Weekly Wrap: Round 13 highs, lows and shocks

Check out our Round 13 SuperCoach wrap, with Kalyn Ponga's masterclass lighting up the weekend's action.

Weekly Wrap

There is a stench of wet grass wafting over Sydney today as most players would still be getting grass and mud off them in a weekend that saw more millimetres of rain than SuperCoach points for some.

It was only a few weeks ago everyone seemed to be breaking the 1300/1400 barrier with ease.

Those were the days of Tedesco going huge and Cook scoring doubles. Oh how long ago that seems…

Now I cringe to look at the live scores because I don’t want to see how bad it is.

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Dragons v Roosters

It was another Thursday night Teddy horror show.

I say horror show because when a captain bombs on a Thursday night it makes for an awful weekend.

Luke Keary dummying to him in the 76th minute to score himself summed up the night.

Keary calls the shots well but didn’t quite link with Teddy as effectively as they have previously.

If you bought him at $960k a few weeks ago please don’t message me with your thoughts on shares.

Thankfully Zac Lomax grew a leg and bounced back from last weekend’s poor effort.

He carved up the Chooks left edge scoring two tries and finishing the night with 103. He was ably supported by Cam McInnes who went 99 with 55 tackles. Sio Siua Taukeiaho played the entire 80 minutes and kicked goals!

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Sea Eagles v Warriors

Jazz Tevaga you star. I had tossed up whether to actually trade him in or go with a POD option but at $520K he was too cheap to go past. He is an absolute animal!

He would have made 8 runs in the first 15 minutes. And in a wet night he still looked to offload the ball in 50 minutes of game time.

Everyone had written the Warriors off a few weeks back but now look like they are playing with a bit of purpose.

They’re a danger team for sides playing them in the run home.

For the Manly boys DCE was again huge in a well beaten side.

He got panned a few weeks ago after the Dragons debacle but has been arguably as good as Cleary in the 7 jumper since.

Both Him and Jake T are the heart of Manly and just need to keep in touching distance of the 8 until Turbo returns.

AFB owners will be keen for lockout to be over as it appears he could be out for a couple weeks.

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Rabbitohs v Broncos

There’s revolving doors in the Broncos back-row as David Fifita returned with a bang scoring a try, only for Tevita Pangai Jnr to head for a haircut and get caught up by NSW police in a bikie sting. No, we’re not making this up!

He wasn’t involved in any legal wrong doing, but breaching the NRL bubble will cost him a few weeks in a blow for owners.

Pat Carrigan had reduced minutes the other night with the forward pack back on deck, finishing with 43, but now TPJ is out he may be worth a hold if you can.

Fifita was good in a losing side and will only get better with match fitness. But is it risky to have too many Broncos players in your side? It’s not working real well for Anthony Seibold.

Cook was again frustratingly quiet. Ever since his 138 against Newcastle a few weeks back he’s failed to crack 55.

It’s tough being an owner of both him and Murray knowing how good they both can be. I’ll be looking to maybe move Murray on which might make-or-break my season.

Storm v Bulldogs

Saturday afternoon at the Sunshine Coast may have been the only dry place in Australia!

For Munster owners – i.e. most of you reading this who will be looking at the trade button come Monday afternoon unfortunately as he went down with a knee injury.

Depending on severity he may be a hold like last time as he came back early, but that remains to be seen.

Brandon Smith was good but there appears to be better scoring options than him out there. He did play 67 minutes which was promising, but he ran just three times in that period.

Knights v Tigers

Kalyn Ponga take a bow! With a season high of 172 he absolutely tore the Tigers to shreds.

Your overall score was pretty much defined by either owning Ponga or not. I was in the latter which hurts.

With so many injuries last weekend to worry about I neglected the fact he was taking on the Tigers who had mass changes to their side and generally don’t like to tackle.

Well done to anyone who brought him in for this matchup.

With games against Manly and the Cowboys in the coming weeks just get him in at any cost.

Kurt Mann’s shift to hooker didn’t change much scoring wise as his tackles increased which cancelled out his reduced running.

Forget what the so called ‘experts’ are saying on the SC Playbook podcast about Nofoaluma – I’m looking at you Spy!

Despite the Tigers getting smacked by 40, he still managed 58 largely in base stats with 21 runs and 8 tackle breaks to his name.

Luciano Leilua scored the Tigers only try to keep giving owners a reason to stick solid with him.

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Panthers v Raiders

The Panthers are the gift that keep on giving this year for SuperCoach!

Yeo, Koroisau, Luai, Kikau, Mansour, Crichton and of course Cleary all continue to score well week in, week out.

They are a serious side that just keep showing up each week, they are the real deal.

Nathan Cleary has seven more games left and I have no doubt he will ton up in four of those games.

I’m putting my unpaid internship at SC Playbook on the line here.

It was good to have another look at John Bateman who went okay for his 56.

With a drop in price he is a nice POD for the remaining few weeks, although the 2RF area is getting a little crowded.

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Titans v Cowboys

I, like I assume the general public, didn’t give this game too much thought on a wet and miserable Sunday afternoon in NSW and might have found something better on Netflix to watch.

The only real watch was on The Hammer with a host of SuperCoaches forced to play him this weekend due to injuries.

He set up one try and finished with a respectable 39. AJ Brimson’s 112 was scintillating as he returned from a back injury.

He is only $359K and is available at fullback and five eighth, similar to what I tell the reserve grade coach when asked to pull on the boots on a snowy winter’s day in Cooma.

Sharks v Eels

This game was never going to be high-scoring for SuperCoaches due to the absolute deluge that Sydney copped over the weekend.

I’m guessing there weren’t many hands go up to take the jerseys home to be washed this week.

If it wasn’t for Dylan Brown who went huge with 119, only one player would have broken 70.

Shaun Johnson was solid again setting up a couple of tries. If I was an owner I wouldn’t be too concerned about scores here from the likes of Gutho, Sivo, Moses or Katoa.

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