Fixture planner: Analysis of byes/double game weeks

The SC Spy dissects the entire Big Bash draw with analysis on when to target key teams and players this season.

Pre Season

G’day troops!

Footy is just about over once the mighty Blues and skipper J Tedesco put away Queensland on Wednesday night.

So that means only one thing, it’s BBL SuperCoach time!

Look, I’m a cricket traditionalist and love my Tests first and foremost, but it’s pretty handy to have international stars on our screens most nights through summer.

Add in SuperCoach and we’re cheering for that reason, among plenty of others!

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This first article takes a look at the teams who have the double game weeks (DGW) and byes to start the campaign, so it will be vital in setting up your squad.

If you are new to BBL SuperCoach, a double game week simply means anyone who plays twice will collect points from both matches and therefore make them extremely valuable assets.

Generally I aim for between three to five players from a single team on a DGW depending on the quality of team and depth.

There is no point picking five or six guys from a team who get belted and have three of those guys score next to nothing.

Conversely if you have five guys who can all produce (say two batsmen and two bowlers and a keeper) from a team full of depth then you are going to smash that round!

Sometimes there are two teams on a DGW, so that makes it easier to share the value for that round. Here is an early look at the teams to target early on!

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Round 1

Melbourne Stars

The Stars have the first DGW of the year and also have an early bye, but not until Round 3, so you have six trades to get them out of your squad for that round which is plenty of time and means I’ll likely start with around five Stars players.

They are traditionally a team with a lot of talent, so I think you need four minimum players for Round 1 and maybe you even go six if you think the value is there.

Hobart Hurricanes

I’d recommend three Hobart lads ready for their DGW in Round 2, and given they play Round 1 also they can still hopefully score well for you before even playing the DGW.

Maybe you start with three Hurricanes to maximise Round 2 value without having to use trades to achieve this?

Hello D’Arcy Short, who will be a strong Round 2 skipper option. You would be very bold to go against him.

Adelaide Strikers

They start with the bye in Round 1 but critically have two straight DGWs immediately after. Perhaps start with one on your bench.

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Round 2

As mentioned, both the Hobart Hurricanes and Adelaide Strikers have the DGW, so get them into your side! I’ll probably want three from each if possible.

If you already have three Hurricanes players in your team you could then trade in three Strikers players for Round 2, plus potentially one from your Round 1 bench. Seven DGW players = points galore!!

Round 3

The Melbourne Stars have the bye so you will need to minimise these players by trading them out or benching one or two.

The Adelaide Strikers have the double game week once more, so you can maximise players from their squad (five or six) before reassessing things in Round 4.


It’s important to note that following the Melbourne Stars bye in Round 3 there are no more byes for the rest of the tournament and there are no DGWs in Round 4 and 5, so you have plenty of time to set for the middle period of the competition. Aim to start fast and then consolidate after this!

After a tough NRL SuperCoach year for most of us (apart from the Guru Tim Williams), I’ll be aiming to better my 883rd BBL rank from last season.

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Top 100 would be nice with the big target of 1st overall always being the main goal!

Bring it on and I’ll be back with international analysis to see how this impacts the key players, my key player targets, ones to avoid, as well as a specific Round 1 bench strategy I like to use that can give you a double shot at early points.

Cheers all!

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