Quantium stat analysis: Rd 17, vital numbers to beat the best

Statistics specialist Adam Driussi provides invaluable breakdowns to allow you to differ your side from those atop the rankings.

Stat analysis

Analysing the top 20,000 teams after Round 16

With the super trade round last week we’ve seen some huge changes in player ownership.  

I’ll keep the commentary relatively light in the interests of getting an article out on time, but suffice to say that it is worth checking whether players you previously thought were PODs are actually PODs or not.  

There will also be a special edition bye round article dropping shortly

Let’s take a look at the ownership levels of players in each position.

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Some interesting changes at fullback. Pretty much all teams now own Tom Turbo (versus just 75% of the top 10,000 prior to last week) whereas approximately a quarter of teams who owned Clint Gutherson sold.


Some huge changes at CTW. The key changes saw massive increases in ownership for each of Reuben Garrick and Jesse Ramien whilst each of Dane Gagai, Ronaldo Mulitalo, Daniel Tupou and Taane Milne increased by around 5%.

In contrast, we saw falls in ownership for each of Daine Laurie (-13%), Nicho Hynes (-8%), David Nofoaluma (-5%) and a range of others including Charlie Staines, Blake Ferguson, Brian Kelly, Bradman Best, Stephen Crichton, Reimis Smith, David Mead and James Roberts. 


In the space of two weeks, Shaun Johnson has increased from 2% to 62% ownership amongst the top 10,000 teams – and 84% amongst the top 100. So no POD there.

Cody Walker is now owned by almost every leading team (fair enough) whereas Connor Watson fell by another 20% to 24% ownership amongst the top 10,000.    

Spare a thought for the 4% of teams who brought in Kodi Nikorima and didn’t manage to trade him out before he was ruled out.   

The 24% of teams who patiently waited for Josh Schuster to return this week will be gutted.

5% of teams brought in Kieran Foran. I love Foz as a player, but he has never been Supercoach relevant so it’s hard to understand that move.


Not long ago, almost every team owned Nathan Cleary and Sam Walker. Not anymore! 18% of the top 10,000 teams held onto Cleary, and the majority traded him to either Jahrome Hughes or SJ. 

6% of teams brought in DCE – no doubt attracted to his match up against the Dogs.  He didn’t disappoint with 119 points. Nice POD move.


It would appear that being the most owned 2RF in Supercoach is a curse. Just a week after the most owned 2RF in Tevita Pangai got suspended, Tohu Harris surged to 95% ownership (and 99% amongst the top 100 teams) only to go down injured early in his game against the Dragons.

In other changes at 2RF, Pangai fell from 86% ownership to 27% ownership, Ryan Matterson fell from 61% to 42%, Josh Curran from 51% to 29% and we saw smaller reductions for each of Ryan James, Kurt Capewell, Jack Bird, Lucian Leilua, Viliame Kikau, Jordan Riki and Joe Ofahengaue.

On the flipside, Isaiah Papali’i increased from 83% to 93%, Angus Crichton from 65% to 73%, Brandon Smith increased from 42% to 52%, CHN from 32% to 45%, David Fifita from 27% to 50% and Luke Thompson increased from 27% to 34%.

The leading team is one of only 4 teams in the top 1,000 who has Briton Nikora.


Some big changes at FRF. In addition to the changes outlined above for DPP players, both Addin Fonua-Blake and Martin Taupau attracted a huge amount of interest. Sio Siua Taukeiaho and Payne Haas both also increased in ownership.  Matthew Lodge’s owners would be stoked with his mid-season move to the Warriors.

Stefano Utoikamanu was sold off from 43% ownership to 19%. He did his job.  Spencer Leniu reduced from 43% to 35% ownership.


As already flagged, the key change at HOK was the reduction in ownership of Connor Watson. Jayden Brailey also reduced from 78% to 66%.

Ben Hunt’s ownership increased by 4%, Damien Cook’s by 3% and Karl Lawton’s by 2%. 3% of teams now own Josh Hodgson.

Round 16 Captaincy Choices

Not surprisingly, 92% of the top 1,000 teams captained Tom Turbo. Not the top ranked team – he captained Cody Walker. Between Cody, Will Kennedy and Briton Nikora this guy is not afraid of making moves!

Best of luck to everyone in Round 17. 

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