Draft Pick Ups: Round 2

The SC Spy runs an eye over the waiver wire to find Draft players the best available options.

Draft Breakdown

G’day Drafters,

Straight into the action this week with a look at some guys who may be on the waiver wire/free agents in your league and could be worth grabbing.

To explain, there are two options in Draft: the first is to make a claim for a player prior to them becoming a free agent.

Players become free agents Wednesday at 4am. If you are successful in your claim they will go straight into your squad.

After this time any remaining players who have not been claimed will become a free agent and can be added to squads immediately.

Here are the key options that may well be available:

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Played 65 minutes which is huge. I’m still concerned about Sam Verrills breathing down his neck, but with Friend’s pedigree in a shallow hooker position he should not be left on the wire past this week.


Named to start in Round 2! Kelly averaged 55PPG last year. Anyone needing a centre must grab him and see if the starting position holds, or grab him and trade him in a few weeks if he goes off at all.


Gee I thought this kid played well. I think he can earn consistent minutes and has a good work rate. If you need a prop go get him. The four-week suspension to Tevita Pangai Jnr will only cement his minutes, despite the impending return of Joe Ofahengaue in Round 3.

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Tatola played 50 minutes against the Sharks. If he could keep this up and score at a similar rate to last year he could average mid-50s.

If you have a weak pack or a spare bench spot you could pick him and see how things play out.


Whilst horrible defensively, Taylor had some decent moments in attack. He has averaged in the 50s in the past, so once again, if you are short on halves you could put Ash in and see how things unfold.

Be aware though that he could be dropped any week if his defence doesn’t improve. That however is the beauty of taking a flyer.


Katoa has big wraps from our man Walson Carlos and after one week he has been named to start.

Katoa may even see bigger minutes which would seem to make him a must-have in Draft leagues!

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It’s hard to write this, but whilst he is starting and playing 80-minutes he doesn’t belong in the free agents list, especially in deep leagues.


Mann had some nice touches and has averaged mid 40s in the past. He is a low-end option if you are short in the centres or fullback. He does have an okay base for his position.


Hear me out here. If the player swap goes through you could be onto a star.

Generally you will have at least one bench player you probably don’t need necessarily.

Pick him up and you can use him as a starter or potentially trade him if things fall your way.

He could be a premiership winning move and if it doesn’t pay off it doesn’t matter. Just drop him for a free hit agent soon enough.

That about wraps up week 1 action! The above few guys will hopefully help you strengthen your initial squads. Good luck for Round 2 everyone.

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