Decision Time: Answering the big questions

The SC Spy answers the week's big questions plaguing SuperCoaches ahead of Round 9.

Decision Time

Hey troops,

I’m here to check out some of the key questions this week across social media.

1. Do I straight captain Teddy (Tedesco) or use the VC and look to Loophole?

Honestly unless you are running with 17-18 guys this weekend I think you just straight captain him.

Even on a bad night you would hope his floor is around 60 against the non-elite teams, with his upside being 200+.

You can loop if you like, but make sure you can absolutely do it without getting stuck with an auto-emergency of 5-20 and be aware that if Teddy scores 95-105ish then it may be a tricky decision that could have been avoided. Straight captain for mine for most coaches.

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2. Buys of the week in the forwards?

For me Angus Crichton is the buy of the week with the Chooks upcoming draw.

There is some small risk that he gets rested at some stage or an early shower, but his upside is huge and his base is really solid too!

I also love Cam McInnes as a second option, but for me he doesn’t have the upside of Crichton. A close second.

I also want to see how the Dragons bench rotation looks this weekend. Is there a risk McInnes gets less then 80 minutes with four bench forwards currently named?

I’d say not, but it’s possible if Mary is looking to manage him a little given how hard he plays.

Matterson is of course a gun, but a lot own him already! If you need to make the call now he is a lock in option, but if you can wait a week or two perhaps you can pick him up cheaper.

I’d target these guys first or if you can only get a front-rower than any of Daniel Saifiti, Junior Paulo or David Klemmer (in no order) are great options.

For me if I had to choose one I’d maybe go Klemmer as he is proven and has extra minutes in him if ever required which would be huge for owners.

Josh Papalii is also a sneaky play and should get better as the year goes on. Be aware though that he is a little more volatile whilst David Fifita returns soon and will be a close watch when he does!

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3. Do I trade or keep Ponga?

I think this really depends on team set up and how much cash you have. If you need some quick cash generation I don’t mind the option of selling him and watching to see if he returns to his best which surely he will, but will it be this week or later?

He has the potential to lose $100k or more over the next two weeks and has Parra this weekend.

With Newcastle focussing on defence I’m personally selling until I see some signs of life from Kalyn.

This will allow me to lock in Crichton and Sivo (before he gets out of reach) and look to move Ramien up to Ponga soon if required.

I also have no objection to holding him, but just be aware he may lose bulk cash quickly.

If you can live with this he may well prove a semi POD if lots of people sell and you stay on.

The question will be how his output is in the coming weeks. He has Souths and Bulldogs after Parramatta which is a nice draw. Essentially there is risk in both options so do what you feel is right!

Side note – Last time I sold Ponga he whipped out 160. I hope things go my way this time!!

4. Is Clint Gutherson a buy?

He is certainly an option and will see nice price rises. Just be aware the Eels have a couple of semi decent defensive sides across the next two weeks before the draw opens up.

If you want Gutho as a pure cash grab it’s possible he doesn’t continue his blitz and you may end up a little underwhelmed, especially in the next two weeks while the 160 stays in his rolling average.

Potentially he scores 50 and 50 and the week after will have a huge breakeven.

I like him more in the weeks after this so perhaps if you buy him now hold on for a little longer if he does underwhelm in the short-term.

In saying all of this, Parra (and Gutho) are on fire so it’s entirely possible he continues his dominance, especially with the kicking duties while Moses is out.

He works so hard you would still expect 50s from him over the next two weeks unless Parra get drowned out of the games. His upside remains in the 100s. Grab him if you want him.

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  • I like Ryan Hall as a buy. He has good base and is surely due to start scoring tries. The Chooks have a great run coming up so any of their guys become super relevant with upside.
  • Munster owners, he has been named on an extended bench. Even if he doesn’t play this week perhaps he returns the week after for the Titans clash (At SC friendly Suncorp!) Please!!
  • Roger Tuivasa-Sheck may return to a more SC friendly role under Todd Payten, and with a game against the Titans then Cronulla he could be a sneaky POD. Not without risk of course!
  • Martin Taupau is soooo cheap after an injury effected single digit score a few weeks ago. The only reason I won’t buy him this week or next is because I may not need the cash. Ie – If I can afford an elite guy without cash dramas I may go straight to them. But anyone in need of a value buy he is an absolute steal!!
  • Start to look at your team and whether or not you still need cash cows to be able to get your best 18 or so guys.

You may find, like myself, that I can now afford to cash out guys for nuffs (non-playing basement price cheapies) and start to upgrade a few other guys to the elite in search of my ideal team.

Or you may find you need some more cash generation. That’s where another cheapie comes in handy or the option of grabbing a guy like Hall or Taupau instead of a top dollar pick.

Anything further let me know and I’ll try to get back to you!

Good luck troops

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