Weekly Wrap: Round 12 highs, lows and shocks

Check out our Round 12 wrap, with Nathan Cleary starring and the captaincy options thrown wide open once again.

Weekly Wrap

Well Round 12 is in the books and it was another underwhelming round from some of our supposed ‘guns’.

I was expecting Teddy to go full David Warner and beat up on a lowly ranked team at the SCG, however he misfired.

80 is still okay, but when you are known for 160+ it’s somewhat of a failure.

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Players like Munster, Cook, McInnes and Ponga all scored okay but not to the lofty heights we need, whilst the less said about Maika Sivo the better.  

After making a couple of what I thought were astute trades for the round, I was left with Matterson stuck in my side.

Even though I knew he was a 50-50 chance, I forgot to make him a reserve.

It just goes to show no matter how organised you think you are there will always be some sort of issue come game day!

Thankfully Jake Averillo came in and did a job for me. Those DPP are gold!

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Dragons v Rabbitohs

There was no better way to kick off Indigenous round than to watch Cody Walker and Alex Johnston go large!

The pair were sensational finishing with 113 and 133 respectively. Walker could be a serious POD if he can continue this form – he seems to play a lot better when it’s his show to run.

As a footy fan it was great viewing. As an owner of four players in this matchup that failed to break 60 it set up for a pretty dismal week.

McInnes was everyone’s set and forget but he needs to be at hooker. He’s definitely not a sell but he’ll need to aim up if he wants to hold his spot in my side.

Matt Dufty was unlucky not to be the star here as he ran riot in the first 20 minutes setting up two and scoring one himself.

Unfortunately he did all his good work with Euan Aitken and not Lomax who was quiet for the first time in six weeks.

The Dragons have a tough run coming up so he may be worth cashing in if you have that luxury.  

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Tigers v Warriors

The Warriors back-rowers are having a points party and I want in! Katoa, Tevaga and Harris all went 82+.

Any question marks of Tevaga have now been answered. Although only playing 53 minutes, he still managed a massive 84 whilst Harris and Katoa keep going from strength to strength.

Tevaga is listed as a HOK/2RF so is a near straight swap for the injured Cam Smith.

Harris seems to have taken it upon himself to tackle anything that moves. If he was at any other team than the Warriors, ownership would be through the roof.

For the Tigers it was the same old promise the world but never deliver. Leilua and Nofoaluma were good with early attacking stats but failed to go on with it.

Grant played 80 minutes but was kept relatively quiet for his 57, whilst I could actually hear the Spy scream with joy from his lounge room when Talau went over in the 74th minute.

I was keen on Alex Twal for the run home, but he picked up a sternum injury and only managed 50 odd minutes. He may need a couple of weeks to pick up some match fitness.

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Broncos v Sharks

‘Quickly checks Wallet to see if I can afford Kotoni Staggs’…

He has sparked the Broncos in his return over the last couple of weeks. They haven’t exactly set the world on fire, nor have they won a game, but he is making a huge difference in both attack and defence.

He scored two tries and now has the kicking duties and is a player with a very very high ceiling and could win you those close head-to-head battles.

He’ll be my first trade in this week. TPJ was also good, breaking tackles all night. I have still got my doubts on him though as he seems to have more carry over points than yearly SuperCoach points.

SJ rewarded any new bandwagon jumpers with a nice 70 setting up a couple of tries, and Katoa went over for another try, showing he can be pretty consistent and a great option for a same game multi.

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Roosters v Titans

What do I say about Teddy here?! Whilst 80 isn’t so bad for a captain, we were again left wanting for more.

I couldn’t work out if the Roosters have lost a bit of an edge or if the Titans were good.

Ever since their thumping of the Cowboys they have just scrapped out two wins in three games.

If it wasn’t for Joey Manu they could be looking down the barrel of three consecutive losses.

Nonetheless, I can’t see the point of selling Teddy this late in the year as a POD/huge cash in play. You can’t win SuperCoach or head-to-head battles without him.

And what about Mr Reliable Mitch Aubusson! I shook my head at those who traded him in a few weeks back, but wow hasn’t he delivered.

It’s a risky play to put him in your 17, he does have a 12-18 in him and that may not be far away.

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Cowboys v Raiders

Ahh my prayers were answered when I asked for some attacking stats from Taumalolo!

He barged over for his second try of the year and banged out a massive 109 points.

It’s somewhat bittersweet when a player of his ownership goes big. Nonetheless it was nice to see and let’s hope that trend continues.

The return of John Bateman was a big watch for many and he showed he has not slowed down since his two shoulder ops. He set a try up to finish with 88 and played the entire 80 minutes. A massive POD option if he can stay injury free.

Sea Eagles v Panthers

There is something sinister about watching your own side get put to the sword by a player in your SuperCoach side.

It was tough viewing watching Nathan Cleary carve up my beloved Eagles but the points he racked up took the sting out of the loss.

He is undoubtedly the form half of the competition and showed his class on Saturday night.

This is a Panthers side that can go all the way and he is in for some big scores for the remainder of the year.

Api Koroisau was huge in his comeback match scoring a try and is an option to trade to from Smith with the Panthers dream run.

Unfortunately for those cash chasers, Staines hurt his hamstring scoring his second try of the night and may miss a few weeks and more importantly we will have to wait for that all important third game.

For the poor Eagles DCE was huge again setting up two tries. He has led from the front these past few weeks and, whilst always has had that SuperCoach irrelevancy about him, with Turbo still a few weeks away, he could be in for some massive scores.

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Bulldogs v Eels

Gee those poor Bulldogs sure know how to lose a game! Aiden Tolman taking a quick tap is bad enough. When it’s 10m out in front and you are behind by two points it’s a cardinal sin!

The Dogs were brave, but brave doesn’t get you competition points. RFM continues to score tries for fun and Averillo is holding his own for any owners but that’s about where it ends for the Dogs SuperCoach wise.

For the Eels though Mitch Moses was good again for a player costing $400k. I nearly traded him in for Luai this week but then that would have gone against my ‘No Mitch Moses’ policy I have adhered to since day one.

Clint Gutherson is a near must in the FLB position, even without the goal-kicking duties he gets through a mountain of work and always seems to find the line.

He’s costly but worth every cent. Now Mr Maiko Sivo, I know you don’t read these articles but hello?? Any thought of getting in and looking for the ball?

He reminded me of a young Nick Moon out on the wing not doing any of the hard work and taking up too much strapping tape.

The Spy touched on it during the week on the podcast and said he could go huge, but he also has that low game in him.

Well Spy, lesson learnt! He’s a sell and I wouldn’t be going near him for the remainder of the year.

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Storm v Knights

Well after years of carrying all us SuperCoaches, Cam Smith’s shoulders have finally given out. He has picked up an AC joint injury and looks to miss 2-4 weeks. He is a sell. No question about it.

As for the rest of the game it was looking like it could be a high scoring affair but all guns in this matchup seemed to flop.

Ryan Papenhuyzen went the length of the field in a scintillating run, but he only still managed 70, whilst Munster seemed to be scheming and plotting but he too only managed 71.

Bradman Best appeared to play most of the second half with a rock in his shoe and he could be out for a few weeks, meaning the Best to Staggs trade looks a no brainer.

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