Final Word: Round 6 key trade + tactical advice

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos has the final say on the major NRL Round 6 plays, including his trades and captaincy options.

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So a week of depression for non-Teddy owners and a week of elation for those who had him is almost behind us. For those who owned Tedesco and captained him, well SuperCoach doesn’t get much better than that.  398 points from one player! Well done to those who had him and you would probably find yourselves right up the top of the rankings.  TRADES TRADES TRADES! Some of the trade plans for this week have probably been thrown out the window with what James Tedesco did to the Bulldogs on Monday night.  With his price and break even what they are now it’s hard for SuperCoaches to fathom not picking him up this we

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