Essential SuperCoach Draft Day quick guide

With the NRL season now just days away, the SC Spy makes your life simpler with his quick Draft day guide.

Draft Breakdown Pre-season

Looking at each position it is important to know which ones may run out of players quickly and which ones have plenty of options.

If there’s depth in a position, this means there is less need to panic because you can wait and pick up someone useful later in the Draft if you miss out early.

Let’s take a look at each position and I’ll give you my opinion on the depth and quality. 

The top of the list is the position with the most depth and therefore you can be less panicked about.

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The bottom of the list, particularly hooker and five-eighth, I’m much more inclined to lock someone in early before picking a second-rower later for example.

This is because you don’t want to end up having to start someone who isn’t even starting in real NRL or simply getting stuck with a dud.

Keep in mind that each league has different settings, including number of players in each position, so this will be important.

Example – Some leagues have two centres in a starting team whilst others have four.

In a four centre league you don’t want to wait too long to at least lock in the first guy, otherwise you will end up with four lower end guys.

In a two centre league, however, you may be able to plug in two solid centres down the line if you want to stack elsewhere first.

This isn’t to say don’t pick a gun centre higher up the Draft board if you like them, but just an example of options available to you (Follow the hyperlink for full position player analysis).

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  1. Second-row – This is a stacked position with lots of depth. There should be options available as you go further down the Draft board. Further to this, my top 10 is chock full of guns and even blokes not in the top 10 are very good. Depth + quality so don’t go too early on them is my advice.
  2. Centre/wing – Plenty of options here much like second-row. There’s pretty reasonable depth in terms of quality also. The difference between my second ranked and ninth may be minimal come season’s end.
  3. Front-row – There’s still lots of depth, but perhaps slightly less then the above two positions. Anyone in my top 8 I really like and there is class even deeper than this.
  4. Fullback – There are a deceptive amount of fullback options in the comp. The biggest difference is that the top tier guys down to say RTS/Valentine Holmes (Top 7 in my ranks) have much more chance at averaging 70+. After this, there is a large drop off to a bunch of guys who should get you 50-60 which is absolutely fine, but depends on your strategy. Do you want a stud at the back or a solid contributor?
  5. Halfback – Still okay depth wise, but the calibre of player drops or comes with more risk once you get past the top 8 or so options.
  6. Five-eighth – A very risky position outside of the big guns (top 2) as I’ll consider SJ risky with his injury history. Locking in one of Cam Munster or Cody Walker looks smart to me, especially if you can pair them with say Cameron Smith.
  7. Hooker – Similar to five-eight, there are only two stand outs, plus Cam McInnes who is very solid. The middle tier is okay, but the depth outside of the top 7 or 8 is concerning! Look to get on one of the better guys in my top 8 if at all possible and I think Cook and Smith could be hugely valuable especially if Smith falls outside of the top 3.

I hope this recap help and it could be worth printing or having a ready as a reference on Draft day.

Good luck troops!!

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