SuperCoach Fan Focus: Trent Copeland

In this week's edition of Q&A, Australian cricket star and self-professed 'sports nuff' Trent Copeland steps up to the crease.

Expert Analysis Pre-season

Each week across the course of the year we’ll track down the biggest names in SuperCoach to get their views on the game.

In this week’s SuperCoach Fan Focus, Australian cricketer and News Corp SC contributor Trent Copeland chats about his passion for the game, including his highs, lows, predictions for 2020 and everything in between.

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1. What do you enjoy about SuperCoach?

I love all fantasy sports, particularly NBA, NFL and Premier League – the main reason being (other than being a sports nuffy!) that it gives me a vested interest in every game that is on in any given round. I.e. If the Bulldogs are playing the Warriors on a Friday night, despite not being a fan, I can sit and enjoy it and learn a bit about relevant players. Oh, and beating Sangster. That’s great fun every year too 😉

2. Who is your favourite SuperCoach player of all-time and why?

Sonny Bill Williams, closely followed by incumbent favourite James Tedesco.

3. What was your best SuperCoach moment of all-time?

I might actually go with a really recent one – captaining Nathan Cleary in a H2H GF when I was a huge underdog last season. Fair to say I mention Cleary’s name every time I catch up with my mate who I beat!

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4. And the worst moment?

The endless amounts of times I’ve trusted my eyeballs, player talent and scores over the coach that runs the show. I.e. Dean Pay. Rhyse Martin anyone?

5. What was the best trade you’ve ever made?

No specific trade comes to mind, but that perfect ‘topped out cheapie, to fallen GUN’ trade that happens a few times each year if you’re well planned is very satisfying!

6. And the worst trade?

Buying Bryce Cartwright for a third time in one season, only for it to backfire horribly. I mean, who could’ve seen it coming.

7. Is there any player on your ‘never again’ purchase list?

Ah, how long do you have? No, honestly, it’s all in perspective with the salary based game we all love. One player that may have burned you at $500k may one day be available at $250k at a new club or a different role. Never play fantasy sports with your heart I say!

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8. Who’s the player you keep going back to that burns you every time?

Carty, Milford, Tevita Pangai Jnr

9. Any decent SuperCoach advice you’ve picked up over time?

Don’t go with the ‘herd’. Read all the info out there, but ultimately make up your own mind, and trust your gut – because when you get it wrong you can always stomach that easier than going against it. Oh, and WATCH games. Don’t go off stats.

10. After a particularly satisfying head-to-head win over a mate, are you humble or do you rub it in?

I unashamedly rub it in. That’s what SuperCoach is all about! Just make sure it’s not an early crow before final updates. That’s burned me a few times before! haha.

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11. Your first player picked and why?

Ryan Papenhuyzen. I mean, the way he played last year in limited opportunities off the Storm bench was like we have never seen before. Then, when he got a chance to start he was the real deal, averaging 95.3PPG. I’m not expecting that, but at $508k the Pap was a lock as soon as SC opened.

12. Your best smokey buy and why?

I’ve got a couple that I’m super high on this year with increased roles on the menu… Moeaki Fotuaika, Braden Hamlin-Uele and Nat Butcher are the three that I’m hoping to have in my starting team if things fall their way teams wise. All three are PPM beasts with big openings in front of them.

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13. Who will be the biggest flop?

Great question. Of the highest owned players, I’ll take Latrell Mitchell, Blayke Brailey and Jamayne Isaako to be the biggest let downs compared to expectations.

14. Who will be the top averaging player?

James Tedesco or Tom Trbojevic. They’re just too good.

15. Who will be the premiers?

Roosters, of course!

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