Decision Time: Answering the big questions, RD 20

The SC Spy answers the week's big questions plaguing SuperCoaches ahead of grand final weekend.

Decision Time

It is here. The last week of the craziest season in my lifetime! 2020 is coming to an end and there is a lot of the line for anyone in the Top 10 or so in the vverall standings (Tim Williams 2nd!) and for grand finalists in head-to-head contests.

At the end of the day however, you can only make your decisions and then see how it plays out.

Once your side is set you have absolutely no control over what is going to happen, so try not to stress too much and simply enjoy being part of the excitement. Ride the highs and pray for minimal lows (because they will happen).

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It is an interesting situation for lots of us as trades may have run out. With that being the case, you can only select the best 17 from the players available.

Lists were brutal but could have been worse. Lots of us will be short on players so don’t panic.

There also may be late changes but that’s not a guarantee. Teams may well line up as named but early showers are obviously a high chance.

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Making the most of a bad situation

If like a lot of us you end up short on players this week, there is one advantage and that is you get a free shot at the VC Loophole.

For example, if you want Tedesco to be your captain you could put the VC on him and if he kills it you simply put the captain on a guy that won’t play (SJ or Turbo for example).

If he doesn’t go well, you can then choose another captain and get a second shot at it with no risk involved.

Alternatively, with some of the better skipper choices playing earlier in the week and risks around the Penrith match (restings and minutes), perhaps you put the VC on someone playing in the first game and then make a call on skipper if required after that.

The advantage for teams with only 17 or less this week is that teams with depth can’t do the VC loophole as easily because they will have more chance of a dud auto-emergency.

So there is the upside if you are running short, but if you do have depth, trust me you are still better off!

Who to bring in?

More than ever this week the decision on who to bring in will depend on circumstances.

For head-to-head contests you really need to see what your opponent is doing and make decisions accordingly.

Saving a trade until later in the weekend could also come in handy, but not at the expense of missing out on a stud like Ponga or Tedesco.

For those of us like myself who have no grand final this week (after narrowly losing to the man himself Tim Williams last weekend) and aren’t super high up in overall, than why not have a bit of fun?

It’s a rare time of year where the pressure is off, so maybe take a flyer on someone you like or mix it up a bit.

At the end of the day it’s one last free shot because the pressure mounts again for Round 1 – 2021!

Finally, don’t be afraid to throw in a risky player who has potential to win you a title on their day. Better to have a real crack than go safe and lose anyway!

Below I have outlined a couple of guys who may be a point of difference if you are in need of a POD to win a head-to-head grand final.

Some of them are not without risk, but it may be what it takes to overcome a deficit come Saturday night or Sunday arvo.

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In order of when they play

Bradman Best and Edrick Lee

Both are great options if you need a point of difference. I’d go Best if you can because his work rate will be much better you would expect.

Daine Laurie

He’s fullback for Penrith and basement price. A nice flyer if you have no cash but need another decent number in your side. Available at front-row and fullback!

Kurt Capewell

If he can get big minutes he could score very well and is cheap after returning from injury.

Clint Gutherson

If you brought in Tommy Turbo last weekend like I did you could go worse than bringing in Gutho against a flakey Tigers defence at Bankwest.

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Kodi Nikorima

Manly have struggled of late and Kodi has the potential for a blinder any week. There’s some risk he goes low, but if you need a Sunday flyer to try and take the trophy you could give him a look and see if the fantasy Gods are on your side!

Brandon Smith

He’s starting for Melbourne and is a serious play as a POD in the last game of the season. If you do get him you just need to hope for 70-80 minutes…

Good luck to everyone and enjoy the last weekend of regular season footy before NRL finals next week!

Thanks for reading and be assured I’m coming after Tim Williams in 2021! Any feedback always welcome regarding topics or really anything you like.

Cheers, Spy.

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