Decision Time: Answering the big questions

Grant v Best? Hold or sell Papi? Which fullback to pick? The SC Spy answers the week's big questions.

Decision Time

In a brand new weekly column, the SC Spy looks at the big questions facing SuperCoaches each week.

Q1) You can only take one of Bradman Best or Harry Grant. Which one?

This for me really comes down to your individual squad. Both will make a heap of cash this week (probably similar at a guess).

That means whoever you pick comes into your 17, so who scores better?

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Personally, I like Grant for his high floor, but Best as we have seen can absolutely explode.

Playing Melbourne is my main concern. But, in conjunction with Kalyn Ponga he tore up Canberra so maybe he does it again?

The other question is your balance. Does Best come in and strengthen your centres?

If so, it’s a good thing to get him into a potentially volatile position. But on the flipside, does Grant come in and give you a seriously good last reserve?

There’s plenty to consider, not the least of which why aren’t you just getting both?

I can understand if you are bypassing one to get Turbo-Teddy-Ponga, but there are still 15 or so weeks left.

You can really set yourself up for the year by grabbing both. All of these decisions are tight and I’d advise you to check the balance of your side, including whether or not you can afford to give up an easy $100k+, as well as solid point scoring potential.

It may not be a concern if you have the right cheapies and mid-rangers and as we know the elite fullbacks can go 150+ anytime. Above all TRUST YOUR GUT!!!

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Q2) Should I upgrade Papi (Ryan Papenhuyzen) to one of the big three?

This is a tough one. I was a definite no until Turbo and Ponga whipped out 150s in the space of seven days and we obviously know how good Teddy is.

It’s hard to watch and miss these games! The biggest thing for me is that Papi has the potential to do this also and is $250K cheaper.

But if you have your finances in order then it could be the smart play. Especially given Melbourne’s upcoming draw is only okay.

Outside of the Warriors, there are seemingly no obvious potential blow out games in the next six weeks.

It’s rounds 10-13 you really want Pap and regardless of what I do I’ll be targeting him for those four weeks.

Pros to punting Papi mean that you can grab two of the big three and if they average around 85-90PPG while Papi stays around 65-70PPG it’s a huge boost (but weakens you elsewhere).

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Conversely, if you can keep Papi and spend that money elsewhere to really make your team quality across the park then it could prove a shrewd move.

Hopefully Papi tons up in the next week or two and averages near the elite three moving forward.

Looking at my team it could be soon that I have a strong 17 and the last piece is upgrading Papi.

Whether I do this now or later depends if I think Papi will find his true form in the coming weeks.

I think he will and to be honest I could see him being in the convo with the big three come year’s end or just below, especially once he runs into some easier opposition.

Therefore for $500k it’s a big play to keep him if he delivers, but I’m not as convinced as a year ago because it appears Lil Papi has some kind of SuperCoach curse on him this year and his best draw is still over a month away.

I’m inclined to give him a couple more weeks and see how Melbourne look prior to running into the Chooks and Canberra back-to-back. This will allow me to set up my squad how I want it and potentially keep Papi prior to Melbourne’s softer month of games, but I can understand if you want to move now.

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Q3) If I do upgrade Papi who do I go to?

The way Ponga is playing he really is right in the mix. While thinking about it this morning I think it is a bit of a myth that he was even that far below Teddy and Tommy coming into the season.

He averaged 75-80PPG last year at FB (if we assume he kicked every game and Lino didn’t take his duties away for a stretch).

Teddy was 84PPG and Tommy wasn’t far off 90PPG in games he didn’t get hurt (two matches).

Consider that Ponga was in a lesser team, and the way the Newcastle Knights have come out this year, he has to be a real threat to the title of best SC player!

The other factor is how they all adapt to the new rules. It’s only early but it appears to benefit them all considerable. I genuinely find it hard to split them.

Teddy is the safest for mine, Tommy has the ability to score 200 on any given week and Ponga based on last week could be anything (with the bonus of goal-kicking in an improved team) but comes with a little risk as he hasn’t done it for as long as the other two.

I’m going to pair Papi with Tommy T initially (pending weather in Gosford on game day) because Ponga plays Melbourne and I’m backing Tommy to go 150+ again soon.

It’s really difficult to separate however that is my gut feel! Happy to discuss…


MPG = Minutes per game

PPG = Points per game

PPM= Points per minute

BPG = Base per game (point accrued in tackles + runs + missed tackles)

POD = Point of difference

3RA = Three round average

5RA = Five round average

BREAKEVEN (B/E) = The score a player must record to earn a price rise.

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