Weekly Wrap: Highs, lows and shocks, Rd 16

Check out our Round 16 NRL SuperCoach wrap, with the ownership of Manly stars shaping the overall rankings.

Weekly Wrap

The super trade week has come and gone and I’m glad I don’t have to think about making five trades again this year! 

Making two is hard enough let alone five, and then there are those players who have been with you since the start and you sort of feel bad to let them go! Well when I say sort of, I didn’t think twice punting Nofo and Laurie.

Were you brave enough to sell Cleary? If you did you would have been able to set your side up nicely like I did two weeks ago, so when he went down with a shoulder injury, I looked like a genius. 

The caveat to that though will be trying to afford him when he returns. 

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Money may not be an issue but a player worth over one million will need two trades to get back in.

With the high scores of some of our guns this week, there are some lows. How can one name bring you so much joy yet so much heartache in 80 minutes? 

I was forced to play an AE as I held both Grant and Mahoney and like this pesky Bondi Bronchitis, my mate Burbo just pops up unannounced and ruins a good weekend! 

He was -1 before updates and the pencil pushers at Supercoach Headquarters thought it would be a laugh to find him a point.

If you’re like me and you tend to hold some injured guns then the trades you have saved along the way are gold now! 

Post Origin we will see how the top sides are fairing with minimal trades and a Supercoach season that can be won on a good captaincy choice.

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Roosters v Storm

Well I didn’t see that coming! Where has the Roosters resilience in defence gone? 

Melbourne took this match as a training run and just went about their business. 

For the sellers of Nicho Hynes, and I know there was a lot of you, he continued his supreme rise in 2021, scoring 104, his third score of 100 or more in a row. 

My Roosters supporting wife said the only good thing about the match was the amount of screen time he got. I couldn’t disagree!

Hughes unfortunately didn’t really fire a shot, scoring only 49 whilst Brandon Smith keeps on keeping on! 

Owners would be absolutely thrilled with his performances over the past six weeks as he notched up 90 on Thursday, taking his five round average to 90. 

I jumped on the other hooker Melbourne has, the one that spends his time in the rehab group then playing for Queensland..

For the Chooks, young gun Sam Walker found out the hard way how heavily Justin Olam whacks as he and his 49 kilos got a thorough workout. He only managed 29, but considering his side scored 0, it’s a small win.

Non owners of Crichton can breathe easily as he finished with 55 and will drop in price for Round 18 and onwards.

Minute Watch – Tupouniua 80, Crichton 80, JWH 64, B Smith 66, Welch 38

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Warriors v Dragons

I don’t think knocking off the Warriors in Golden Point is one of the reasons NSW Health say you can leave your house, but that’s how the Dragons interpreted the lockdown.

In a pretty dour affair, the main talking point out of this one was the injury and HIA to the week’s most popular player Tohu Harris, myself and 124,976 people jumped on the Warriors back-rower with Round 17 in mind, but his night was cut short due to a shoulder injury and now looks set to miss Round 17.

AFB must have had his Manly jumper on underneath as he found some 2020 form scoring 76. He played big minutes too so he will come into a lot of sides this coming week. He may have played a few extra due to Harris’ injury, while Matt Lodge may arrive and steal a few extras.

For the Dragons, Ben Hunt was huge again and now must seriously be as a huge trade in from round 20 onwards. He scored 93 to go with last week’s 132. Considering the hooking position is in dire straits, you could do worse than have Hunt as your hooker.

Minute Watch (Including Golden Point) – JDB 84, Harris (Injury) 23, AFB 76, Tevaga 52

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Panthers v Eels

As that last kick from Moses sailed to the left of the posts, I’m sure he thought he would have to head to Rebel to pick up a Blues jersey, but he has been picked and I’m not thrilled.

That aside, with a 13-12 scoreline, we could expect some low scores but that wasn’t the case. Papali’i scored a massive 122 to take him into second on the Supercoach table for points scored for the year.

Matty Burton was disappointing too as he failed to make any impact Supercoach wise scoring only 18. Surprisingly, he played at centre with Tyrone May preferred in the halves. This wasn’t good for his output.

Gutho knocked out 28 which is about 13 more than I thought he would get. Trade now for a Ponga or Trell or any other fullback who can score you more than 30.

Unfortunately too for owners of Luai, he now finds himself on the sidelines with a knee injury and is set to miss the next four or so weeks. He has lost all trade worth now as he is priced at $360k. Tough pill to swallow

Minute Watch – JFH 48, Capewell 64, Matterson 74, Paulo 41

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Bulldogs v Sea Eagles

(Insert any one of the previous 10 match reports about Turbo here). 

We are witnessing greatness. This isn’t some sort of freak run of form, this is the Tommy Turbo we have now come to expect. He scored three tries and was unlucky not to score three more. 

He finished with a measly 144 and I was annoyed it wasn’t 244. I don’t know what a ceiling like his could be, but if there is a player who could seriously go 260+ it’s him and only him.

The week’s big money buy was Reuben Garrick and my word what a string of matches he is putting together. 

Saturday was his fourth 100+ score in the past five weeks. I’m only an owner as of this weekend, but anyone you bring in who scores 169 is a hero in my books. And 11 from 11 with the boot?? Where’s that been all year (or career). If you didn’t move on him this weekend, I’d say that ship has nearly sailed as he had a BE of 10 resulting in a price rise of $118k to take him to $846k.

Jason Saab waited until the 65th minute to cross the stripe and made up for it in rapid time, putting on a hat-trick in the last 15 minutes to finish with a score of 162. 

He spent more time in open space than he did with a defender in front of him for the 80 minutes. I’m not sure who was marking him but I think he forgot what he was supposed to do.

Minute watch – Thompson 60, Jackson 80, Lawton 72, Keppie 58.

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Raiders v Titans

The Antarctica weather station came in a close second in the coldest places on the planet on Saturday night, with Canberra Stadium clinching top spot. 

It was a cold night and there wasn’t much cheering to be had if you were wearing green. 

Despite playing in round 17, there aren’t too many Supercoach relevant players for the Raiders apart from CHN. He has been very busy playing on an edge since having been given a starting role and a solid last reserve for owners. 

He’s a must-have for next week despite the $525k+ price tag.

Papali’i scored well finishing with 71, but the way the Raiders are going, I don’t see scores like that coming up too often unless he gets 80 minutes which is a lot of time to be carrying that haircut around for.

David Fifita showed he can switch straight back into club land easily after playing Origin, however I don’t remember seeing him out there. 

As an owner who has held through a host of missed games, his 82 with a sin-bin was huge. 

Non-owners may find it tough to bring him in at this time of the year, particularly those scarce with trades.

He will miss a week for doing what younger brother Tim could never do and that was put Sam Williams on his ass.  

Bailey Simonsson was also injured in a blow for those who held him for Round 17 coverage.

Minute Watch – Papali’i 51, CHN 80, Fifita 49, Tino 48, Peachey 25

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Knights v Cowboys

Ohh how NRL fans have missed K Ponga! What a sight to see him back and playing well! 

He has the ability to be the second best fullback for the run home with the favourable draw the Knights have. 

With Ponga and Pearce back I have no doubt they can make the top 8 and I’ll be doing my best to ensure he makes it into my side should he get through Origin unscathed.

For holders of Connor Watson, hello! I have been waiting all year for a performance like that. Two tries, 30 odd tackles and 107 points! He could be a smoky to score well at the pointy end.

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Mitch Barnett scored 54 which were all base stats as he played the full 80 minutes. Music to the ears of owners like me who have held him. If some attacking stats start popping up he then shapes as a POD.

For the Cowboys, Taumalolo will play next weekend and managed 60 against the Knights. He’s cut-priced at $461k for a former Supercoach gun, while if you really want to get into POD territory, I’m a big fan of Scott Drinkwater who managed 70 in a side that scored 0.

Minute Watch – Barnett 80, Watson 47, Taumalolo 57, Robson 49

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Broncos v Sharks

I was close to bringing in Kotoni Staggs for this weekend, but that will have to wait two weeks as the Broncos centre was bullish in his first game back. 

He managed to score 64 which included a try-assist and he looked like he already has made an impact on his teammates. He did only play 59 minutes but that will increase over the next few weeks as he builds his match fitness.

The departure of Matt Lodge has opened up some massive minutes for Payne Haas. He played 65 minutes and scored a monster 90 and is only priced at $490k. A must-have post Origin in my opinion.

As for the Sharkies, this is one match they will feel slipped through their fins. 

Shaun Johnson carried the hopes of many who traded him in and scored a solid 75 which included a linebreak and line-assist. He will take on his next club the Warriors next week and as a non-owner, it’s one match I won’t be looking forward to watching.

Siosifa Talakai bombed again scoring only 27. He’s one I’m glad I missed the jump on.

Minute Watch – Haas 65, Robati 59, Riki 21, Staggs 59, Talakai 30, Rudolf 50

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Tigers v Rabbitohs

Thankfully after getting rid of both Nofoaluma and Laurie I now have zero Tigers in my side which is great so I don’t have to watch this rabble they call an NRL side run around.

This is a side that got 60 put on them two weeks ago and still showed no resolve. 

The two I mentioned above were very quiet until about the 60th minute mark where Laurie burst through to score and Nofa took an intercept and scored. The pair finished with 49 and 46 respectively but won’t play next round. Both are sells despite the Tigers nice draw post Origin.

As for the Rabbitohs, they did enough to win and just seem to find scoring tries very easy. They look as threatening as Manly on either edge and with the form of both Walker and Reynolds, they will surely go far.

Walker was set for about a 150+ score at half time but was kept relatively quiet in the second half, but he still finished with a Michael Slateresque score of 99 bringing his three round average to 99.

Alex Johnston too just keeps scoring tries and is another must for next week. He will possibly play fullback and is taking on the Cowboys so expect some more points.

Another one I’ve had an eye on is Campbell Graham. With Walker playing both left and right he now seems to get a fair chunk of footy. A good POD to have for the final run home.

Minute Watch – Twal 30, Blore 25, Arrow 40, Murray 55

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