Weekly Wrap: Round 2 highs, lows and shocks

Check out our Round 2 SuperCoach wrap as one-hit wonders are sent crashing.

Weekly Wrap

Well after a solid showing last week I have been called upon again to give a wrap on all this NRL and SuperCoach from a crowdless Round 2. 

We live in continuing troubled times with no certainty on whether games will proceed, but if there is one thing that is certain it’s trading Latrell out if you have him.

He and a number of other high profile players were nowhere to be seen in a high scoring week for Supercoach. If you went large congratulations, if you missed out, blame the Spy.

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We were treated to a Thursday night special by Jason Taumololo in the opening game. 99 SuperCoach points and 345 meters, 160 of them with 4 Bulldogs players on his back it seemed. If it wasn’t for the full time siren he would be still running.

Minutes watch: Aiden Tolman (70), Joe Stimson (28), Coen Hess (80), Jason Taumalolo (73)


Api Koroisau continued his golden run for a player worth $338K. If anyone doesn’t have him by now just log out and start again.

Nathan Cleary is shaping up to be the star half of the competition. He is an absolute must the way the Panthers are playing and you just know he gets the Maccas’ award off his dad after every game.

Minutes watch: Paul Vaughan (51), Tyrell Fuimaono (75), Josh Kerr (37), Jacob Host (36), Trent Merrin (36), Api Koroisau (80), Zane Tetevano (34), Viliame Kikau (56), Isaah Yeo (76), James Fisher-Harris (59).

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I had taken the captaincy off Cleary and put it on Cody Walker, so I spent a majority of this game kicking stones with a deep sense of regret.

But my god, what a side Brisbane have at the moment! Kotoni Staggs was back to his beastly best, making a mockery of Braidon Burns who will be the most traded out player since Dylan Phythian from the Knights three years back.

Minutes watch: Thomas Flegler (51), Jake Turpin (63), Payne Haas (80), David Fifita (80), Jamil Hopoate (80), Patrick Carrigan (75), Latrell Mitchell (80), Braidon Burns (59), Tevita Tatola (33), Jaydn Su’A (80), Cam Murray (71), Liam Knight (43).


Massive praise has to go to the Warriors and what they are doing. They’re doing nothing SuperCoach wise but that’s ok, it would be a bold move to own any of the more expensive players from across the ditch.

All the Canberra players however did enough to hold a spot. They are very thoughtful the Raiders, they share the SuperCoach points amongst most of the starting pack. 12 players over 40 points.

Minutes watch: Eliesa Katoa (65), Jamayne Taunoa-Brown (41), Josh Papalii (44), Joe Tapine (65), Corey Horsburgh (50), Emre Guler (51).

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In a low-scoring affair, two SuperCoach guns stood head and shoulders above the rest. Tommy Turbo was at his best amassing 71 points whilst Teddy hit 85 without a try or assist.

Turbo seems fit and Manly could be hitting their straps so it might be the time to get him in, regardless of a likely price drop this week. We know he can go big on any occasion, very big.

Minutes watch: Sia Siua Taukeiaho (48), Angus Crichton (80), Addin Fonua-Blake (55), Marty Taupau (48), Jake Trbojevic (80), Sean Keppie (15), Haumole Olakau’atu (10).


The Sharks did everything in their power to lose this game, giving Melbourne ample opportunity late to win the game.

SJ crashed back to earth, whilst Ryan Papenhuyzen was solid again and looks like he could go huge any game.

Fan favourite Billy Magoulias found the stripe and made 38 tackles. If he gets a starting spot he could be the cheapie we have all been waiting for.    

Minutes watch: Andrew Fifita (37), Blayke Brailey (80), Aaron Woods (46), Jack Williams (47), Toby Rudolf (43), Billy Magoulias (47), Jesse Bromwich (56), Dale Finucane (45).

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SuperCoach is all about making the tough calls and riding the rollercoaster. That rollercoaster seems to be owning both Leilua brothers. They seem incapable of doing two good things at any one time and seem to enjoy putting owners through 80-minutes of hell.

If you own them well done on the bravery, it’s not great for your health but it will be a hell of a ride. Luciano looks a superb option as long as he’s playing 80 and still in the team, BJ maybe not so much.

Minutes watch: Alex Twal (67), Billy Walters (80), Luciano Leilua (80), Zane Musgrove (33), David Klemmer (49), Herman Ese’ese (36).


Watching this game made me think a shutdown might not be a bad idea. It was men against boys unfortunately, but not for those who have Mitch Moses and Co.

The Eels bullied the Titans into submission who were gallant for a majority of the match.

If you don’t have Ryan Matterson you should be looking for ways to get him in. He is as consistent a back-rower as I have seen in a long while.

Minutes watch: Jai Arrow (80), Bryce Cartwright (80), Ryan Matterson (80), Nathan Brown (54).

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