SuperCoach Fan Focus: Brien Seeney, aka NRL Physio

In this week's edition of Q&A, the NRL Physio chats all things SuperCoach.


Each week across the course of the year we’ll track down the biggest names in SuperCoach to get their views on the game.

In this week’s SuperCoach Fan Focus, Brien Seeney, aka NRL Physio, chats about his passion for the game, including his highs, lows, predictions for 2020 and everything in between.

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1) What do you enjoy about SuperCoach?

Besides the strategy and rooting interest it provides in almost every game, the social element of SuperCoach is great. I still talk to the same group of mates around footy season each year, no matter how much distance separates us.

2) Who is your favourite SuperCoach player of all-time and why?

Feleti Mateo. In the early days of SuperCoach where Laffranchi, Fitzgibbon and Parker reigned supreme, Mateo was still always my favourite. You could never look away from the TV when he was playing, and he would’ve been an even bigger GUN if the attacking stats were as highly scored at his peak.

3) What was your best SuperCoach moment of all-time?

Drafting Bryce Cartwright in the 6th round in 2016. He averaged 74 points that season and single handedly won me the premiership 

4) And the worst moment?

Drafting Bryce Cartwright in the 1st Round in 2017. He averaged less than 30 points.

5) What was the best trade you’ve ever made?

Dale Finucane for Semi Radradra the day before Round 1 of 2015. 24 tries gave him an 80+ average, the ultimate buy.

6) And the worst trade?

Giving up plenty to trade for Dane Gagai in 2016 when he switched to fullback. He and the Knights did not have a good year 

7) Is there any player on your ‘never again’ purchase list?

Being a physio it’s usually the players who suffer a lot of lower limb muscle strains, so the highest profile player in recent times would be Shaun Johnson. But………

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8) Who’s the player you keep going back to that burns you every time?

Shaun Johnson. I know what I’m getting myself into every year, but I can’t help but take him in the late 1st/early 2nd round. If it’s a choice between hanging out for Johnson lighting it up on a Saturday afternoon (especially when he was with the Warriors) with Vossy on the call, or watching a forward put together a solid 65 points in tackles and hit ups, I’m drafting the SJ roller coaster every time.

9) Any decent SuperCoach advice you’ve picked up over time?

NRL Physio wise; labelling certain players as “injury prone” is lazy. If there’s no predictable pattern to their injuries, it’s more than likely they haven’t been prone to them. A player like Jai Arrow has missed weeks and had reduced minute games due to multiple injuries, most of which were contact in nature. These injuries can happen to anyone and are mostly down to bad luck.

As a SuperCoach player; back your gut. Research into stats, predicting changes and identifying patterns is all extremely important. But at the end of the day it’s your team, if you feel good about a player but the numbers aren’t quite there just trust your gut. There’s nothing better than a player you are high on going on a tear and winning you matchups. 

10) After a particularly satisfying head-to-head win over a mate, are you humble or do you rub it in?

I’m very much a “play the man” fantasy winner. If my opponent has been quiet through the matchup, I won’t say anything. If they’ve given me lip service all week I’ll make a highlights montage of all my players to remind them of their humiliating loss.

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     THE 2020 SEASON

11) Your first player picked and why?

Tom Trbojevic. Had a bad run with injury last year, and the 2 X hamstring injuries is concerning. But once again there’s no connection between those and his season ending pec tear, or his syndesmosis injury from the year before, so the drop of Turbo down draft boards/out of classic sides because he’s “injury prone” was crazy to me. I’m hoping he challenges Teddy for SuperCoach MVP this season

12) Your best smokey buy and why?

Chanel Harris-Tavita. My love affair with Warriors halves who pass the eye test hasn’t ended with Johnson moving to the Sharks. I’m a big fan of what CHT brings to the side, and despite his score in Round 1 I’m hoping with the starting spot and goal-kicking he could be a top 7 halfback when the season is said and done.

13) Who will be the biggest flop?

Mitch Moses. Mainly saying this because everywhere I look he’s being tipped for the Dally M. I’m not sure he will live up to the hype.

14) Who will be the top averaging player?

I’ll back my pick and say Tom Trbojevic.

15) Who will be the premiers?

Cam Smith to lead the Storm to the premiership and then retire.

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