Team announcement: Walson Carlos

2019 runner-up Walson Carlos reveals his team for the upcoming NRL SuperCoach season.

Expert Analysis Pre-season

Looking to go one better than his outstanding 2019 campaign, Walson Carlos, coach of #2, picks his NRL SuperCoach side for Round 1.

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API KOROISAU || $338,800 || HOK

This is based on Api getting an 80-minute role with the Panthers. I’ll be saving on price of the premium hooking options such as Cook or Smith.

BLAYKE BRAILEY  || $201,000 || HOK

It’s hard to see him not making money and a lot of it. Lock him in. Sell later in year when he peaks.

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PAYNE HAAS || $728,200 || FRF

Lock him in. Will feature heavily in VC and C calculations

COREY HORSBURGH || $375,700 || FRF

There’s so much upside here, particularly if he jags an 80-minute role on an edge until Bateman is back. Carrigan is a similar consideration.

ZANE MUSGROVE || $201,000 || FRF

I’ve been so impressed with his workrate in the trials. He’s been named outside the top 17 for the Tigers trial against the Warriors though, so this may change if he doesn’t jag a spot in Round 1.


Unlikely to start in Round 1, but sure to get a run at some stage.

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JASON TAUMALOLO || $723,400 || 2RF

Lock him in. Can’t find it in me to leave him out.

DAVID FIFITA || $501,900 || 2RF

Another easy selection and will be very highly owned. Can’t leave him out with his explosive upside.

RYAN MATTERSON || $626,200 || 2RF

Matterson is a very solid and I like the idea of his minutes at Parra on the right edge. I could replace with Carrigan to free up some cash for elsewhere or replace with Murray if his left edge role proves fruitful.

JAI ARROW || $575,700 || 2RF

Underpriced. Arrow looks fit and ready for big minutes under new coach Justin Holbrook.

LUCIANO LEILUA || $434,300 || 2RF

I’ve gone with a bit of a POD flyer on this one, but I feel confident that he will get the minutes and the SC points will flow.

ELISEA KATOA || $171,900 || 2RF

I was so impressed with this youngster in the Warriors trial. I just hope Kearney rolls the dice with him and gives him a shot as the left-edge back-rower.

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MITCH MOSES || $579,300 || HFB

A year ago I would never have picked him, but testament to his growth in maturity and game management he makes my side this year. The soft draw to start for Parra helps my decision.

BILLY WALTERS || $201,000 || HFB/HOK

I had Jake Turpin pencilled in this position for most of the pre-season, but a Walters starting hooker position at the Tigers is looking increasingly likely and he is cheaper than Turpin. Albeit he probably plays less minutes.

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GEORGE WILLIAMS || $333,800 || HFB-5/8

I feel he is a lock. His game suits SuperCoach by all reports and Canberra have a good start to the year draw wise.

ANTHONY MILFORD || $476,000 || 5/8-FLB

This could change, but at the moment I like this POD move to start the season. The Broncos have a decent draw and the changes they have made will suit his running and support game. Stripping 5kgs lighter will also help.

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JACK BIRD || $499,800 || CTW

I’m warming to Bird as my marquee CTW. Priced at just under $500k it’s a fair investment, but I think he’ll be busy, creative and break tackles. Very keen.

BRAIDON BURNS || $454,400 || CTW

I feel like on that left side with some clean ball he is set to average 60+. At least that’s the plan, I just need Braidon to deliver for me now. I may pivot to Kotoni Staggs if Jamayne Isaako is left out of the team and Staggs picks up the goal-kicking.

ZAC LOMAX || $324,600 || CTW-FLB

Lomax looked good in the first trial, albeit against inferior opposition. I’m not totally sold on this pick and it could change, but I’ve always liked Lomax as a player and he has the goal-kicking duties. It also gives me an interest to watch when the Dragons are playing.

XAVIER COATES || $203,500 || CTW

This is pending whether or not he jags a wing spot over Isaako. Whichever team Seibold picks, barring injury or an absolute howler, he will likely stick with for at least the first 5-6 weeks.

TOMMY TALAU || $208,200 || CTW

Impressive and will play NRL at some point.


All are place holders who I may trade out for cheapies or alternatively keep as sleepers to use the VC loop when needed and as well as for the Origin period.

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He’s simply a lock with his involvement rate. It’s hard to see anything different from 2019.

KALYN PONGA || $634,300 || FLB

I’m wavering on this one. Ponga looks to be in a fairly weak side, particularly the outside backs. Whether that means more reliance on him and an increase in SC stats or a decrease because the quality is just not there to finish his creative work, I’m unsure. I would only replace with RTS, Turbo or Teddy.

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