Weekly Wrap: Round 4 highs, lows and shocks

Check out our Round 4 SuperCoach wrap, with scores dropping after a huge prior week.

Weekly Wrap

After bringing in Matterson, Yeo, Drinkwater and captaining Turbo last week for a 1280+ score, I was awaiting a call from the bosses at SC Playbook to appear on the podcast.

I’m yet to receive that phone call, but surely judging on scores and rankings, the Spy should be the one taking advice from me.

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Broncos v Roosters

There’s nearly too much to wrap up about this game! Six Roosters players hitting the century in a carve up for the ages. Both Flanagan (118) and Keary (106) were enormous, with Keary being a serious POD option if the Roosters continue with this form.

Obviously we could talk about Haas, but we all know what he is capable of, but I was again impressed with Carrigan.

In a well beaten side he busted his gut racking up 63 points and will still make some cash if you missed the boat already. I’m still waiting on NASA to calculate what Tedesco would have scored had he have played.

Panthers v Warriors 

Mansour (76), Kikau (66) and Yeo (63) all scored well enough to make you feel that bit better about bringing them in this week if you missed them last weekend. JFH was huge with 90 points with no attacking stats apart from offloads. With Cleary back next week it wouldn’t shock me to see Luai make way for Burton. 

Storm v Rabbitohs

I think we all thought Papenhuyzen was going to go large this weekend. Well I did anyway. It didn’t pay off and with a host of other highscoring fullbacks he will be brought before the coaching staff of the Milwaukee Talkies on Tuesday and be released.

Munster on the other hand was superb. He never gets taken to the ground, making for plenty off tackle breaks and offloads. The move from Murray to lock didn’t reap the rewards a lot of SuperCoaches had hoped for. He only played 62 minutes and managed only eight runs in that time. 

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Eels v Sea Eagles

After I’d finished typing a sternly worded email to @nrltouchjudge on Twitter, I calmed myself down and pretended that Manly had won and that no-one could tell me otherwise.

Turbo was solid but was never going to back up his 152 from last week against a strong defensive side like the Eels.

Matterson upgraded nicely and Moses was okay without being spectacular. It was another game where the wrong half did all the work and got the points in terms of ownership as Brown racked up 81. He has a three round average of 70.

Cowboys v Sharks

The Cowboys might be that side this year with a fair bit of promise but can’t back it up week in week out.

I feel for those who brought Holmes in this week as he only managed a paltry 32 whilst those who have stuck solid with Ramien were rewarded with two tries and 99 points.

Blake Brailey (40) continues to make money so he is a potential hold for another week or so, however Grant a must-have in the position so we may be forced to part ways earlier than expected.

Canberra v Newcastle 

Pencil in this matchup for next time around because whenever these two sides play it’s SuperCoach nirvana!

Kalyn Ponga (159) absolutely exploded for his highest ever score, whilst holding off on that extra week for Bradman Best cost you (and me) 123 points! He is set to skyrocket in price so he is a must this week.

For the Green Machine George Williams looks every bit an elite playmaker, whilst Josh Papalii (94) would run over his own mother to score a try.  

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Titans v Tigers 

I thought if there’s a game the Tigers would lose it would be this one. They weren’t necessarily out played, but I thought the Titans seemed to have a bit more spark about them this week.

I spoke about Fotuaika (67) last week and he was just as good this week and with the up and down world of CTWs, Nofoaluma (96) keeps producing.

It’s a high price to pay for a Tigers winger but it’s justifiable at this point. He may finish the year as the leading try-scorer.

Bulldogs v Dragons 

If there is are SuperCoaches out there feeling bad about your side don’t despair, you can’t be going as bad as poor Mary McGregor.

A bit of a non event SuperCoach-wise, however if interested Cam McInnes (78 pre updates) continues to tackle everything in front of him and could find himself in your final 17 if you’re brave enough to have a Dragons player.

Lomax (38) is a trade for Best and anyone wearing a red jumper is a better option than Williame (8) who failed to finish the game due to injury.

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