Decision Time: Answering the big questions, RD 15

The SC Spy answers the week's big questions plaguing SuperCoaches ahead of Round 15.

Decision Time

G’day folks,

We are really getting to the crunch time now.

It’s two weeks until head-to-head finals and six weeks for overall players as the chase for number 1 hots up!

Don’t be making any unnecessary trades from now. Trades really should be either nuffing out to free up cash or locking in guys you see as keepers for the rest of the year!

This is with the exception of short term plays for teams with a good run if you have that luxury.

As usual I’m here to do my best to unravel the biggest issues of the week and there is never a shortage of those.

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Payne Haas – Sell or hold?

Let’s start in the front-row and the big question of whether or not to sell Payne Haas who is suspended for two weeks.

Please note that I will generally answer questions with a lean towards overall competitors, but it can easily be related to head-to-head leagues.

The difference is in head-to-head that some will have already locked away a top four spot in which case you can easily hold Haas as you won’t need to win for the next two weeks, or if you are fighting for a top four or top eight berth you may be forced to make a move if you don’t have cover.

For overall though you need to ask yourself the following questions as there is no wrong answer and each squad will be different.

1. Do you want him back? Haas is slated to return for the last four weeks and could be a monster and is so safe for scoring in the front-row.

It will be difficult not to own him so do you use two trades to sell him then get him back or do you maybe sell and hope he doesn’t explode over the last month of the competition? If trades don’t allow much like myself, you may be forced to hold if you can.

2. How many trades do you have left in relation to players you still want? For me personally I’ll have six trades left after I use my two for this week and still two or three guys who I deem near must-haves and I will be bringing in from next week or whenever it is they return (Ryan Matterson, Angus Crichton and Cam Smith).

So that leaves three trades and I want to keep a few up the sleeve if possible. So for me that leans me towards a hold of Haas.

3. Can you cover Haas in both the starting side and on the bench? Again, for me personally, I already own Klemmer and Carrigan who will start for me and my 4th bench option is looking like it will be Joliffe or To’a from Newcastle.

I can probably expect 40-70PPG average over the next two weeks while Haas is out. So basically for me I could bring in someone like Paulo or Papalli who may only average 60PPG so it’s not worth it and I’d rather hold Haas.

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For those of you though who are able to use a dual position player and trade Haas to a gun back-rower or backline player then it becomes far more enticing. Teams with Carrigan currently in their second-row have this luxury.

David Fifita for example would be a ripper play to see how he goes over the next two weeks with Haas out. Or someone like Johnny Bateman.

As you can see, it is up to the individual to determine, but this is hopefully a decent formula to help make the decision.

Ill finish this question with a statement – If you’re up high in the ranks throw the kitchen sink at it and do what you need to do to chase extra points. It’ll be different for everybody but feel free to be bold!

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We discussed on the podcast the anti-POD option. That means selling highly owned players who you hope may not score as well moving forward and therefore gaining an advantage over anyone that keeps that player. You don’t have to do it, but it’s a way to chase points if you need too.


Shaun Johnson

SJ has a mixed run coming up and is carrying a groin niggle. He could be one to depart with and hope his scores regress a little. If you are doing it then it needs to be before the Penrith match on Friday. He is my number one anti-POD option given how easy the Sharks run has been.

Zac Lomax

This would be very risky because Saints have a mint run over the next three games and Lomax is playing some amazing footy.

The reason he is on here is because he is an outside back so points aren’t guaranteed and also he has a minor knee issue so perhaps that could lead to something if you take the punt?

David Nofoaluma

Again, a risky move but it takes risks to win titles! West Tigers have a tough two weeks coming up, followed by two middle range games and two very tough ones to finish. He will still be very good I’m sure, but will he drop back a bit? Time will tell and he is another option on the list to consider.

Pat Carrigan

Wait until you see his minutes this week as it could be near 80 with all of Brisbane’s injuries.

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Jason Taumalolo

I don’t like the idea of selling him unless his minutes appear to be dropping off as the season comes to an end.

Keep an eye on that as this advice could change in a hurry! The only other way I would sell him is if it is for Angus Crichton upon return and you can’t get him any other way.

James Tedesco

Teddyplays Brisbane next week. It feels very silly to do it before then! Either way, I see him as a hold. He can’t be quiet for too long and looked sharp again last week for mine! No Keary may hurt a little. Watch this space but I see tons coming again soon!

Isaah Yeo

Hold. Such a lock in your centres and it would be losing points to try and find someone better.

Kalyn Ponga

Newcastle’s run is a dream and Ponga is set to dominate! Blake Green in at halfback and Kurt Mann at hooker has given him the space and the positioning he needs to be at his absolute best.

Just get left more Kalyn! Expect multiple tons and perhaps the 200 point SuperCoach barrier is in danger if he can really get going.

Nathan Cleary

Similar to Ponga, Cleary has an amazing run, gets a thousand touches per game and will be the best halfback by miles.

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I will note that another way to chase points is to take some risks on your captain. This will vary week-to-week and you need to take calculated risks here and only take guys with huge upside that can go 130+. Always target weaker opposition and day games where possible.

That really covers the main couple of points for this week. Good luck for those of you in head-to-head leagues, overall players and to SC Playbook main man Tim Williams who is sitting 32nd overall and appears to be blowing my top finish of 140th out of the water after I threw down the challenge earlier in the season!!

Well done and keep going. Who knows what might happen?!

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