Cheapie rankings: Money-makers for NRL’s return

We rank the best cheapie options from 1-15 to help increase your team value for the resumption of Round 3.


The season restart is just around the corner and I can’t bloody wait.

There is a lot to reconsider given the shortened season and the Daily Telegraph’s decision to not reduce our remaining trades.

We can now throw out any strategy we had about saving trades or preparing for byes.

Below are the top 15 cheapies to target for the season restart.

I am not proud of the CTW choices in this list and my advice would be to look at mid-range options where you can, to limit the misery.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a key on all SuperCoach relevant abbreviations.

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Elisea Katoa (2RF)  $171,900, B/E -49

Katoa has started the season with an impressive 51PPG and 58MPG, he’s looking like a great talent for the Warriors.

Kearney always worries me but surely Katoa’s position is safe, making him the best cheapie option we have.

The poor Warriors are the walking wounded at the moment, so he should at least get a bench spot at the very worst.

Should he maintain his average, he will make close to $200,000 over the next three rounds.

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Toby Rudolf (FRF)  $171,900 FRF, B/E -27

Rudolf played 30 minutes in the first game and 42 minutes in the second game of the season, resulting in wide-ranging SuperCoach scores for a 40PPG average.

The Sharks haven’t had a very good start to the season but Rudolf has been one of the solid contributors with decent job security.

The extended break for Uele and Fifita, who came into the season with injury clouds, may mean they steal more minutes off Rudolf when the season resumes.

Should he maintain this average he will make close to $140,000 over the next three rounds.

Jamayne Taunoa-Brown (FRF)  $171,900, B/E -29

JTB has eased his way into first grade with a 41PPG and 40MPG.

His minutes were consistent over the first two rounds and should also benefit from the Warriors injury troubles.

With the limited cheapies and surplus trades he should be looked at as a bottom dollar option.

Should he maintain his average, he will make close to $150,000 over the next three rounds.

Emre Guler (FRF)  $220,700, B/E -70

Guler has benefited from John Bateman’s absence to the start of the season with an impressive average of 69PPG and 48MPG.

Most seasons Guler would be a trap given the return of Bateman and reduced role he will likely play with the Raiders at full strength.

However, with the super trade round and trade surplus I am inclined to trade him in for a week or two just for the cash.

If he can get an optimistic 40 points in Round 3, he will make close to $100,000 in one week and would be worth the trade.

His job security will be helped by the fact he has taken his game to a new level this year, displaying some great footwork and ruck speed in the first two rounds.

Ben Hampton (CTW)  $237,000, B/E -37

Hampton has averaged 55PPG to start the season, which has been inflated by two tries.

Whilst not a rock bottom cheapie, Hampton may be the best cheap option for a lot of us at CTW, which shows how desperate the CTW position is this year.

Hampton has decent job security and is playing the Titans in Round 3.

It’s plausible that Hampton outperforms his average against the Titans and makes close to $200,000 over three weeks.

He won’t be a hold for long though, so get him out before he realistically comes crashing back to earth.

Kurt Mann (CTW)  $287,100, B/E -20

Mann has started the season at 5/8 with an average of 54PPG with a try.

Mann is getting into the mid-ranger prices but given the lack of depth at CTW he is a cheaper option that should make decent money and might even be playable on certain matchups.

Phoenix Crossland returning from injury might threaten his position, but given Newcastle’s’ start to the season I don’t think coach Adam O’Brien is going to change the team much.

He will make $150,000 if he maintains his average over the next three weeks.

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Jake Averillo (HFB/CTW) $171,900, B/E 15

Averillo has only played one game off the bench with 19PPG over 26 minutes at halfback.

Averillo is a bit of a risky one given he could become an AE nightmare.

He certainly is not a buy straight away.

However, from the little I’ve seen of him he looks like a pretty handy footballer with some speed.

If he can jag a wing spot, he is a good rock bottom cheapie option for our desolate centres.

Tyrell Fuimaono (2RF/CTW)  $201,000 ,B/E -40BE

Fuimaono started the season with a decent 51PPG and 74MPG average.

The Dragons have a lot of forwards returning who will push Fuimaono to a bench role or even out of the team.

In a normal year he would be considered a trap and I wouldn’t be going anywhere near him.

However, if he is named on the bench he will make $90,000 over two weeks with just 20PPG and may be an option.

Brayden Wiliame (CTW)  $201,000, B/E -4

Wiliame has started this season with a less than impressive 33PPG, which was helped by a try.

Wiliame is by no means a great prospect, in fact it saddens me greatly that he made this list.

However, I need to replace Watkins and Simmonson, and Wiliame may be one of the few cheap options for the CTW position.

He is playing the Warriors in round 3 and will make money, albeit it may be a measly $30-50K.

It is getting desperate…look away, I am hideous.

Flegler Thomas (FRF/2RF) $294,900, B/E -36

Flegler has set the SuperCoach world on fire with an average of 63PPG over 54MPG.

Ok, so definitely closer to the mid-rangers than a cheapie but after analysing the CTW options if feels good to look at this genuine talent.

There is a lot of concern about the impact Glenn, Lodge and Ofahengaue will have on Flegler.

His talent should keep him playing decent minutes, especially with Fifita and TPJ out for a few weeks.

He should make over $150,000 in two weeks and will be in a lot of starting teams.

Jamil Hopate (2RF) $171,900 , B/E -13

Hopoate has benefited from the absence of many Bronco forwards with an average 33PPG over 50MPG.

He should continue to see decent minutes and he benefits the most from Fifita and TPJ being out to resume the season.

He could even jag the starting second-row spot in Round 3 but won’t hold any decent minutes or even a spot in the 17 once the Broncos are back to full strength.

He will make over $100,000 over three weeks if he continues with a 33 average.

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Jarome Luai (5/8/HFB)  $257,400, B/E -13

Luai has averaged 46PPG over the start of the season.

I won’t waste too much time on this obvious choice.

He will likely get better scores in Round 3 and 4 with Cleary missing those games against the relatively SuperCoach friendly oppositions of Knights and Warriors.

If you don’t have him, get him.

Blake Brailey (HOK)  $201,000, B/E -22

Young Brailey has started the season with a mediocre 42PPG over 80MPG, which includes a try assist.

Most people have him and my advice is to hold onto him despite the allure to jump on Harry Grant early.

He should be able to increase his output against the Tigers and Cowboys and will make about $100,000 over the next two rounds.

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Harry Grant (HOK)  $184,900

Grant hasn’t played a game this year, but has some big wraps on him to be a SuperCoach and NRL star.

It’s worth waiting a week to see how Madge uses him and what he produces.

The tough decision will come in Round 4 when he plays the Titans and if your team needs his points desperately by this point.

At the very least Grant will be a target in Round 5.

Billy Magoulias (2RF) $221,700, B/E -60

Billy has only played one game off the bench for 64 points, with a try.

Billy had some big wraps on him in pre-season but he didn’t make the team with John Morris choosing to go with Jack Williams in the 13 jersey.

Williams has had a very slow start to the season, although it was against some tough opposition.

It will be interesting to see if John Morris gives Billy some more minutes over underperforming Williams.

If Billy can get 40-50 minutes he could be a handy attacking SuperCoach player for our teams.


MPG = Minutes per game

PPG = Points per game

PPM= Points per minute

BPG = Base per game (point accrued in tackles + runs + missed tackles)

POD = Point of difference

BREAKEVEN (B/E) = The score a player must record to earn a price rise.

*Please note all our stats are taken from the geniuses at

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