Champion PODs: Bye round edition, unique players to find an edge

2019 NRL SuperCoach winner Dez Creek eyes off the best low-ownership options to set you apart from rivals over the bye period.

Champion PODs

This is probably a long overdue article on my part as to who I think the most promising round 13 and round 17 bye differentials might be, alongside those who I think will be over-owned due to FOMO.

It is worth noting that if you are trading in a gun for round 13 this week it has the exact same long-term payout as trading in a round 17 playing gun this week (i.e., the only advantage gained going from getting the round 13 player first is that you get those overall points on the scoreboard first).  If you find yourself short on trades (like myself) you should be choosing the best bye player for the long run (who will you hold post round 17 until the end).

First on the list we have Jason Taumalolo. Imagine Lolo being under $600k and at 6% ownership coming into the bye period where he normally absolutely crushes it.

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Granted he does not play the first bye round, but as explained above it really doesn’t matter long-term as he may just as easily outscore anyone else in 2RF over the next four weeks even missing Round 13.

The perfect POD move is to bring him in this week against a weakened Knights outfit and sit comfortably knowing that you are in the minority that owns a human wrecking ball who is starting to see 65-70 minute games.

We also must talk about Nicho Hynes as the supposedly POD trade in this week, however it may be the case that so many people make this trade that he becomes an anti-POD. Granted I do not think he is the man to anti-POD, and I am almost certainly bringing him in this week, but for the daredevils out there – there is a case to be made.

We saw this exact scenario unfold last week with Ryan Matterson who was brought in by the majority of the top 1000 teams.

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Matto, when healthy, is undoubtably the most consistent 2RF in Supercoach and is a must-have for the bye. However, he always does have HIA concerns looming which makes him an okay anti-POD, but if named to start in round 13 I think you have to bring him in (can wait until deadline for this trade if you don’t yet have Matto).

Luciano Leilua is another guy I have had on my round 13 radar for quite some time now.

I know it is not ideal to stack your team with Tigers for the round 13 bye against a Penrith side who boast enormous depth across all positions, but I really think Luciano is a guy that many Supercoaches are overlooking.

Averaging 61.5 so far this season, Leilua has just two tries, however with the Tigers easy draw I think you can expect these attacking stats to increase over the coming month or two, before you could maybe move him on or even keep him for squad depth and playable match ups as a keeper.

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David Klemmer is at $469k ladies and gentlemen, and it is likely the cheapest you will see him for the rest of this season.

His minutes have been slightly erratic this season and I suspect he might be carrying a small lingering injury, but he is still managing a 60 point average in FRF.

With Saifiti expected to play Origin he should see big minutes in round 13 and hopefully beyond.

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Granted he probably doesn’t have the upside of someone like Junior Paulo (who also looms as a R13 POD if missing Origin selection) but I think consistency is key at FRF compared to any other position this year.  

Matt Ikuvalu is the last guy I want to mention. He has been scoring tries like there’s no tomorrow (as Roosters wingers tend to do).

You could easily make the POD play to bring him in early this week (over someone like Hynes/Sivo) at 1% ownership and hope he explodes against the Broncos and then hold him for the Round 17 bye matchup against the Bulldogs, juicy.

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