Decision Time: Answering the big questions, RD 17

The SC Spy answers the week's big questions plaguing SuperCoaches ahead of Round 17.

Decision Time


It’s finals time in head-to-head. So get the squad in for a chat and fire up the boys because it’s getting into win or Mad Monday territory, and how much better is Mad Monday after a grand final victory or by taking out the Overall prize (looking at you Tim Williams!).

Tim is into 10th and the excitement is real. But four weeks is a long time and lots can happen.

It’s a week-by-week game at the top and a balancing act of whether to target PODs and whether or not to anti-Pod someone.

There is also the decision of who to skipper, and even the tough choice of who to actually play in your 17 now that squads are strong.

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A quick one on that, if in doubt always choose the guy who plays earlier in the weekend in case of late outs on a Sunday that may leave you reeling.

Personally, my semi form resurgence has somewhat continued with a score of 1,332 to get me into the top 9% overall (no thanks to Sivo who now owes me at least 140 to get an invite to the next pub sesh).

I’m still a long way off where I would normally be but I accept that it’s been a tough year, so it will be nice to try and scramble home well!

I VC’d Teddy on Friday which worked out well as I could loop him, but I did have to bench Jarome Luia as a non-player which cost me 50 points in the end.

As a result I wasn’t as happy as I could have been and it was a nervous Sunday as any late withdrawals would have meant my auto-emergency (AE) was already used and I would have copped a big fat 0.

Something to consider there depending how your team is set up, when you are using your AE and when your guys play.

Ideally use your AE as late as possible and have a back up skipper ready.

Let’s dive into a couple of key matters this week.

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Isaah Yeo – Hold or sell?

I personally can see the benefit of possible selling him if you need to make a move.

He is well valued, so you can get a stud in return or a gun like Brian To’o and make a bunch of cash.

The risk of course is that Yeo comes back next week and has a huge last three weeks, but I’m personally banking on him seeing some slightly limited minutes after a big season to freshen up for finals.

With Kurt Capewell back in action they’ll need to find him some additional action before it gets to the crunch time.

Adding in that Penrith have a soft run home (outside of Parramatta pending how they turn up), and I can see Yeo knocking out some solid but potentially not huge scores.

It will be a nervous watch as to how long he stays on the field and any possible tries he may jag, but if you want to take the punt with me than welcome aboard! 

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Can Cam Smith wait?

He has a massive breakeven, but at this stage of the year you need to consider if it matters that much.

Of course any price drop is nice, but with limited trades and sides pretty well set I have no objection to getting him in this week if needed and locking him in for the run home.

On the flip, if you can cover him okay then waiting a week may net you an extra $60k+ which could be beneficial.

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Follow the form

The form of teams is huge at this time of year. Some will have half an eye on end of season beers and family time, whilst others will be fine tuning things and looking to peak as finals near.

Some of the lower placed sides likes Brisbane, Cowboys and the like are the ones to target with guys from teams who play them, whilst teams like the Chooks could well be getting back to peak form quickly, so I like the idea of owning guys from their team.

The fight for the top 4 and top 8 is also massive. Canberra and The Chooks for example are right on the edge and will be desperate for a top 4 finish.

This means you can play guys in their teams safely while this is the case. If you are Penrith however, whilst their form is hot be wary of guys getting rested.

And the same goes for multiple teams the last two weeks whenever final’s positions may be set.

With regard to resting anyone who has recently had a few weeks off or an extended break (Smith, Munster, Haas, To’o etc.), they should be safe from that so that enhances their appeal.

I am going to jump on tomorrow and answer any questions from subscribers only via a mini podcast, so hit me up with anything you may have and as usual shoot through any questions to me on social media and I’ll do my absolute best to get to them.

Cheers all!

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