SuperCoach Fan Focus: Rob Sutherland

In this week's edition of Q&A, Daily Telegraph writer Rob Sutherland chats all things SuperCoach.


Each week across the course of the year we’ll track down the biggest names in SuperCoach to get their views on the game.

In this week’s SuperCoach Fan Focus, Daily Telegraph NRL SuperCoach expert Rob Sutherland chats about his passion for the game, including his highs, lows, predictions for 2020 on resumption and everything in between.

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1. What do you enjoy about SuperCoach?

I’ve always loved watching sport, any sport really. Add to that a love for sports stats and me and SuperCoach are a match made in heaven. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually got into SC via AFL SC. I was living in South Australia chasing a girl at the time and the only thing anyone watched over there was AFL so I started doing it too. The game wasn’t really for me, but SC made watching so much of it bearable.  When I got Foxtel and could finally watch NRL again I started playing both AFL and NRL SC. When I moved back to Sydney I became a one game guy – well NRL SC and EPL fantasy, NBA and NFL etc.

2. Who is your favourite SuperCoach player of all-time and why?

I’ll try to go a bit left field from the predictable God, Fence and Gal gang here. And while I know you ask for just one pick I’m giving two. First up I will forever have a soft spot for Bodene Thompson. In 2014/15 he was that thing of SuperCoach beauty – a 2RF you could pick in your CTW and he took me on a nice ride. David Simmons was an even rarer creature in 2013 as he was a true winger who was worth owning, I bought him as a wildcard and he delivered with a 60PPG average.

3. What was your best SuperCoach moment of all-time?

Every time I beat Tim Williams and Tom Sangster…and one round when everything went right and I scored close to 1500 points. I can’t recall the round, I just recall the joy.

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4. And the worst moment?

Didn’t even have to think about this one. Round 3 2014, I traded in Greg Inglis expecting big points (playing the Tigers who were not going well) and a big price rise (he had grabbed a hat-trick of tries in round one). I captained him. He was knocked out in the first five minutes. I was in such a foul mood I had to leave the house for a walk – and we had guests over too!

5. What was the best trade you’ve ever made?

The next one. What can I say, I’m an eternal optimist.

6. And the worst trade?

See Greg Inglis above.

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7. Is there any player on your ‘never again’ purchase list?

Carty, Milf.

8. Who’s the player you keep going back to that burns you every time?


9. Any decent SuperCoach advice you’ve picked up over time?

Never buy back a player you dropped that year. It is very good advice that I am very bad at following.

10. After a particularly satisfying head-to-head win over a mate, are you humble or do you rub it in?

Do you even need to ask?

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11. Your first player picked on resumption and why?

Connor Watson from the Knights. The injury to Brailey opens the door for Watson to play 80 minutes at hooker a role he averaged 73PPG (51 in base) filling last year. Honourable mentions to Alex Twal and Scott Drinkwater.

12. Your best smokey buy and why?

Josh Mansour is a gun of the past who appears to have rediscovered his spark. Not sure if you can call him a smokey but he’s under 3.2% ownership and he’s a tad over $415K so he’s a target for me. If not then Alex Twal should be on your watchlist, just be aware his minutes were inflated in round two due to some HIA issues in the pack.

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13. Who will be the biggest flop?

I don’t like to assign such pejorative slurs as ‘flop’ to any athlete giving 100% Tim you know that – but if you insist, Cam Murray. No insult to the guy but even with his talent unless he reverts to playing lock I think he’s a SC liability.

14. Who will be the top averaging player?

I can’t go past Payne Haas. 

15. Who will be the premiers?

I don’t know, but I’m sadly confident it will not be my Roosters. A repeat is phenomenally difficult, and I just can’t see good luck and form holding up for it to happen again.

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