Understanding the awarding of key SuperCoach stats

With controversy surrounding the awarding of many stats, the SC Spy breaks down his interpretation of how points are given.

Decision Time

G’day everyone,

SuperCoach continues on and a common theme across social media at times can be blow-ups in relation to who gets awarded points.

I have spent some time over the years trying to work out the parameters used by the stats team at Fox Sports and I thought I’d break down what I’ve discovered in relation to try-assists to help shed some light on the awarding of stats here.

As a reminder, the team at the Daily Telegraph don’t do the stats, it’s independently sought from Fox Sports so blowing up to these guys won’t get you far (unless its perhaps a blatant mistake in which case be nice when you enquire!).

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Additionally, the Fox Sports stats (SuperCoach) are different to NRL.com in some areas so you can’t always compare.

For example, NRL.com awards try-assists to whoever does the last pass regardless of whether or not an inside man beats 12 defenders first.

Some of the interpretations I agree on, others maybe not as much, but it is what it is so if the below info can help you get some players that are likely to get given points then that’s a good result!

Side note – In case of conspiracy I can guarantee I’m just a sports fan with no afiliation to the running of the game 😊


Scenario one

From what I can understand there are two major parameters for tries scored off passes.

1 – If the fullback receives a ball out the back while running a sweep line (behind the lead decoy runner) they will get the try-assist when they then pass it to another player.

It simply won’t be given to the halfback or five-eight regardless of how good the ball to the fullback is.

I owned SJ last year and he threw a couple of top shelf cut outs to Moylan who was sweeping and it always went to Moylan.

For an example, see Tedesco last week for Ikuvalu’s hat-trick where he didn’t do a lot but he ran a sweep behind the lead runner.

Scenario two

If there is no fullback sweep play involved then the try-assist will be generally be given to the person who ‘creates the overlap’.

I strongly agree with this interpretation (others may not) but it’s generally easy to work out.

If you look at Kayln Ponga v Canberra below he hits Bradman Best with an absolute peach of a ball.

As Bradman catches it a two-on-one has already been created as a result of Ponga’s ball, so therefore his nice tip on play only counts as a try contribution and Ponga gets the try-assist.

Another example seen below is last week when Tedesco gets slightly on the outside of his man, draws in the centre, flick passes to Manu who then finishes the move by drawing the winger and passing it to his winger for a try.

Again, Tedesco has created the overlap, at the moment Manu catches the ball it’s a two-on-one and all he has to do is draw and tip on.

This hurts centres, but I agree that it tends to reward the person who creates the space (halves and FBs).

It is also important to note that whoever gets the try-assist also gets the linebreak assist as they have been deemed to have created this also.


A quick note that Fox Sports award tackles differently to NRL.com. I’m not as on top of this, but essentially NRL.com award a tackle for third man in (someone coming in and taking the legs after a player has been all but stopped), while Fox Sports (SuperCoach) don’t award third man in.

From what I can gather a player need to have made an impact in stopping the player in the initial contact.

That’s why McInnes may make 65 tackles on NRL and 52 on SuperCoach. This doesn’t reward guys who come in often to finish off a tackle.

The above is a pretty good guide to the awarding of try-assists and tackles from my understanding.

I’m not saying I’m 100% correct, but based on what I’ve tracked for over two years, the above rules seem quite consistent which is what we are all after.

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There will ALWAYS be some close ones that are hard to call and perhaps the superstar player gets the rub of the green in these, but those two rules have worked for me and left me pretty satisfied with final scores even if my guy missed out.

I’m very happy to be shown other examples that may not match the above guidelines and see if I can work it out or not. Or happy to discuss the above examples.

Hit me up on Twitter @scspy1, Facebook on SC Playbook or in the comments section of the article at the bottom of this page.

Finally, please also be aware that there are in-depth reviews of the game following completion which then lead to the major updates 24-48 hours later for our teams.

Often there seems to be a bit of a guess during live matches for key moments which then get reviewed, so don’t panic until updates are in.

Happy SuperCoaching troops!!

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6 Responses to “Understanding the awarding of key SuperCoach stats”

  1. Daniel

    Well said. Great article and 100% Correct re try assist. People need to remember that SC introduced the Try Contribution stat. This was to award a player who played a part in a try being scored, but was not the main contributor. Centres need to offload, or create the overlap to be awarded the TS. Not catch and pass.
    Your analysis of tackles is a little skewed however from the information I have. Fox Stats, do not award third man in LIVE. They will however add that to the players stat sheet IF the third or fourth tackler made an affective tackle. Just watch smaller hookers/Locks, you will see generally tackles given after the game updates. Iv seen some monumental swings in final tackle counts.
    Same with H8’s. These are marked from when the player received the ball to where they PLAY the ball. Often the live scores get it wrong as they only have a few seconds to gauge it but updates often upgrade HU to H8.

    Sorry for the rant, but one other thing iv noticed this year compared to previous seasons that I’d love your take on…

    Players are constantly being rewarded HU/H8 & tackle stats regardless of any negative outcome.
    What I mean is, if a player were to hit the ball up say 10 meters (2points) but then that player drops the balls (-2points) in previous years that player was deducted his hit up as well. Essentially meaning the error costs him 4 points. This year, not the case. The player keeps the hit up effectively meaning he didn’t gain or loose any points from that error. That has gone a long way to inflating scores. Even line breaks are kept if that player drops the ball.
    In the same way with tackles. If a player makes a tackle but give a penalty away he retains his tackle stat. Previously it would cost him 3 points.

    Thanks again, this stuff is fascinating to me!

  2. Hey mate just wondering with the interpretation of the first example. In the dragons vs sea Eagles game there was a very similar play in the 60th minute. With Dufty sweeping around and passing, similar to Tedesco. In both situations in my opinion the centre does most of the work, but the try assist goes to teddy for one, and not to Dufty for something very similar. Just wondering your opinion.

  3. Hey mate, just wondering your opinion on your interpretation of the first example. In the dragons vs manly game in the 60th minute there was a very similar play. With Dufty sweeping around the back then passing. I’m both examples in my opinion the centre’s both deserve the try assist. But teddy obviously gets it in his, but Dufty doesn’t for almost the exact same play. Just wondered if you noticed this and what you think? I’d be okay with it if both were awarded. I just want to see consistency.

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