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25 Responses to “Listen now! Subscriber special: Rd 15 question and answer”

  1. MattyO

    Legends! Is this the week to cash in Nicho? My current CTW is Nicho, Val, AJ, To’o, Laurie, Staines and Cini. With $105k ITB I can’t decide of these 3 options:
    1. Nicho to Fifi (would have to play Laurie for the next few weeks)
    2. Barnett to Fifi and Laurie to Suaali/Simo, or
    3. Barnett to CHN (and get Fifi after SOO)

  2. Petethemus

    Hey boys,
    Is Ramien worth looking at?
    I know the injury risks, but as a anti-pod to AJ I think he could be worth it.
    Sharks draw is good right to the end and with Latrell returning I can see AJ going boom or bust. Ramien seems more consistent when on the field.

  3. Nelson

    Want to get Marshew this week – what would be better trade out of Laurie or Best for him? Was thinking Laurie as he has a high BE and tough draw but i can sit him out for next few weeks until Tigers draw open up so not sure which is better option

  4. Bulmer_54

    Really struggling with my last 2 bench spots this week options are Brailey, Barnett, Curren and Simonsson. Im thinking Brailey will find early season form with Ponga and Pearce back thoughts
    My other two are teddy and Hughes they are locked in cheers for any advice

  5. Joey's Dingers

    Hey fellas,

    I’m in the same boat as many, having sold off turbo for the origin period. I moved hynes back there which freed up cash to bring in other r13 targets. I’m considering bringing in Walsh this week for a three-four week rental (depending on who he becomes), before upgrading to turbo/paps/ponga. Thoughts on this, and how would you rank those three fullbacks for the run home?

    Other fullback is teddy, who I consider locked into my team now.

    PS- Timmy any goss on Timoko’s job security for r17?

  6. Samuelschembri33

    Hey guys,

    Do you think it’s worth trading Brailey to cook this week? Or is that to sideways. I’ve had a look at the draw in rabbits play the last game in both week 16 and week 18, so there’s a chance cook backs up from origin.

    Cheers lads.

  7. Bring Back Teddy

    Hey guys,

    Your thoughts are always invaluable, so thank you in advance!

    What are your thoughts on going Watson to Cook. While Cook won’t play 17, he should back up from origin for 16 and maybe 18 (Rabbitohs play Sunday for both) and while off supercoach wise this year, I think he is still a top 3 hooker for the run home, while Watson probably isn’t quite.

    FYI I wouldn’t be able to afford Grant this week unless I use a trade to downgrade, but I don’t like anyone for that.

    The alternative is to save a trade and use an extra one next round – unless you think there is someone particularly urgent to trade in or out, (Laurie to AJ is my first trade)


  8. The Integrity Unit

    Gonna trade Stephen Crichton to David Fifita via duals and probably hold my other trade. Should I play Tom Eisenhuth or Laurie as my 4th CTW?
    Connor Watson v Warriors, Lodge v Rabbitohs or Ben Hunt v Raiders as my 4th reserve?

  9. Thoughts on the following.

    1. Kelly to Johnston and UTO to TKO means I’d play simonsonn as 4th ctw and go best to talakai next week.

    2. Uto to TKO and Best to talakai

    3. Kelly to Johnston and Best to Talakai

  10. nic.nugent14

    Would you consider trading best to manu for when he plays fullback round 17 against the bulldogs and than possibly 18 against the cowboys than hold him as coverage for the rest of the year ?

  11. ewaninnes

    Is Suaalii or Talaki worth trading in this week with a view to R17 & holding as a 6th/7th CTW for the year? Neither would be in my 17 this week, but would allow me to go Watson/Brailey to Grant. I have no other glaring issues

  12. daveover

    Howdy boys, love the content!

    Am trading out Laurie for cash so I can bring in a few guns next round. Am going to a bottom dollar option, either marzhew suali or young from the knights. Of the 3 I like marzhew output the best, how ever I think young’s position is most secure and I see knights attack improving now ponga and Pearce are back. It is strictly a cash grab but having someone I could play on matchups would be great. Currently on young. Which of the 3 would you pick?
    Have to’o ikuvalu Johnson nofo simonsson and best currently

  13. KerrodW

    Gday lads,
    Went ramien over aj last week which bit me in the arse. Need to get the big guns of fifita, grant etc. in soon. Trades I’m thinking are schuster to Johnson and Laurie to Johnston however doesn’t leave me much cash to upgrade, (10k). Should I downgrade Laurie to marzhew to build up cash and bypass Johnston? Cheers legends

  14. joshdogga234

    Hey lads, who’s the best CTW cheapie; Marzhew, Timonko, Young. I’m not sold on Marzhew as Corey Thompson back next week. Timonko seems to have better job security (Curtis Scott stood down) and plays 17? Young, on the back of ponga and pearce returning could be anything as well.


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