Tactic talk: Utilising the auto-emergency loophole

The SC Spy sheds light on a little trick SuperCoaches can utilise to help maximise their scoring this season.


Hi all,

I wanted to get in before the first ball with a sneaky ‘super’ tactic that will allow you to get a double chance in Round 1 for a couple of your players.

Essentially the idea is that you put two of your Hurricanes players (who play the first game) onto your bench and make them your auto-emergency for the Round. One in the batting line up and one in the bowlers. One of two things will then happen:

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If they score well on Thursday

You can then pick someone in your starting lineup who has the bye/doesn’t play.

In this case you could pick a Strikers players to give you not only the good auto-emergency score off your bench, but set you up with an extra double game week player for Round 2.

If they fail

If they fail then you won’t be stuck with a dud score in your starting line-up because you can make sure you have a full starting team of playing guys so that you don’t cop the dud auto-emergency score.

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To help illustrate, I will outline exactly what I intend to do.

In my batting line up I have Colin Ingram picked. I have shifted him to my bench and put him as auto-emergency.

If Colin scores decently I will ensure I have Jake Weatherald in my starting line up the next day, so that I definitely get Ingram’s score with the added bonus of already having a good Strikers players in my line up for Round 2!

If however Ingram gets a duck or minimal points, I can then opt to play another batsmen instead of Weatherald to maximise my round 1 score and not be stuck with an ordinary score (which would happen if I started Ingram in my side).

I will do the same with the bowling department. This time I will make Will Jacks my auto emergency.

If he scores well I am going to get in early on Noor Ahmad (no available Striker bowlers I can fit in my cap) and sit him on my bench as a cheapie in prep for the Gades double game week in Round 6.

If however Jacks doesn’t score well I am going to swing big Billy Stanlake into my lineup and take him for his double game week. It would become a free swing at Billy rather than getting Jack’s crook score.

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The above strategy is a free crack at two Hurricanes players. You could also do the same at wicket-keeper if you wanted to.

Personally I am going to start Handscomb as my wicket-keeping auto-emergency and sit a non-player as my starter in case I need the loophole.

But if Handscomb does get next to no runs I may reassess and try to find a starting keeper to try prop up my score.

I know that this stuff can be difficult to understand, especially if you are new to SuperCoach, and given all codes are slightly different but give it a crack and see how you go!

If you’re still unsure hit me up in the comment section at the bottom of the article or on Twitter at @scspy1

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