Champion PODs: Unique players to find an edge

2019 SuperCoach winner Dez Creek eyes off the best low-ownership options to set you apart from rivals.

Champion PODs

With no bye-planning, and a stack of trades at our disposal, teams will take shape quicker than previous years.

To help you find an edge over rivals, 2019 SuperCoach champion Dez Creek identifies the low-ownership players to target.

Here’s who he’s found for Round 11.

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Euan Aitken ($488,600)

Owned by just 0.6% I wanted to put Aitken on my PODs list a few weeks back when he was even more underpriced – but I needed to make sure that he was back to his tackle busting best before doing so.

With a three round average of 78.3 including two tries and 18 tackle busts I am now fairly assured.

Aitken is a base stat beast at CTW and has been of keeper pedigree in the position not too long ago, so he should be looked at closely by top ranked teams.

Jazz Tevaga ($530,600)

0.1% ownership, 2RF/HOK dual, who was a final 17 player for all top end teams at the end of last year.

Jazz scored an astonishing 72 in 47 minutes last week at 1.5PPM and I can see the minutes continually increasing for him as he gains match fitness.

Whilst Tevaga’s playing style makes him quite prone to injury, he does have the potential to become a keeper in either the 2RF or HKR position this year so is definitely worth trading in if you want to make plays rankings wise.

Ben Hunt ($425,500)

Owned by just 2%, Hunt is considerably underpriced for a halfback who looks set to be playing 80 minutes at hooker each week for the Dragons, which should assure 60ish base with decent room for upside in what many would consider a volatile scoring position.

If you want to minimise risk in the halves he is certainly your man, with 90 tackles in the past two weeks and a few tackle busts and offloads to boot.

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Daly Cherry-Evans ($534,900)

Owned by just 7.7% of teams DCE has seemingly hit his straps with a three round average of 79.3.

With news earlier today that Tommy Turbo will spend longer than expected on the sidelines, potentially the whole season, Manly have little other attacking options than to go through DCE, so I expect him to continue scoring well even if Manly aren’t winning games.

Furthermore, he’s just one injury away from goal-kicking duties which would make him a certified keeper.

Mitchell Moses ($452,700)

Held onto by 14.2% of teams, many of which I suspect to be dead/ghost teams, Moses shapes as a serious POD option in the highly contested and crucial halfback position at the upper end of the rankings.

I know the rollercoaster of owning Moses better than most, but last year he was a staple of my winning side and he has the ability to go on extremely big scoring runs.

So if you like the Eels and you need to take a risk to jump rankings then jump on and be ready for the ecstasy and agony.

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Mitchell Aubusson ($226,100)

I never thought I’d see the day where I put Aubo on any PODs list of mine, but here we are.

At $226k and named to start in a side as good as the Roosters he’s extremely hard to look past given his 2RF/CTW dual status.

However, SuperCoach veterans know Aubo as one of the great SuperCoach traps. The problem is his minutes and rotation are never known with any certainty, and in this week’s case he may shift onto the bench for the likes of Nat Butcher right before kick-off – so buyers beware (but he’s damn good value if he starts and plays big minutes).

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