Draft Breakdown: Rd 16 waiver-wire, trade targets

We take a look at the best options to grab from the wires, and look at players to target in a trade with rivals.

Draft Breakdown

We got a few good hits from last week with Mansour and Hutcho going huge and Welch even better than predicted.

Welch will continue to see good minutes with Finucane and Brandon Smith out for the rest of the SuperCoach season.

Sandor Earl didn’t see any opportunities, but it was always going to be tough without Hughes.  He still should be picked up and played this week against the Bulldogs if Hughes returns.

Lafai now looks like a liability after being hooked for his poor defence on the weekend and can’t be played if the Bulldogs run with a back on the bench.

The increased scrutiny on crusher tackles could really play havoc for the business end of the Draft season, but where there is disaster for some, there is opportunity for others on the waiver-wire.

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Mason Lino (HFB/5-8)

Mason Lino has been named to cover Blake Green’s season-ending injury.

He will likely take over goal-kicking and is a great option SuperCoach wise.

The main reason why you want Green’s replacement is because the Knights play the Warriors, Sharks, Roosters, Dragons and Titans in their final five games.

Mitch Kenny (HOK)

Api Koroisau is out short-term and Kenny has been named to start in his place and is a good short-term play.

Kenny could carve up the Tigers middle this week and should see big minutes.

Api missed one game in Round 11 and Kenny played 80 minutes scoring 66 points, with 56 points coming from base stats.

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Francis Molo (FRF)

Taumalolo has been ruled out for four rounds and potentially the season.

In the one game Lolo missed in Round 4, Molo played 53 minutes, his highest minutes for the entire season.

Molo can be an explosive forward and will be forced to play decent minutes to cover Lolo.

Hymel Hunt (CTW)

Ponga seems determined to put a lot more time into his right-hand side attack.

He is consistently looking for the cut-out pass to Hunt on the right, even if some of the passes are shocking.

By shear volume alone and the fact Ponga will only get better, Hunt is worth playing with the Knights upcoming draw.

He is also averaging 30BPG and won’t be a disaster without a try.

Jarrod Wallace (FRF)

Wallace returned to some form last weekend playing 47 minutes, the longest he has played since the COVID-19 break.

Arrow is still injured and Fotuaika is suspended so they will need some minutes in the middle and Wallace should be the forward to pick up the slack.

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Josh McGuire (FRF/2RF)

As with Molo, Taumalolo being out will have a huge impact on McGuire.

In the one game Lolo missed in Round 4, McGuire played 76 minutes, with 77 points and 71 points in base stats. This is ten minutes and ten points above his average for the season.

He will be required to play those big minutes with Lolo out.

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Reed Mahoney (HOK)

Mahoney played 54 minutes against the Storm last week.

Brad Arthur said he is keen to rest Mahoney and give Ray Stone minutes whenever he can.

With the Eels soft run home, Mahoney could spend a lot more time on the bench and could be disastrous for Draft finals

Latrell Mitchell (CTW/FLB)

Latrell had a huge game against Manly scoring 141 points. Of those 141 points there was only 14 points in base stats.

Latrell plays the Eels, Storm, Tigers, Bulldogs and Roosters.

He is a vice captain and captain option for the Tigers and Bulldogs matchups.

In the other games he is a real risk of going under 20 points if he doesn’t get an attacking stat.

Liam Martin (2RF)

Martin has been on fire recently with a 3RA of 72 and 5RA of 64.

Unfortunately, Capewell is due back in round 17.

Capewell was the preferred starting back-rower at the start of the season and performed great in the limited games he played.

Martin may have done enough to secure the starting spot over Capewell, but he still shares minutes him.


MPG = Minutes per game

PPG = Points per game

PPM= Points per minute

BPG = Base per game (point accrued in tackles + runs + missed tackles)

POD = Point of difference

3RA = Three round average

5RA = Five round average

BREAKEVEN (B/E) = The score a player must record to earn a price rise.

*Please note all our stats are taken from the geniuses at nrlsupercoachstats.com

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