Weekly Wrap: Highs, lows and shocks, Rd 14

Check out our Round 14 NRL SuperCoach wrap, with Origin restings leaving many squads short of quality.

Weekly Wrap

I hate Supercoach. Maybe hate isn’t the right word, I’m not sure but my God how does a fantasy game that we choose to play put us through so much pain, yet we keep coming back for more?

I was torn pre-lockout and ended up trading Cleary out, so if I stop doing these articles in the next month it’s most likely due to the fact Cleary has scored back to back 100s and I’ll have to quit to focus on Big Bash or European Handball fantasy.

I’m no expert, but I have been playing this game for a number of years now and the past week has made me feel like a year one player.

Case in point is, it’s even hard to write his name but Tom Eisenhuth. Tom has made me out to look like an absolute chump. And Tom if you are reading this, please reach out. We need to talk…

Three weeks ago I traded the Melbourne back-rower for Kurt Capewell as bye/Origin coverage.

Week one he gets 12 and is ruled out after failing his HIA. Week 2, the all-important Round 13, he isn’t named.

So Round 14 rolls around and after seeing he wasn’t named, I traded him out. Tom then gets named to start and scores a try in the 75th minute, finishing with 75. I lose my head-to-head by 15 points, all because I had to play Shawn Blore. If anyone needs me I’ll be in the shower where you can’t see my tears.

Have a hard luck story? Let us know in the comments.

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No Turbo, no problems. Step up Reuben Garrick! The fill in fullback was enormous for Manly and owners (I’m not one of them unfortunately) with 106 bringing his five round average to a tick under 90! He offers great bye coverage and Manly have a superb draw for the run home. If you can afford it, get him in ASAP.

DCE after the heartbreak of Wednesday night stood head and shoulders as the best player on the field scoring 148 which included four try-assists. It was nice to see him carve up in the proper Maroon jersey. He shapes as a great POD option for Rounds 18 and onwards.

Cowboys big man and former Supercoach Gun Jason Taumalolo was pegged as a must have for Round 17 coverage yet failed to make any impact on Friday and finished with only 42 points. He will drop in price and takes on the Sharks, Newcastle then Rabbitohs in Round 17. If the Cowboys are to make some noise and get into the finals, he needs to stand up.

Minute watch: Taupau 53, Lawton 70, Taumalolo 54

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Is this the resurgence of the Sharks we are seeing? They have a nice run over the next six weeks and wins like that on Friday just seem to be the kick in the ass some sides need.

The Sharks aren’t all that Supercoach relevant, however with Round 17 coming up a player like SJ could be the difference over the next month. He scored 79 on Friday and is playing for a contract.

Another to keep an eye out on is Toby Rudolf. He’s starting lock now and with Wade Graham out for the foreseeable future, he could score consistently. He played 51 minutes on the weekend but if that increases, he may be one to target.

Siosifa Talakai is another who may come into calculations should he come into the starting side.

For the Panthers, two losses in a row and they now drop to second on the ladder. They will be itching for their Origin stars to return, however as a Matt Burton owner, I’ll be happy if they don’t come back.

Burton pulled the Panthers back into the contest with two tries and an assist finishing with 108. The question is now is he a hold or do you sell to a Round 17 gun and beyond? I know what ever I do will be the wrong decision.

Minute watch: Rudolf 51, Kikau 67

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What on earth happened in this game?!

The Roosters had the Titans dead and buried with 25 minutes to go, only for the Titans to nearly spring a comeback for the ages. If they played like they did in the last 25 minutes more often than the Titans would be well entrenched in the top 8, unfortunately, they don’t like tackling.

Matt Ikuvalu crossed for two tries and 104 Supercoach points. Playing on the right edge for the Roosters, he surely has plenty more tries in him for the rest of the year. He has that high ceiling but if he gets starved of the ball, expect a score of 20. I saw a pic of him in the sheds without his shirt on and it looks like I still may have a shot at the NRL.

Angus Crichton was saved from some serious blushes after showing Jayden Campbell his tongue before crossing the line. He finished the afternoon with 87, but my guess is he will be in the side for Origin 2 at the expense of Martin.

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So all those thinking of Round 17 coverage consider that. I’ll be trying my best to get him in, but we may have to wait for post Origin.

Sammy Walker bounced back after a week out before the bye with 69 that included a try, two assists and obviously the match winning field goal. A somewhat lower score despite the attacking stats.

For those owners who held he offers great bye coverage but expect some low scores – especially when he takes on Penrith next week.

The human wrecking ball Greg Marzhew looks a great option as a cheapie CTW.

He comes in at bottom dollar, but won’t play round 17. He scored 64 to go with last week’s 82. If trades are tight maybe avoid but he will make some serious coin.

A shoutout to anyone that owned Jamal Fogarty for his 150!

Minute watch: Fifita 35 (bench), Tino 47 (bench)

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It’s been a long 14 Rounds as an owner of Connor Watson and Mitch Barnett and I cannot wait to get rid of them.

Bradman Best too has been stinking up my side and he’s another that will be dropped by many this week after a very lacklustre six weeks. He picked up an ankle injury on Saturday, so it makes that decision all that easier.

The Knights look a rabble and it will take special effort from Ponga and co to get them back into the 8. Steer clear of any of their players for the foreseeable future.

For those who moved in Alex Johnston this week well done! 124 and he barely broke a sweat. He shapes as a near must-have playing on the wing of that left edge. They could have Rusty there and they would still score tries.

Cody Walker was solid setting a couple up and surely is only week’s away from a 140+ week. Here’s hoping anyway!

Minute watch: Barnett 59, Watson 80 (5/8), Brailey 80

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No knock on the Raiders here but if I’m ever out of form, it would be nice to play the Broncos on a chilly Saturday in Canberra to find your mojo! It was the Raiders of old as Bailey Simonsson, Josh Papalii and Jack Wighton carved up the Broncos defence.

The trio were enormous with Simonsson knocking out 116 for the night! He looks set to hold onto that fullback spot too if anyone wants to bring him back in for Round 17. I started the year with him so I’m still getting over his sub 20 scores and won’t be bringing him back.

For Brisbane it was a night they would like to put behind them. Not one player broke the 70 mark with TPJ and Haas scoring 63 and 56 respectively.

In a dismal year for the club, a quick shout to Matt Lodge who has been one of the more consistent FRFs this year. He produced another score in the 60s which at his price is all you can ask for.

Minute watch: CHN 65 (HIA), TPJ 72, Haas 54

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I’ve outlined my Tom Eisenhuth troubles so I’ll skip that recap, but owning Brandon Smith seems to be the play of the year! With another try and 80 points he will be hard to move on despite the return of Harry Grant who also knocked out 80. I cannot wait to bring Grant in and may do it sooner rather than later.

Nicho Hynes was good again but didn’t quite reach the heights of previous weeks. I’m hoping he is owed about 30 points, but he just didn’t get the early ball he would have been hoping for. It will be interesting to see how long Papi is out for because with a BE of close to 500 I’ll be looking to cash in quickly.

Harris is now a must buy with the low score of 57, he will drop significantly in price and be a perfect swap for Barnett. For me anyway.

And don’t forget I called Nikorima as a POD play a couple weeks back. 73 for his troubles on Sunday. I might need to start listening to my own advice.

Minute watch: Harris 80, Curran 58, Grant 59, B.Smith 69

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Mitch Moses said what all non-Gutho owners and general football fans were thinking on Sunday afternoon when he politely told him to duck off.

The self-appointed King was at his infuriating best. For a club captain he carries on a fair bit. Anyway. If anyone else feels the same hit me up and we can discuss our mutual dislike. If you disagree with me also hit me up and I’ll explain to you what it’s like to have an elite fullback in your side.

Anyway, back to the game. It’s finally nice being a Papali’i owner and I got to reap the benefits of a score of 85, despite being sent to the bin.

He got off with a fine so will not miss any games thankfully. Maika Sivo on the other hand will spend a week on the sideline after trying to make Adam Doueihi’s nose look like his mate Fergo’s. Sivo scored a try but only finished with 44.

Matterson too was kept quiet only managing 39 and will lose even more cash for owners.

For the Tigers, they were well and truly beaten with Nofoaluma and Laurie extremely quiet whilst Doueihi succumbed to that head knock and only managed 9 points. The trio are tricky hold.

They have a tough run ahead and scores like this are expected. Out of the three, Nofo could be the only hold, however he did look to pick up a lower leg injury out of the match.

Minute watch: Papali’i 72, Paulo 35, Matterson 53, Utoikamanu 46, Twal 59

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I had this week wrap-up completed before this match even kicked off. Very little Supercoach relevance here! Although I am a Jack Bird owner, he flunked after last week’s 90 odd to only score 46 pre-updates. I needed him to score about 140 to make my score respectable.

Averillo was enormous for the Dogs, scoring two and setting up another. He finished with 103 points however I don’t think the Dogs have 28 points in them every week so he’s not really on the radar.

Luke Thompson is on my radar for Round 17 with the front-rower scoring 58 pre-updates. He’s been solid all year and could be a great backup option for a FRF/2RF spot if any guns go down.

Minute watch: Thompson 54, Bird 80

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