Spy Talk: Answering the big questions ahead of Rd 1

The SC Spy answers the burning questions plaguing NRL SuperCoaches ahead of the season opener.

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Troops, I’m sitting here having a whiskey watching a movie with the better half, dreaming of next weekend when the 5:30 game is about to end, and the young exciting Penrith Panthers are about to take on the Cowboys.. Look don’t get me wrong, I’m happy now, but come Thursday night the dream will be real! With that being said let’s jump into some of the key questions keeping us SuperCoaches up at night… Is there merit in leaving out Teddy? With such a high price tag on James Tedesco I can understand why people would be hesitant to include him in their initial squads, but based on last year I can tell you first hand that

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  1. reenergised

    Pre TLT i had ctw kelly, sauce and to’o. I have downgraded all 3 and upgraded to Paulo, Leota, Ofa and Fogarty and a CTW NPR, I know 3 into 4 isn’t good maths! upgraded a couple of Benchies & NPR’s :). Reasoning is 3 FRFs who will be 60/60 and a HLF on the pine with good upside.
    Now i write this my conviction is wavering…oh SC!

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