Draft Breakdown: Attack v defence, run home targets

We take a look at the best options to grab from the wires, and the teams to target in Draft finals.

Draft Breakdown

If you are reading this, I’m guessing you are still alive and well in your Draft finals – congratulations.

Depending on your finals layout you could be scrambling for a win this week or you could be lucky enough to be enjoying a week off.

As we head into the final three games of the season I thought I’d touch on a few teams you should be targeting for waiver-wires, especially in the backs.

The below table outlines the best attacking teams with some of the easiest opposition over the next three rounds.

The table highlights how many tries these teams have scored over the last four rounds and also highlights how many tries their opposition have conceded over the last four rounds.

TEAM Tries scored in the last 4 rounds R18 opponent (tries conceded in the last 4 rounds) R19 opponent R20 opponent
Storm 14 Cowboys (16) Tigers (22) Dragons (13)
Souths 23 Tigers (22) Bulldogs (19) Roosters
Sea Eagles 14 Bulldogs (19) Titans (15) Warriors
Penrith 17 Eels Cowboys (16) Bulldogs (19)
Eels 7 Penrith Broncos (24) Tigers (22)
Raiders 19 Dragons (13) Warriors Sharks (14)
Titans 12 Broncos (24) Sea Eagles(26) Knights
Knights 15 Roosters Dragons Titans
Warriors 15 Sharks (14) Raiders Sea Eagles(26)
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Any Panthers starting player

The Panthers can score tries from anywhere and have one of the softest runs coming up.

As mentioned last week, all starting players are probably taken but jump over any late inclusions.

Despite what Ivan Cleary said about not resting players, he may change his tune given he rested Mansour earlier during the year.

The Storm left side attack

The Storm have started to really target their left using Munster, Lil Papi, Olam, Fox and even Kenny Bromwich in their left side plays.

Olam and Kenny might still be available in some leagues.

I would even look to bring in Lumelume with their draw.

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Morgan Harper (CTW)

Harper saw a lot of ball last weekend with DCE targeting him all game with some lovely balls.

He is a strong runner and could easily get over the tryline in every game to finish the season, especially with Manly putting more effort into their attack than their defence.

Sam Stone (FRF/2RF)

Sam Stone is a back-rower playing big minutes for the Titans and has a high work rate.

Until Proctor returns next week he can comfortably be played for a score over 50 points.

Ray Stone (2RF)

If Mahoney isn’t healthy, Stone will play hooker this weekend.

Depending on the Eels bench makeup he could get 50 points in tackles.

Edrick Lee (CTW)

After the Knights play the Roosters this week they have a soft draw to finish and having the left winger for Newcastle could be a handy addition to any Draft side.

Before he got injured he was averaging 50PPG.

Steven Marsters (CTW)

If he continues to make the Souths side he is worth playing with Souths matchups.

He is a big body that looks really confident in attack and has a handy offload.

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Chanel Harris-Tavita (HFB/5-8)

CHT continues to impress.

Whilst he won’t always get the two tries he scored against the Eels, he is playing both sides of the field and it’s always handy to have a goal-kicking half.

He is really starting to build his confidence and take the line on.

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