Fixture planner: Analysis of byes/double game weeks

The SC Spy dissects the entire Big Bash draw with analysis on when to target key teams and players this season.


G’day troops!

The footy is over, and that means only one thing, it’s BBL SuperCoach time!

Look, I’m a cricket traditionalist and love my Tests first and foremost, but it’s pretty handy to have international stars on our screens most nights through summer.

Add in SuperCoach and we’re cheering for that reason, among plenty of others!

The fixture analysis below takes a look at the teams who have the double game weeks and byes throughout the tournament, so it will be vital in setting up your squad.

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If you are new to BBL SuperCoach, a double game week simply means anyone who plays twice will collect points from both matches and therefore make them extremely valuable assets.

Generally I aim for between three to five players from a single team on a DGW depending on the quality of team and depth.

There is no point picking five or six guys from a team who get belted and have three of those guys score next to nothing.

Conversely if you have five guys who can all produce (say two batsmen and two bowlers and a keeper) from a team full of depth then you are going to smash that round!

Sometimes there are two teams on a DGW, so that makes it easier to share the value for that round.

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