Champion PODs: Unique players to find an edge

2019 SuperCoach winner Dez Creek eyes off the best low-ownership options to set you apart from rivals.

Champion PODs

As we quickly approach the season’s resumption, I thought it necessary to leave my final thoughts on a handful of players that have the potential to elevate you ahead of the pack to SuperCoach glory.  

I have classed these players into high and low risk categories, designed to help decision making based on where you are ranked thus far and whether you need to chase points or consolidate your team.

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1. Jake Turpin

Turpin is by no means a guaranteed 80 minute hooker despite McCullough’s departure.

Anthony Seibold has suggested that he will rotate him as necessary throughout matches.

However, if he can grab 65 minutes he is definitely worth it at a ripe price of $336k. You would have to think he will make plenty of tackles giving him a decently high point floor and if he can jag a few try-assists he will be a stellar POD for those who want to roll the dice.

2. Sione Katoa

Averaging 77.5PPG over the opening two rounds and priced at $368k.

It would be fair to say Katoa has good job security and some big price rises to come, but I would still classify him as high risk given the lack of sample size.

Whilst he looks the goods with 40-45 base in the opening rounds which is extraordinarily high for a CTW, his previous seasons have been nowhere near that high in base output, hence we could just have a statistical anomaly on our hands.

In saying that, he looks the goods with enough tackle busts and offloads to warrant a POD selection to chase some ranks.

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3. Tyson Frizell

At 435k and averaging a solid 65.5PPG over the opening rounds, Frizell shapes as a serious POD play in what is a dire Dragons outfit.

Owned by just 9%, Frizell has a solid draw in the coming weeks and given his propensity for jagging attacking stats I couldn’t go past putting him on this list.

Though beware, if the attacking stats don’t come he will average fairly low in a position that requires consistent 60-70+ scores over the course of the season, hence he is high risk.

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1. Shaun Johnson

13% ownership and an appetite for points. I don’t want to dwell too much on SJ, because most good SuperCoaches know what to expect (and not expect) from him.

However, it would be reasonable to suggest his ownership will go up over the coming weeks alongside his SuperCoach points.

If SJ finds form you could be left in the dust if you don’t get on him before he takes off (and he most certainly will at some stage over the next six weeks).

2. Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith, the top scoring SuperCoach player of 2019, a POD?!?    

Well he is only owned by 13% of SuperCoaches which is astonishingly low for a player of his calibre.

With hooker being the position many have targeted to generate money to start the season with the likes of Blayke Brailey and Api Koroisau being highly owned.

Meanwhile, Smith has snuck alarmingly under the radar and shapes as a genuine POD who could punish those who go without him if Melbourne go on a winning run which I suspect they will.

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3. Alex Twal

I would have classed Twal as a high risk POD before team lists dropped but the Tigers bench makeup means that Twal is all but guaranteed 60+ minutes.

Given that Twal accumulated 1.1PPM all in base over the opening few rounds he shapes as a borderline must-have at under 500k in a position that doesn’t really have much else to offer at this point in time.

4. Josh Mansour

Normally I would never have a CTW as a low-risk POD, however, Josh Mansour is as close as you’ll get based on what I saw over the pre-season and opening two rounds.

His ability to break tackles, offload, and make over 8 metres every run is invaluable at CTW. Sitting at a measly 5% ownership going into Round 3 he is an incredible pick up to bolster your CTW depth.

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