Super trade week: SC Spy reveals his five moves

With five trades at his disposal, the SC Spy outlines his targets and tactics for Round 3's super trade week.

Final Word

G’day everyone,

We are getting close now and I am seriously pumped!

There has been a heap of negative press but I just can’t wait to put the feet up and watch some NRL on our screens. And that also means that SuperCoach is back.

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As discussed on the podcast I think it is absolutely vital to use all five trades this week.

Even if you have nailed your team you will be able to bring in some guys to make some quick cash or improve a few positions (or both).

If like most of us you haven’t absolutely crushed the opening two weeks then it will give you an opportunity to rebuild your squad by strengthening positions where players have underperformed.

As well as this you can look to bring in guys who will make quick cash. If they also happen to turn into a keeper then that’s a bonus.

The aims for me are one of the following two options or a combination of these:    

  1. Bring in someone for a player who has underperformed and you want to drop. This will improve the quality of your starting 17 who score you points each week.
  2. If you are happy with your squad following a couple of trades then target guys who will make you quick cash. This way you will be in a position to upgrade to a keeper as soon as possible. The aim this year will be to have your best squad on deck faster then everyone else so that you can maximise points for as long as possible.

I want to note that I think it is a great option to bring in guys who will both make quick cash and potentially turn into keepers.

This way if they don’t perform as expected over the next two weeks then you have at least made cash and can move them on for a profit.

If however they continue to kill it then you can keep them in your side for the season after picking them up cheap.

With that said, let’s take a look at the trades I currently have locked in.

1. Braidon Burns out – Kotoni Staggs in

Burns will potentially lose too much cash and has too much uncertainty around him with Latrell not necessarily playing 80 at fullback, whilst Staggs is flying so I’ll bring him in and follow the above formula after a few weeks by moving him on for cash or sticking with him as a keeper.

I’m very excited about Staggs and have been since his debut. He is an absolute gun and with the Broncos looking good this is an added bonus. Welcome aboard mate.

2. Jack Williams out – Jamil Hopoate in

This will depend on Brisbane’s team line up but it’s a case of quick cash if Hopoate starts in the back-row which would also make him a viable fourth bench option.

Unfortunately Jack Williams had a rough opening couple of weeks and I can’t afford to lose the cash when someone like Hopoate is sitting there.

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3. David Fifita out – Jason Taumalolo in

With Fifita out indefinitely and so many trades this year I will move him on and bring him back into the fold upon his return.

I started the year without big JT hoping for a drop in cash and whilst this may still happen, the way he looked in the first two weeks and the minutes he was playing I find it difficult to leave him out any longer.

Add in the fact that the season is shorter his minutes could potentially be even better.

The other consideration was Matterson at $100K cheaper but I’ll look to get him shortly unless I change my mind closer to Round 3 and decide to roll the dice by leaving JT out and hope Matterson can outperform or match him.

The lure here is that so many people own JT that I may be able to get a jump (or risk falling back if JT goes bananas).

4. Jesse Ramien out – Josh Mansour In

This is a bit of a luxury trade as Ramien has been decent. I just don’t want to miss the boat on Mansour if he continues his early season form and at the very least he will make me a heap of cash in quick time and allow an upgrade to Esan Marsters in a few weeks. Best case I get Mansour as a keeper for $416K.

Note – I am also considering dropping Munster for Drinkwater for two weeks.

With Munster coming back to a tough two week run and potentially facing a $100K drop in price I could avoid this and potentially make $100K+ with Drinkwater over two weeks (and an easier run) before bringing Munster back. That’s $200K right there.

This would not have been considered previously, however with bulk trades I’m seriously looking at it.

If this happens I will not be making the Ramien – Mansour trade and instead of getting Jamil Hopoate for Jack Williams I can pick up Ryan Matterson. DECISIONS!

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5. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow out – Isaah Yeo in

The above trades open up a heap of cash regardless of which way I go and will allow me to trade out a non-player (who was initially a possible bye round smokey) for a rock solid centre in Isaah Yeo. No brainer for me.

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The Fallout

The above options will mean I solidify my centre position and allow me to properly reassess things in a few weeks while my line up in the meantime makes a heap of cash.

Next up for me is to sit down and decide which way to go with trade number four. After writing this article I’m already leaning towards dropping Munster for Drinkwater (for reasons discussed) and grabbing Matterson as an extra gun.

Good luck everyone!!

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