Weekly Wrap: Round 3 highs, lows and shocks

Check out our Round 3 SuperCoach wrap as the new rules reshaped the nature of the game.

Weekly Wrap

After 66 days of rugba league wilderness we were back with a bang!

All trade advice and reversals were a distant memory as kick-off was signalled and the DJ behind the decks ramped up the crowd noise.

Here’s how the weekend unfolded and what we took from the return to action.

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Broncos v Eels  

We learnt a couple things though, Payne Haas (87) is somewhat robotic the way he goes about his game, incredibly churning out 80 minutes against despite the season break.

He reinforced the idea that he can simply be a lock in captain each and every week for those wanting to play it safe.

Ryan Matterson (99) is a must have running off Moses, that junk time try-assist was magical for owners. Oh and King Gutho (124) is a trap… 

Cowboys v Titans

The excitement didn’t wear off tuning in to watch the Titans play Jason Taumalolo (75).

He was off for 20 minutes but still managed an incredible 23 runs for 290m. Another one to keep an eye out on is Moeaki Fotuaika (87) who had 43 tackles and 11 hitups in 53 minutes.

Look forward to hearing the Spy try pronounce his name on the podcast during the week. 

Rabbitohs v Roosters

Tedesco (103). There that’s the wrap-up. He was in everything apart from the cardboard cut outs.

It’s time to break the bank to get him in. One try, 21 runs, 10 tackle busts and two line breaks, crazy.

I thought the rule change may have seen Damien Cook (71) score better but they really need the quick play the balls off Cam Murray (103) in the middle and not on the edge.

It’s a brave move to have him over Api, Smith or even Hodgson at the moment.

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Warriors v Dragons

I don’t know who these new Warriors players are but after completing 45/47 sets I think NSW Police might have to get involved and investigate some identity theft!

It’s hard to believe any team completing that many sets let alone the Warriors!

In the SuperCoach space, Cam McInnes (89) looks an absolute lock.

Unless his teammates start looking to pull some weight he’ll be making 60+ tackles a week. 

Sharks v Tigers

The Tigers are shaping as a real SuperCoach friendly side. Alex Twal with 61 points in 80 minutes, Luke Brooks with 75 points and Harry Grant could have 100% ownership in two weeks’ time.

And that’s without mentioning David Nofoaluma (88) who was in beast mode.

Mind you I think I could have scored against Josh Dugan in that play.

Storm v Raiders

We may have just seen the best exponents of the new six to go rule.

Canberra play an up tempo, in your face style and are very very direct.

Both George Williams (69) and Jack Wighton (50) love to run the ball and with Josh Hodgson (43) the real playmaker of the side they are a serious threat.

Ryan Papenhuyzen (54) looked threatening but failed to make that impact we all know he is capable of. Do we stick strong for the inevitable big scores in coming weeks or jump off early for Teddy and Turbo?

Cam Munster (90) showed why he is one of the premier five-eighths in the competition. 90 points without a try or try-assist against the defensive unit of Canberra is some serious SuperCoach output.

Panthers v Knights

I’ve got a feeling we got a glimpse of what our SuperCoach sides will look like in a few year’s time here.

Bradman Best (100), Tex Hoy (54), Matt Burton (43) and Stephen Crichton (51) were all massive and have big futures.

Some big scores were helped along by the 90 minute slugfest, but with a dearth of options in the CTW space Isaiah Yeo (104) is a must. 60 tackles and 19 runs as a starting lock while available at CTW, that’s 93 in base stats following final updates, seriously!!! More importantly, he didn’t have a rest.

Kurt Capewell (89) was huge in big minutes on return and is also a strong watch at $400k and available at CTW.

Josh Mansour (85) seems to have wound the clock back a few years. He had an outrageous 29 runs and notched his 78 points without a try or try-assist, mental stuff for a winger.

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Manly v Bulldogs

Canterbury will be having nightmares after bearing witness to a Tom Trbojevic (149) masterclass.

He is one of those players who when they go big they go massive! He could have had 3 tries too.

With Turbo and Teddy both set to lose very little value, which one do you make the jump too first?

The decision could have a major impact on scoring, with both men looking likely to be the first ever to crack 200 SuperCoach points on any given week.

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