SuperCoach guide to this weekend’s crucial trial matches

Here are the vital SuperCoach factors to keep an eye on in this weekend's NRL trial matches.

Expert Analysis Pre-season

Panthers v Eels, Saturday 4pm at Bega Recreation Ground

Minutes check

Panthers: Api Koroisau, Jack Hetherington, James Fisher-Harris, Kurt Capewell, Liam Martin, Zane Tetevano

Eels: Nathan Brown, Ryan Matterson, Junior Paulo and Marata Niukore

Positional battle: Jarome Luai v Matt Burton v Tyrone May

Burning question : Can Api Koroisau lock in an 80 minute role at hooker for the Panthers?

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Bulldogs v Raiders, Saturday 4.30pm at Port Macquarie Regional Stadium

Minutes check

Bulldogs: Corey Harawira-Naera, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, Joe Stimson

Raiders: Corey Horsburgh and Joe Tapine

Positional battle: CHN v Adam Elliott

Burning question : Is George Williams the mid-range gold all SuperCoaches need in the halves?

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Storm v Cowboys, Saturday 5.30pm at Casey Fields, Melbourne 

Minutes check

Storm: Dale Finucane

Cowboys: Reece Robson

Positional battle: Scott Drinkwater v Jake Clifford

Burning question: Is Papenhuyzen’s outrageous involvement level going to decrease, increase or stay the same ?

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Roosters v Knights, Saturday 7.00pm at Central Coast Stadium

Minutes check

Knights: Dave Klemmer, Herman Ese’ese and Mitch Barnett

Positional battle:  Kurt Mann v Tex Hoy v Mason Lino

Burning Question: Can the Newcastle Knights show the discipline and class to put a score on a Roosters reserve grade side?

Rabbitohs v Dragons, Saturday 7.00pm at Glen Willow Oval, Mudgee

Minutes check

Rabbitohs: Jaydn Su’A, Cameron Murray, Liam Knight

Dragons: Issac Luke, Trent Merrin and Tyrell Fuimaono.

Positional battle: Mikaele Ravalawa v Jason Saab v Tristan Sailor

Burning question: How does Cameron Murray’s new role as a left side 2RF affect his minutes and SC scores? Will Trent Merrin receive enough minutes to be relevant in SC again?

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Broncos v Titans, Saturday 8.00pm at Dolphin Stadium, Brisbane

Minutes check

Broncos: Tom Flegler, Jake Turpin, Tevita Pangai Jnr, Patrick Carrigan

Titans: Tyrone Peachey, Jai Arrow and Bryce Cartwright

Positional battle: Jack Bird v Jamayne Isaako

Burning question: What sort of SC scoring potential does Jack Bird have at FLB for the Broncos?

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Warriors v Wests Tigers, Sunday 12.00pm at Rotorua International Stadium 

Minutes check

Warriors: Isaiah Papali’I, Jamayne Taunoa-Brown, Adam Tuimavave-Gerrard, Josh Curran, Eliesa Katoa

Tigers: Thomas Mikaele, Billy Walters, Luciano Leilua, Josh Reynolds, Oliver Clark and Zane Musgrove

Positional battle: Corey Thompson v Adam Doueihi

Burning question: So many! What is the make-up of both team’s top 13 and bench for Round 1? These answers could shape a lot of SC teams with possible cheapies.

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Sharks v Sea Eagles, Sunday 6.00pm at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium

Minutes check

Sharks: Andrew Fifita, Blayke Brailey, Aaron Woods, Jack Williams, Braden Hamlin-Uele

Sea Eagles: Zac Sadler, Martin Taupau and Sean Keppie

Positional battle: Jack Williams v Billy Magoulias

Burning question: How fit and healthy is Andrew Fifita and is he SC relevant this year? What does Jesse Ramien look like running outside Shaun Johnson? 

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