Draft Breakdown: Waiver-wire, trade targets

We take a look at the best options to grab from the wires, and look at players to target in a trade with rivals.

Draft Breakdown

Naden, Ikuvalu and Havili all proved to be good calls last week and are still pickups if available.

However, the call on Ravalawa as a good plug and play option was a shocker.

Onto another week digging for gold.

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Connor Watson (HOK/5/8)

Watson played 43 minutes in the middle with his return from injury, picking up from where he left off.

He can be reliably played at 5/8 for consistent scores in a volatile position.

He also is an attacking player that could easily sniff out a try on top of that great base.

Mitchell Aubusson (2RF/CTW)

Aubbo has been a trap in SuperCoach for a long time, however given the form the Roosters are in and their draw, he should be waivered in every league.

He isn’t the most attacking player but in the three games he has played on the edge this year he has scored 58, 42 and 44.

Available in CTW, he should be played for his decent base and surely even he can fall over the line against the Roosters next three opponents which are the Warriors, Titans and Dragons.

Enari Tuala (CTW)

Tuala looks to have secured the Knights left wing position with Edrick Lee suffering a long-term injury.

His base is quite poor, but he is on the Knights more favoured attacking side.

Enari is a good play against the Bulldogs this week and you can play him throughout the year on good matchups.

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Bayley Sironen (2RF)

Lowe is out for the season and Sironen has been named in his place.

He probably doesn’t get 80 minutes with Jack Johns lurking on the bench, but I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him this year and will be playing outside Cody Walker.

Worth a stash to see what his minutes are like.

Siosifa Talakai (2RF/CTW)

A good one week play in your CTW, playing outside SJ against the Dragons.

Toby Rudolf (FRF)

Last week Rudolf saw an inflated score and minutes due to an injury to Sorenson.

However, he has been named at lock again and is seeing decent minutes, averaging 43MPG.

The Sharks have a number of forwards missing so he will need be relied upon again.

Will Kennedy (CTW/FLB)

Playing fullback against the Dragons this week and Broncos next week, he is a good two week play for those short at CTW.

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Joseph Tapine (2RF)

Sticky said last week he has called on Papalli and Tapine to carry the Raiders forwards.

This should see some big minutes in the middle for Joey, who has looked dangerous and could be in the best form of his career.

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Aiden Tolman (FRF)

Since Luke Thompson has arrived his minutes have reduced and his workrate has significantly reduced.

Offload him if you can before his average drops more.

Isaah Yeo (2RF/CTW)          

His minutes have dropped over the last three weeks with Cleary choosing to rest him for Tyrone May.

He is still scoring decently but he doesn’t look like he will be playing 80 minutes in the middle anytime soon and should be offloaded for a good price.

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MPG = Minutes per game

PPG = Points per game

PPM= Points per minute

BPG = Base per game (point accrued in tackles + runs + missed tackles)

POD = Point of difference

3RA = Three round average

5RA = Five round average

BREAKEVEN (B/E) = The score a player must record to earn a price rise.

*Please note all our stats are taken from the geniuses at nrlsupercoachstats.com

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