Final Word: Key trade + tactical advice

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos has the final say on the major NRL Round 5 plays, including his trades and captaincy options.

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What a round for SuperCoaches who had Kalyn Ponga and Bradman Best. Nobody could have predicted that Ponga and Best would light it up against the usually miserly Canberra Raiders.   A mediocre score for me of 1023 has seen me drop from 11,331st to 18,128th.  It’s a bit disappointing but I like the way my team is coming together and there’s some big decisions to be made by all SuperCoaches this week.  TRADE TRADE TRADES! So many people are thinking the same thing this week. Could we get another five trade week please Supercoach Gods?  Unfortunately that’s not happening, and the textbook play this wee

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