Weekly Wrap: Round 11 highs, lows and shocks

Check out our Round 11 wrap, with captain Teddy flopping for the huge amount of coaches to give him the armband.

Weekly Wrap

63% of people can’t be wrong can they? That was the number of people who captained Teddy and were left bitterly disappointed as he finished with a season low of 53 against a Warriors side who looked completely different from last weekend.

If they were a racehorse there would be a serious inquiry into their performance. Looking back I would have taken my projected score on Thursday in a heartbeat!

I was some 200 points off, but such was the weekend that was. I was able to finish with 1,207 but after back to back 1480s+ I was feeling a little defeated.

If you’re a head-to-head player like myself, there are only five more rounds before finals so it might be time to start playing matchups instead of overall to get those bragging rights we all desperately seek.

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Eels v Tigers

The weekend got off to a rocky start after Ryan Matterson met with Russell Packer’s arm and was subsequently sent for a HIA only to finish with 8.

It was a brutal game and I wish I brought in the Tiger’s doctor as a POD this weekend as he covered more kilometres and had more touches than anyone on the field.

Harry Grant is putting pressure on Cook and Smith as a keeper for the year with no sign of slowing down as he set up one try up and tackled his way to 83.

RCGs 106 was somewhat inflated with a try that seemed to take five minutes off the clock from start to finish.

He’s a massive POD heading into the business end, but with big minutes he is as good an option as Haas.

Even I can admit there was some spark in Moses as he returned from a few weeks out. He scored a great chip and chase try to finish with 57.

With ownership at 14% and at a bargain basement price of around $400k he is a near must for the run home.

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Cowboys v Sea Eagles 

The return of Addin Fonua-Blake would have sparked a few owners interests as he took off where he left after his two week holiday.

He was enormous alongside Marty Taupau with the pair the only real SuperCoach relevant players in Manly’s side at the moment.

Taumalolo keeps doing Taumalolo things but geez mate an attacking stat wouldn’t go astray! He still finished with 77, up from the last two weeks but has only one try for the year and has seemingly put the offload away.

The Hammer looks a hold if you have him, ticking away making some good coin. I wouldn’t be putting him in any 17s but it’s nice to know he can score tries and has that fullback spot wrapped up.

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Broncos v Storm 

I just checked and Melbourne are paying $5 to win the premiership. That is as good as they’ll be from here on in I think.

They just get better and better with every game with the key players peaking at the right time with Smith, Papenhuyzen and Munster all firing.

Those who went Api to Smith would have been cheering as he pulled the strings for another Melbourne victory to finish with 110, backing up his 136 from last weekend.

Papenhuyzen is also hitting his straps with 110 points, this makes the FLB spot very interesting.

Brisbane weren’t that bad for 40 minutes, however Haas and Carrigan were quiet with the latter possibly on the chopping block for me.

One Bronco in my team is enough, I can’t have too many there stinking up the place. Kotoni Staggs maybe someone to look at as he scored 34 points, mostly base and seems to have taken the goal kicking duties away from Isaako.

This would usually be a good thing but Brisbane need to score tries for him to kick goals and that might be a bridge too far.

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Warriors v Roosters

At 3pm 63% of SuperCoaches tuned in to try and see Tedesco break the 200 mark. Unfortunately that didn’t happen and we all went down in the ship together.

It was tough viewing for all though as the Warriors defended their butts off and contained Tedesco very well as he finished with 53, his lowest score of the year!

Other trade targets for this round bombed with Brett Morris, Ikuvalu and Flanagan all failing to break 30.

And as an owner of RTS let’s all just agree to just forget this game and move on. We have all suffered enough.

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Sharks v Dragons

As the rain tumbled down at Jubilee I don’t think many were expecting this to be a high scoring game.

However with both teams seeming to spend more time worrying about post try celebrations rather than tackling we saw some massive scores that got a lot of SuperCoach teams out of trouble.

Shaun Johnson was again enormous banking 95 points, his 6th week out of the last 7 going 75 or above.

With the Sharks firing it might be worth breaking the bank to get him because he is hurting a lot of teams that don’t have him.

Now hands up who traded out Lomax about 5 weeks ago?! I’m not one of them and have been cheering for the past few weeks!! 123 points with two tries and a bag of goals.

In a year where the CTW position is so hit and miss, he has been firing and is a set and forget.

I shudder to think of anyone trying to get him in now at his price. Katoa was good again for owners. He’s not someone on my radar yet but as the competition’s leading try-scorer, he’s one I hope I don’t come up against in any head-to-head contests.

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Raiders v Rabbitohs 

Another week another injury for the poor Raiders. Canberra hospital may need to open a new wing to accommodate the Raiders ever-growing list.

They were gallant however and the loss of Hodgson hasn’t seen to hurt them too much with Starling and Havili both playing out of their skin.

Josh Papalii has been drinking his Canberra Milk with another huge performance, although it translated only okay to SuperCoach for 63.

For the Bunnies, Damien Cook was quiet after last week’s 138 banging out 53, whilst Cam Murray owners would be a little bit more relieved after he was given more minutes to end with 80 post updates.

He’s a bit like Charles Woolley, doing his best work in 60 minutes so keep an eye on him over the next few weeks.

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Knights v Bulldogs

A wet, scrappy, miserable game played into Canterbury’s hands as they upset the Knights in Newcastle.

Kalyn Ponga was spruiked highly on the podcast for this matchup and in a low scoring game he still managed 66 and is starting to find the form that had him in the top three fullbacks.

His price won’t change much so now is a great time to get him in. Bradman Best went full beast stats mode knocking out 52 with one linebreak his only attacking stat.

Hold onto him for now, there are much bigger problems at hand than to drop Best.

Injuries to McCullough and Watson will hurt the Knights as they both look to be out for the season.

Team lists will be interesting as O’Brien moved Mann there for the game, making 49 tackles to finish with 92. If it’s long term he is my first trade in once lockout is over.

Injuries meant David Klemmer played the entire 80 minutes for a whopping 102 points made up of 49 tackles and 19 runs.

I said a few weeks ago there aren’t too many SuperCoach relevant players for the Dogs, but one to watch it Raymond Faitala-Mariner.

He scored 98, nearly a point for each letter in his name, and is a hefty price for a 2RF but could be a big POD come some head-to-head finals.

Titans v Panthers

We were all hoping for another Cleary special taking on the lowly ranked Titans but in another tough outing for Penrith he was relatively quiet.

He finished with 50 which used to be a good score, but owners were looking for a lot more.

They are a SuperCoach heavy side who rely heavily on attacking stats. Isaah Yeo barged over for his first try of the year to reward patient owners as he finished with 88, his second highest score of the season.

Crichton and Mansour are looking lethal on the left edge with Luai calling the shots. I keep looking to move Luai on but to who? He keeps scoring and making money so there’s no real reason to sack him yet. 

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