Weekly Wrap: Round 6 highs, lows and shocks

Check out our Round 6 SuperCoach wrap, with injuries to key players causing chaos across the entire competition.

Weekly Wrap

After a weekend like that you just want lockout to be over and the next weekend’s games to start as soon as possible.

Oh and five or six more trades would help. There were some massive injuries to come out the weekend’s games which will throw most SuperCoach sides a curveball.

Both Turbo and Teddy not finishing the game was horrific for owners, whilst only seven players went 100+ meaning a low scoring week for most.

Trbojevic (no time soon), Teddy (Rd 7/8), Katoa (Rd 7/8), Twal (no time soon), Musgrove (???), Carrigan (Rd 8/9) were among just a handful of the injury/suspension ward coming out of Round.

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Knights v Broncos 

The Thursday night captain choice curse strikes again!

Both Ponga and Haas were quiet by their standards with the latter hitting 54 – his lowest score of the year.

Impressively, Ponga notched out 78 with a linebreak as his only major attacking stat.

Carrigan’s sin-bin put a dampener on an already disappointing game for owners and he now look likely to miss a week through suspension, whilst anyone who owns Milford is either not playing anymore or is good friends with him. 

Mitchell Pearce banged out his second 100+ score for the year and at only 407K, might be a cheap POD option moving forward the way Newcastle are playing.

Brisbane look done to be honest. They were the most sought after SuperCoach side to begin the year but are now the only side post COVID to not win a game.

Things are only going to go from bad to worse for their fans too with the government allowing them back in to watch them play.

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Rabbits v Warriors

I thought I had turned on the TV to 2017 or 2018 there for a moment!

Damien Cook with a monster 108, Adam Reynolds solid with 81 and Tohu Harris banged out 82 like he was running off Cooper Cronk again.

Most of the higher owned players in this match performed well with Latrell to again be a serious consideration once lockout is over with 71 points. Base stats are a concern, but he’s evolving rapidly in his transition to fullback.

Well for the poor old Warriors, I think their long holiday over here has started to show.

They look tired and at some points uninterested. Mind you if we were all on a work trip for two months I think I’d stop showing up too.

I hope you owners were able to pick the right player to play out of Taunoa-Brown and Katoa which is starting to become impossible.

Katoa crashed back to earth with 27 (injury impacted) whilst JTB was solid with 47.

It was nowhere near last week’s performance however. Depending on price rises, they may be a sell.

The downfall is RTS is also sadly on show. He was an absolute gun a couple years back but carrying the Warriors is starting to take its toll.

He has just one score above 50 this year with no attacking points to show. He’s yet to record a try, try-assist, linebreak or line-assist in 2020. 

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Panthers v Storm 

Unless you’re playing a game of scrabble, Ryan Papenhuyzen should not be in your thoughts.

Another very disappointing performance scoring only 25 points. We can lay this love affair squarely on the Spy and I look forward to him sticking by his words and bringing him back into his side in a couple weeks.

Cam Munster on the other hand was enormous! He hates being tackled and rarely gets put on the ground. Moving forward he is a must if you are to be competitive this year. 

The Panthers all round were solid. Yeo (70) is turning into as consistent a player as we have seen in a while at CTW, whilst Api (76) and Cleary (76) scored well.

Api looks to have picked up a shoulder injury too so keep an eye on team lists as it might be time to move onto a Smith or Cook.

Titans v Dragons

Unfortunately for the fans we were made to endure this match up on Saturday as there was a few SuperCoach relevant players on show.

Lomax finally hit those attacking stats that we have been waiting for scoring 86 with a try and a couple of offloads.

Well done for all those that held onto him, myself included.

McInnes dropped back to the pack scoring only 58 as the move to lock may have hindered his output.

I’m still hugely impressed with Fotuaika who scored 76, all in base stats. At least owning both him and Arrow you know they will do some tackling in this side.

Tigers v Cowboys

I may need a whole other article just to wrap this game! it had everything but more importantly some huge ramifications for trades next week with injuries galore.

For the Cowboys, Drinkwater scored 91 points which I really have no time for after getting rid of him last week.

Esan Masters scored 88 with a late junk try and the Hammer, Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow found a revival in the second half finishing with 37 after hitting the sheds with 2 at the main break.

For the Tigers, Harry Grant was enormous scoring 84, Nofoaluma keeps justifying his price finishing with 78, whilst Alex Twal looks to be out for a number of weeks with an injury.

A shout out to those who thought Hampton wasn’t playing and used him as a captain loop.. Yep it happened.

Roosters v Eels

If you follow my articles you will know I’ve been a Mitchell Moses basher since day 1.

So to see him score 26 against a top notch Roosters outfit was somewhat enjoyable.

His first run after half time had a lot of a Brad Arthur spray about it. If you are an owner you should be seriously considering his place in your side.

Take the Titans match out and he averages 45. Matterson on the other hand was again superb scoring 91 with no attacking stats. He will be seriously considered for Origin and rightly so.

Tedesco carried a lot of coaches into this match and unfortunately was unable to finish the game due to Sivo putting him into a hole so big, China are looking to mine it.

He needs to pass some concussion tests to be fit for this weekend. Let’s hope Uncle Nick gets to choose the doctor. 

Raiders v Sea Eagles

My cries of anguish were heard loud and clear across the Monaro as Trbojevic clutched at that troublesome hamstring early into the second half.

He had scored a try and set one up already and was looking to get owners and those who captained him out of trouble for the week.

He still finished with 77, but is due to miss the next six weeks which is just devastating.

I could write more about this game but it’s hard to see the computer screen through the tears in my eyes.

Sharks v Bulldogs

Has there been a less SuperCoach relevant side than Canterbury?

Hopoate scored well with 74 but is too big a risk to have at his price and Averillo is only owned because he has a last name that sounds like a certain hard backed mammal and is a DPP.

Myself and a few others should seriously consider SJ with the Dogs and Titans in two of his next three matchups.

Now if I only could get those six trades I might be able to make it work.. 

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