Croker’s call: Stockmen fire up for the run home

Canberra Raiders captain Jarrod Croker reveals his trades and tactics for Round 15.

Croker's Call

I’m not one to make excuses, but it’s been a grim past month or so.

Last week I managed an okay score of 1,153 yet saw another rank drop to 24,328.

Adding to my injury toll were Luke Keary who scored 11 and Mitch Aubusson who produced 24, with both leaving the field early in the game. Fortunately Luke is okay after a health scare after the game.

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To rub further salt into the wounds, I lost my clash and find myself out of the top eight in the SC Playbook league, so I need a win.

I’m coming up against the SC Spy, so hopefully I can get the two points on the board.

We got a big win in the main game against the Broncos, so things weren’t all gloom and doom.

This week I’ll be hoping for the double victory.

Onto my trades for Round 15.

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Yep, I still have Best in my team. With the injuries hitting I haven’t had a chance to get rid of him, and with even more this week I have to hold Keary and Aubusson.

In comes young To’a up at the Knights who has been in decent form since getting a start on the left wing.

Newcastle are coming into some form with players returning, although Daniel Saifiti is a big loss to the forward stocks this week.

Hopefully they continue their rise and To’a is the beneficiary with a few tries.

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Katoa’s suspension is another dagger for me, I really could have used that extra number this week. But it’s onwards and upwards and we’ll deal with the damage the best we can.

It allows me to upgrade to McInnes who has flourished in his new role at lock for the Dragons. In saying that, the bad games are very few and far between for McInnes who would play a strong game whereever you put him on the field.

He has one of the biggest work ethics in the competition and it obviously appears to translate to huge scores in SuperCoach.

Welcome aboard Cam!

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I went with Ponga last week and he delivered with 89 points.

I’m going to back it up this week and see if he can replicate it, perhaps with a try or two added, in the game with the Cowboys.

My vice-captain will be Damien Cook who is on a lean run of scoring but is due to come good.

Manly’s injury list is starting to take a huge toll on them. They’ve delivered against the odds with a big list of casualties the past two seasons, but it may finally be getting the better of them.

Hopefully Cooky can exploit some tiring middles and make up for his low run of scores.

Good luck to everyone in Round 15!

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