basis in 2022 I think his SC output could be very good. 

Aaron Schoupp

This lad can seriously play. With all the outside back recruits for the Bulldogs I’m not sure if he retains a starting centre spot but I certainly think if he does Supercoaches are going to have to stand up and take notice. 

Greg Marzhew

He’s more of an offseason watch but also interesting for the rest of 2021. Marzhew looks a straight up NRL player but Anthony Don and Philip Sami will put pressure on his wing spot. Corey Thompson has been that good he’s the first winger picked for the Titans. 

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Toby Sexton

The Titans passed up or missed Milford and look set to let Ash Taylor move on meaning they are happy to commit to goal-kicking halfback Toby Sexton moving forward. Where Jamal Fogarty fits into the whole puzzle will be interesting. For those eyeing off Sexton these last five games and how much it inflates his price for 2022 is critical. 

Heilum Luki

Starting at 2RF this week is very interesting. I like the look of Luki, he’s a big rangy type who has a lot of attack in him on the edge. I can see Luki being an attacking weapon in the same mould as like a Sitili Tupouniua.

Reuben Cotter

Cotter isn’t back in the playing squad yet from injury. It’s a bit of a case of being out of sight out of mind for Cotter. However he would be very much in the forefront of the mind of Cowboys Coach Todd Payton. Mainly because he brings leg speed and footwork as a lightweight forward and is rock solid in defence. I could see Cotter’s presence making way for Lolo’s move to FRF. I believe that will be the evolution of the NRL under the newer faster rules. Players like Dale Finucane, Tohu Harris, Jason Taumalolo could all transition to FRF next year with the lighter weight lock options coming into their respective teams. 

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