Final Word: Key trade + tactical advice Rd 19

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos has the final say on the major Round 19 plays, including trades and captaincy options.

Final Word

Round 19…… the penultimate round of NRL Supercoach for season 2020! 

If you are still alive in your head-to-head leagues at this point of time you are obviously a huge chance of making the grand final and playing for the money or more importantly the glory. 

At this point in time every decision counts. 

Timmy Williams (founder SC Playbook) had a solid round and moved into 7th place and although he’s over 200 behind the leader I think he’s still a chance of winning the 2020 NRL SuperCoach title with his side the Cooma Stallions. 

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As predicted, some of the top NRL teams positioned in the Top 4 are resting players for Round 19.  

In Round 20 I expect similar but with the teams in 5th-8th position as it shapes as a key opportunity for coaches to rest their players before trying to make a run at a premiership. 

Unlike other years depth across all positions is important for SuperCoach this year and the teams who have run with skinny rosters are hitting struggle street. 

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If you have trades, it’s left more than likely you will need them for the troublesome FRF position. 

With Payne Haas out this week and possibly next as well the scarcity of decent reliable FRF options has been laid bare. 

Obviously you must consider Dave Klemmer who has been so consistent all season, but it appears the Knights coaching staff are managing his minutes for the finals. 

Consider Daniel Saifiti as a good option. He has just returned from injury and was pumping out some good scores at the start of the year. 

You could also consider Junior Paulo, however his minutes have been managed at times throughout the season as well so do so with caution. 

If you could guarantee me that AFB was fit he’d certainly be the best option, but it’s hard to see it with the way he limped off last week. 

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Another conundrum for SuperCoaches is what to do in the fullback position? 

Most SuperCoaches will have Ponga and Teddy, but looming large is Turbo who returns this week from a long lay off from injury. 

What sticks in my mind is the performance he delivered in Round 3 last year against the Warriors. 

After a long lay off with injury, including the latter part of 2018, I believe he came straight back in and put on a clinic against the 2019 Warriors. His SuperCoach score was 152. 

Anything close to that probably means he’s a must-have, however with trades running low and gaps to fill in teams all over the place it might be seen as more of a luxury trade than a necessity. 

In the back of my mind I can’t help but think the person who can play Turbo this week and still have Teddy in the team next week could win it all. 

It looks tough to do. Also seriously consider Campbell Graham and Joey Manu as legit CTW options for the next two weeks. 

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Matchups are important in SuperCoach. Here’s a few matchups to consider for this weekend’s games. 

Cody Walker, Campbell Graham, Damian Cook, Cameron Murray v Bulldogs. 

Souths looked like they were going to breeze past the Tigers last week and then the momentum shifted and in the end they were lucky to hang on for the win. 

It probably identified the flaw they have and why they can’t win the comp. 

The Bulldogs however are the worst team in the comp which is saying something when you have the Broncos as bad as they are this year. 

The Bulldogs might put up some resistance at some stage throughout the match, but if South Sydney are serious about being contenders they can and will put a score on them. 

Expect the names above to be front and centre in the action and posting big SuperCoach scores. 

Mitch Moses, Ryan Matterson, Eels outside backs v Broncos

For those masochists who have suffered through the Eels back’s performances of late, this could be the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Surely the likes of Moses, Sivo, Gutho and Fergo stand up and put on a score against a hapless Broncos side. The Eels miss Dylan Brown badly!

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Joey Manu v Sharks 

The Sharks have limped into the Top 8 on the back of a sweetheart draw and a combination of some really bad teams this year and circumstances working against teams like the Warriors. 

Even without Teddy the Roosters will be primed to assert their dominance. Expect Joey Manu to be in the thick of it!

Cam Smith and Cam Munster v Tigers

The last few weeks is who the Tigers are. A team that can score 24+ points per game on a regular basis, but will still get beaten more often than not. 

The Melbourne Storm will be motivated to tighten up their defence after it looked a bit loose v Cowboys last weekend. Expecting a big one from the two marquee players.

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This might be the widest field in terms of captain choices we’ve had for a number of weeks. 

The obvious favourite choice will be Nathan Cleary, however there is some late mail around that he or Jarome Luai will be rested for the game against the Cowboys in preparation for the finals. 

If you are going to bring in Tom Trbojevic it makes sense that you would go all in and captain him in my opinion. That’s probably the way I’ll go. 

Either Cam Munster or Cam Smith both loom as strong options also. Good luck! 

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Here’s my bold predictions and multi bet for the weekend. 

1. Cam Murray = 110+ SC points 

2. Jai Field = 90+ SC points 

3. Turbo = 130+ SC points 

4. Multi-bet = Knights win/Souths -17.5/Parra -18.5/Manly Win/Roosters 13+ = Price – $11 (Ladbrokes) 

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