Quantium stat analysis: Rd 15, vital numbers to beat the best

Statistics specialist Adam Driussi provides invaluable breakdowns to allow you to differ your side from those atop the rankings.

Stat analysis

Analysing the top 20,000 teams after Round 14

Unfortunately work commitments mean that I’m going to have to keep this week’s article brief. All the key stats are included but I will keep the commentary light.


Not surprisingly, the leading teams are skewed towards those with Clint Gutherson. With 216 points in the past two weeks whilst Teddy and Turbo were both rested he has proved to be a must-have. With a game up against the Bulldogs this weekend that is only likely to increase after this week.


Last week was all about Alex Johnston. 50% of the top 1,000 teams brought in Johnston and would have been thrilled with his hat-trick.

I, on the other hand, made the correct decision to trade out Daine Laurie, but brought in Joseph Suaalii for the cash. After initially thinking I would anti-POD AJ I am now having serious second thoughts.

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Bailey Simonsson was a gift for his owners (including me). His tonne at fullback was admittedly against the Broncos but hopefully he can keep that going for three more weeks!

Bradman Best’s owners have now been officially screwed whilst a few heavily owned CTWs are about to start leaking cash – including Nicho Hynes.


Not surprisingly, ownership of Cody Walker surged last week – from 31% of the top 10,000 teams to 69%. Connor Watson fell from 71% to 63%, Josh Schuster fell from 42% to 32%, Tyson Gamble from 38% to 31%, Jarome Luai fell from 21% to 12% and Adam Doueihi fell from 11% to 7%. 

With Cleary and Burton back for the Panthers, I expect Matt Burton will be sold off prior to Round 17 and we will see some different players again emerge – the likes of Shaun Johnson, Kodi Nikorima etc.


Not a lot happened at halfback last week. Ben Hunt’s owners will be very disappointed with his return against the Bulldogs.


The main move at 2RF last week was for Corey Harawira-Naera. CHN is now owned by 29% of the top 10,000 teams and 46 of the top 100 teams – up from 8% and 6% respectively last week.

Mitch Barnett’s ownership fell from 52% of the top 10,000 teams to 35%.


Not a lot of action at FRF. Luke Thompson’s ownership increased from 22% of the top 10,000 teams to 26% – although his ownership is skewed towards lower ranked teams – only 14 of the top 100 teams own Thompson and 19% of the top 1,000.


With Alex Johnston, Cody Walker and CHN proving very popular last week, there wasn’t a huge amount of movement at hooker – except perhaps for a bunch of teams moving Brandon Smith from 2RF to HOK. 6% of the top 10,000 teams brought in Karl Lawton but they are skewed towards the lower ranked teams – only 1 of the top 100 teams made that move last week.

Round 14 Captaincy Choices

Round 14 captaincy was heavily skewed towards Nicho Hynes. Around 90% of teams captained either Hynes or Clint Gutherson who scored similarly so it wasn’t a huge week in terms of captaincy score variation.

The 6 teams in the top 100 who looped, vice-captained either Alex Johnston (5 teams) or Matt Burton (1 team).

Best of luck to everyone in Round 15. It will be nice to be able to field a solid 17 players again!

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