Nuffin Up: Champion’s left field strategy

To be the champ, think like the champ. 2019 winner Dez Creek has a unique and high-risk view towards chasing the title in 2020.

Champion PODs

The strategy which means Nuffin, but in the end could mean everything.

Over the course of last week’s games, I was having a below average round until a late captain on star fullback Tom Trbojevic boosted me to 1330 out of nowhere.

This performance from Turbo got me thinking, who in my current team I actually wanted in my final 17 to end the year.

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The way I see it, this year more than ever, the first person to get to the strongest final 17 (with good captaincy choices from here on out) should in theory be the person who wins the title.

Could this be the year to rewrite the history books on what can be considered genuine SuperCoach strategies?

With no byes and no need to forward plan on who will be your nuffs, this could indeed be the year to ‘Nuffin Up’ and stack your team with as many nuffs as possible as early as possible, in order to get your strongest 17 all playing before everyone else does.

The theory revolves around the idea that you could run with basically little to no backups on your bench and bring in 6-7 bottom dollar NPRs in order to afford your end game team.

Discussing the viability of this strategy with some of my fellow SC Playbook contributors it was pointed out that it is without a doubt very a high-risk, high-reward endeavour given injuries are inevitable.

However we agreed that as long as you have trades up your sleeve (which we all do this season), then you can trade as necessary on a week-to-week basis regarding injuries, late outs and matchups.

If you were to put the ‘Nuffin Up’ strategy into practice, the ideal time would be in about 3-4 weeks when the likes of Katoa, Carrigan, JTB and the CTW cash cows likely all peak in price.

This allows you to maximise your salary before sacrificing your money-making options from then on out.

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Thereafter, you could implement a one gun for one nuff trading strategy until about Round 11 or Round 12 and achieve your final 17 in record time.

Whilst this strategy is somewhat revolutionary as it goes against some of the core SuperCoach principles that many consistently high performing coaches swear by, this game is about adapting to ever changing circumstances on and off the field.

So this year more than ever is the time to push the boundaries on SuperCoach strategy.

It’s time to Nuffin Up.

3 Responses to “Nuffin Up: Champion’s left field strategy”

  1. GoodFaNuffinLosers

    I like the strategy, but I’d still like to have a “premo squad” of 19 or 20 players, with 5 or 6 “nuffies”, especially with the lack of decent DPP options this season.

    I think it is fair to say that most teams with run with 2 Hookers, 2 Fullbacks, 3 Halves & 4 or 5 SR, then base number of FR & CW. so there is your 17-18 man squads.

    So it will come down to how deep you want to go in FR & CW. I’d like to have either 3 FR & 4 CW, or 2FR (with DPP in SR) or 5 CW (with DPP in SR). At least that’s how I’m looking at it.

    For now, I’m looking to upgrade to a keeper & cash cow each week, then start to “nuffy out” from Round 6.

    It will be interesting to see what strategy the eventual winner uses.

  2. 17/6/20
    Hey Dezzi,what a tough year its been for all of us supercoaches hovering close and trying to bridge the gap..i can see one of 6 or 7 players going 200+ this year.Especially your boy pappi.your not going to like this but i think the ultimate pod play for me atm is milf with his easy run and forwards coming back.what do you think?

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