Champion PODs: Unique players to find an edge

2019 SuperCoach winner Dez Creek eyes off the best low-ownership options to set you apart from rivals.

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With no bye-planning, and a stack of trades at our disposal, teams will take shape quicker than previous years. To help you find an edge over rivals, 2019 SuperCoach champion Dez Creek identifies the low-ownership players to target. Here’s who he’s found for Round 7. ------- Given the nature of the week and major injuries to SC relevant players in FRF and CTW, I have focused on these two positions for this week’s PODS. 1) Daniel Saifiti, FRF ($551,400) Currently owned by just 6%, I expect to see Saifiti’s ownership skyrocket over the coming rounds given the injury to Alex Twal. Anyone who has been watching the

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