Origin recap: SC scores, key stats, will players back up?

We look at the SuperCoach scores of every player in Origin Two, the key stats and the likelihood of players backing up in NRL Round 16.

Weekly Wrap

We’re back from a week’s rest after a lengthy stint of content starting early in the NRL pre-season.

First up on return, we’re taking a look at the NSW Blues Origin series sealing victory over the QLD Maroons, specifically the NRL SuperCoach implications from the game and scores.

We’ll take a look at the key individual stats that stood out for certain players, then assess the likelihood of them backing up in NRL Round 16.

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There didn’t appear to be any major injuries out of the game encouragingly.

Provided players got through the game uninjured without any significant niggles, we’ll do our best to assess their chances/minutes this weekend.

While it’s a longer break between games after Origin Two, it’ll again be essential to leave trades until as late in the round as possible to allow flexible for rested players who may be late outs.

SuperCoach scoring came from FoxSpots stats at the conclusion of the game, while the key individual stats are from the NRL.

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NSW (minutes)

Tedesco (80) – 94 points

  • 234 run metres from 28 runs
  • Two linebreak assists
  • Two try-assists
  • 10 tacklebreaks
  • Four offloads

For some mad reason, the NRL have scheduled the blockbuster Roosters v Storm game for Thursday night despite the host of Origin players backing up from the clash.

Tedesco was a late out post Origin one which was a three day turnaround due to his hip pointer injury.

He gets a four day turnaround here, and must be in some doubt due to that lingering injury.

To’o (80) – 47 points

  • 230 run metres from 25 runs
  • One linebreak
  • Six tacklebreaks

Penrith play Friday and I’d expect To’o to back up.

Mitchell (80) – 55 points

  • One try
  • Five tacklebreaks 
  • Two offloads

South Sydney play the final game of the round on Sunday afternoon, so I’d tip Latrell to be on deck for the clash.

Trbojevic (80) – 70 points

  • One try
  • 18 runs
  • 180 run metres
  • One linebreak
  • One linebreak assist
  • Seven tacklebreaks
  • 21 tackles

The big watch this week will of course be on Tommy Turbo. He picked up a slight injury just after halftime but played through the game unscathed. Manly sit sixth on the ladder with a two game gap to the seventh placed Dragons, and a three game gap to the fourth placed Rabbitohs. They have a very winnable game against the Bulldogs, so Dez Hasler will likely be tempted to rest his star man due to his injury history, however he does have a six day turnaround with the 3pm Saturday game so he’s every chance of playing.

Addo-Carr (80) – 103 points

  • Two tries
  • Three linebreaks 
  • One try-assist

Barring any niggles I expect JAC to face the Roosters despite the quick turnaround.

Luai (80) – 45 points

  • One linebreak
  • Four tacklebreaks
  • Two forced dropouts

Ivan Cleary will be tempted to rest Luai with such strong depth in the halves, but I think he’ll play.

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Cleary (80) – 57 points

  • 5/5 goals
  • 16 runs for 114 run metres
  • One linebreak
  • One linebreak assist
  • 20 tackles
  • Six missed

Was heavily strapped on his shoulder and took a knock during the game. He’ll be in some doubt for the clash with the Eels, but I’m tipping he’ll face the Western Sydney rivals provided he pulls up okay. Further news is saying he will go for scans on Monday and is in more doubt for the clash.

Saifiti (53) – 51 points

  • 15 runs for 128 metres
  • 35 tackles

Should back up for the Knights against the Cowboys on Saturday, but may play a few reduced minutes after playing 53 in Origin.

Cook (70) – 35 points

  • 40 tackles
  • One missed

Should back up and play big minutes with the seven day turnaround in games.

Paulo (42) – 31 points

  • 11 runs for 92 metres
  • One offload
  • 19 tackles
  • Six missed

Should back up on Friday and play decent minutes.

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Murray (67) – 42 points

  • 11 runs for 79 metres
  • Four tacklebreaks
  • 44 tackles
  • Two missed

Despite playing huge minutes, he should back up and play solid time on Sunday.

Sims (72) – 39 points

  • Nine runs for 95m

The Dragons play the Warriors on Friday night. Sims should back up, but he did play 72 minutes so he may play a few fewer than his regular 80.

Yeo (66) – 48 points

  • 10 runs for 93m
  • 45 tackles
  • One missed

Yeo played 66 minutes in Game Two, so he may play a few less on Friday night due to Penrith’s immense back-row depth.

Wighton (10) – 11 points

He’ll be backing up for the Raiders.

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Crichton (41) – 52 points

  • 16 runs for 124m
  • One linebreak assist
  • Four tacklebreaks 

Crichton only played 41 minutes, but he was seriously busy with 16 runs in that time. I’m expecting him to back up, but on the quick turnaround he may play a few reduced minutes this week, particularly if either side get away to a decent lead.

Haas (32) – 38 points

  • 11 runs for 105m
  • 24 tackles
  • Zero misses

While busy, Haas only played 32 minutes so I’m tipping him to play regular time for the desperate Broncos on Sunday.

Martin (27) – 15 points

He’ll back up for the Panthers and should get big minutes, especially if Yeo is given a greater spell.

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QLD (minutes)

Holmes (80) – 21 points

  • Four tacklebreaks
  • 14 runs for 104 metres

Holmes should back up for the Cowboys on Saturday night and play the full 80.

Feldt (80) – 16 points

  • 12 runs for 94 metres

Feldt should back up for the Cowboys on Saturday night and play the full 80.

Capewell (80) – 51 points

  • Five tacklebreaks
  • 10 tackles
  • Six missed

I expect Capewell to back up for Penrith, but he had a busy night marking Tom Trbojevic, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Liam Martin started in the back-row and Capewell came off the bench.

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Gagai (80) – 38 points

  • 23 tackles
  • Nine missed

Gagai should back up for the Rabbitohs on Sunday afternoon.

Coates (80) – 26 points

  • 14 runs for 93 metres
  • Five tacklebreaks

Provided his niggling hamstring injury is all good you’d think Coates will back up for Brisbane on Sunday.

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Munster (80) – 58 points

  • One linebreak
  • Four tacklebreaks
  • One forced dropout

Munster got off his charge and is free to face the Roosters. It was a bruising night for a player already carrying a few niggles, so Craig Bellamy will be tempted to rest him with a four day turnaround, it could go either way. If his body is good to go I’d expect him to back up.

Cherry-Evans (80) – 38 points

  • 13 kicks for 368 kick metres
  • 31 tackles

I’m tipping DCE to back up on Saturday, especially if Tom Trbojevic were to be rested.

Welch (44) – 49 points

  • Three offloads
  • 33 tackles
  • 7 missed

Welch played decent minutes and was very busy for the Maroons. He should back up, but if he does you’d think he’ll play reduced minutes.

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McCullough (51) – 33 points

  • 33 tackles
  • Zero missed

It’s a pretty quick turnaround of five days for the Dragons, but I think McCullough will be on deck and should play pretty big minutes.

Papalii (54) – 43 points

  • 35 tackles
  • Zero missed

Big Papa will back up for the Raiders on Saturday and should play pretty regular minutes.

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Arrow (51) – 40 points

  • 24 tackles
  • Zero missed

Arrow has the luxury of the long turnaround for the Bunnies and should be right to go.

Kaufusi (80) – 40 points

  • 38 tackles

Kaufusi went the distance for the Maroons and will be a prime candidate for a rest for Craig Bellamy with the quick turnaround. 

Fa’asuamaleaui (39) – 30 points

  • Nine runs for 82 metres

Big Tino only played 39 minutes and should play his regular time on Saturday against the Raiders.

Hunt (46) – 15 points 

  • 28 tackles

Hunt should play the full game for the Dragons.

Fotuaika (36) – 31 points

  • 22 tackles
  • One missed

Fotuaika only played 36 minutes and should play his regular time on Saturday against the Raiders.

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Fifita (53) – 24 points

  • Two offloads

Fifita played 53 minutes and should play pretty close to his regular time on Saturday against the Raiders, maybe getting a small spell at some stage.

Molo (26) – 20 points

  • Seven runs for 62 metres

Molo will back up for the Cowboys in regular time.

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