Weekly Wrap: Round 1 highs, lows and shocks

SuperCoach guns hit the skids and mid-rangers found the mark in the opening week of NRL action for 2020.

Weekly Wrap

Hello all! I’ve been asked to come on board and try to provide a light hearted and critical analysis of the weekend’s games.

I have a feeling I was asked to come aboard so Tim could now class his little foray into SuperCoach as a small business, meaning he will be eligible for the government’s stimulus package, should the Coronavirus hit the NRL.

Well after months of guessing team lists, reading articles and listening to the Spy dribble on about ‘his boys’ and wondering how he will fit his 32 players he has named into the 25-man squad, it’s finally time for the Footy.

I know myself, others and I’m sure the NRL Supercoach Computer servers were pleased when lockout began and there could be no more changing your team.

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Thursday was a bit of a bludger to kick things off, but it was nice to see David Warner of the NRL, Mitch Moses, have a quiet game.

I couldn’t bring myself to pick him as he seems like the type of bloke who declares himself fit for Origin whilst never being in the conversation.


All eyes were on George Williams for this game, and after a pretty solid performance, I actually overheard Tim speaking with a Northern English accent before going on to claim George as his brother. Sorry Sam.


This was just 80-minutes of watching Payne Haas and Jason Taumalolo run at each other, but the highlight was David Fifita!

He brushed past Coen Hess and Val Holmes like they were Balinese arresting officers. The Broncos forward pack is unreal and is only going to get better.


It might be another long year for the Warriors, and it looks to have gotten longer with the travel ban imposed to all NZ nationals and visitors.

This may have been due to Coronavirus, but could have also been a ploy to keep the Warriors out of New Zealand after a pretty abysmal opening round performance.


It was the SJ and ARey show here. We all listened to nothing but the Spy talk up SJ during the pre-season, which turned me off him, so I can only imagine what the Spy was doing while watching him set tries up like he was back at Mount Smart in 2013. 


I spent most of this game admiring Brian To’o’s haircut and wondering if I could pull off the bleached blonde with rat’s tail look.

The unanimous answer was no, but the option is still there. I also heard Kings Cross was thrown into chaos when word got around on Saturday night the best hooker was found in Penrith. Koroisau might also find himself the most popular trade in come Monday.

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Being a Manly tragic this was hard to watch. Watching Tommy Turbo only amass 21 points at Brookie was even worse.

Thankfully we come up against the Roosters next week who looked like they spent more time in the QANTAS business lounge than they did on the training paddock during the pre-season.


It was nice to see Lomax keep the “Kahu 2020” tag off his back for another week. Whilst they lost, a positive for all those Dragons fans out there is they currently sit equal second on the ladder and are one win away from first!

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