Draft Pick Ups: Round 3

The SC Spy runs an eye over the waiver wire to find Draft players the best available options.

Draft Breakdown

G’day Drafters,

It’s a weird time we are living in and we can only hope that things settle soon enough, including the return of our beloved NRL.

In the meantime, we have promised to try and deliver as much quality content as possible.

And whilst all the madness is happening around the world, those of you who are sneaky or just on top of all things Draft Supercoach will have noticed that every single player not picked up in your league became a free agent this morning.

Many may have forgotten about this, which means you can jump on right now and pick up someone from the below list immediately if it helps your team, and in doing so set your squad up for the hopeful return of the NRL later in the year!

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Harry Grant

Last week it was a case of grabbing him from the waiver wire as the swap deal appeared imminent.

Now that it has gone through, if he is still available grab him right now.

He can be your starting hooker as soon as he goes to big minutes or otherwise you can hold him and use Grant as trade bait to bolster your squad by selling him off to anyone in need of a hooker.

Eliesa Katoa

Lived up to the hype last week against a strong Canberra side, almost scoring a try and still scoring well despite a HIA.

Definitely worth grabbing to see how his spot and minutes look once Jazz Tevaga returns post break.

Jaydn Su’A

If Jaydn was dropped in any leagues after a rough opening encounter, he proved his worth in week 2 playing 80-minutes and knocking out a strong 56 made up of mostly base stats. He can certainly do a job for you if you need his services.

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Thomas Flegler

I should have listened to my own advice last week after Flegler carved up the Suncorp turf for a barnstorming 74 points.

We don’t know if Lodge will be back when the NRL returns, but either way you would have to think Flegler is a shot at consistent minutes given his start to 2020.

He also covers both front and second-row which is extra useful this year with a lack of dual position players.

I’ll likely try and sneak him into my team to see what unfolds when the Broncos return to Suncorp Stadium.

Billy Magoulias

Hello Billy. 47-minutes played in his first game of the year against a tough Melbourne team.

Despite this, he scored himself 64 points (with 17 of those coming due to a try).

Magoulias has the kind of potential that could see his minutes increase if things go his way.

For now, why not add him to your team if you need a second-rower and see where the young man takes you.

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Kurt Mann

Mann again played quite well on the weekend looking to run the ball and was also heavily involved in defence.

It was also noted that he often bounced out of the first tackle before drifting across field a little which can open up offloading and more tackle bust opportunities.

He is an option for those of you needing a centre or fullback.

Toby Rudolf

This lad pumped out 50 last weekend in pure base stats, whilst only playing 42-minutes.

He is in a similar mould to some other guys who could be worth a pick-up, just to see what happens with the Cronulla rotation and therefore Rudolf’s minutes.

Tui Kamikamica

Not a must pick up by any means, but if you desperately need a front-rower you could add him.

Kamikamica has started with solid base points in the first two matches and adding in some attacking ability he could well prove useful.

If not, you can send him back to the scrapheap in favour of someone more promising.

Brian Kelly

I still like Kelly if he is named to start next match. You could wait and see if you like but I am a big fan of his, especially in attack.

The issue is that his spot does not appear secure just yet. For me he is a flyer for someone needing a centre and who has someone to drop.

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Ash Taylor

Ash scored 42 in an absolute thumping to the Parramatta Eels. The SuperCoach potential is there if you need a lower end halfback and he is available.


That’s it from me for this week’s targets. If there is anyone I missed let me know.

It may be that they were already taken in my leagues. Coming soon I will take a look at possible trade targets which may see you sucker someone into giving up a player of value whilst you only give away an average plodder who may have had a big two weeks!

Cheers all

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